Santa Fe Today-May 24, 2021

You want to know how to freak out your own personal Truman show filled with military people who know of your parents, but do not know them directly. Sit back and enjoy the show they are putting on for you in a grocery store parking lot, while eating raw ground beef with your hands in dirty clothes. People have heard of the evil of my parents for decades through the grapevine while in the military, but many never really knew of me. Sure, they heard I was “special” by rumor and royalty merely by birthright. But never did they take the time to think about what a woman born to great evil would really be like in the flesh. They cannot hide their shock, but they are putting great efforts into it.

Now at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Santa Fa, New Mexico, my family cult the Kudearoff’s have stopped sending people to visit their ancestors to leave poisoned flowers. However now, they have a large team of yard maintenance workers polluting the air and military veterans driving their cars and motorcycles through in an effort to give me lead poisoning and spike my cortisol. New Mexico respects their dead more than any other place I have been so far on this adventure. I appreciate this because I love me some dead people!

I have found some sort of portal here in Santa Fe. They may not be able to aide in my battle for my birthright, but they are holding space for me to accomplish my mission on my own. Once again I may not know the how, but I know with the grace of this time and space everything will become clear. Remember, life is all about doing good even when you do not know when it will payoff. Because it does payoff eventually and often better than you could have ever planned.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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