Saturday February 11th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Aquarius A Civil War Within A Revolution

Toni from new York
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Mob from new Jersey and Vegas
San Francisco mafia
East Coast Fancy Families
Southern LA farmers
Roseburg farmers
The south leaders
The east leaders

I have called you all here today because I realized something very hurtful last night while being kept up all night with poisons and numerous cars. This whole revolution, but especially while I was figuring out what the war games were, I have seen the white people who represent my Dad signing up to destroy me with their morally flexible ethnic friends. I saw this very clearly in Santa Barbara. I was always told to stay away from poor people growing up. So on this adventure I have found more safety in the more affluent areas. Poor people are more willing to commit great evils to impress my Dad. However, in Santa Barakat I was in a really wealthy area and a south America man who was not Hispanic frantically started doing yard work and cleaning his driveway while poisoning me. He was at war within himself. His life looked amazing from the outside looking in. I had only really seen houses like his in magazines and on TV. We always assume those people are happy and extremely privileged. This guy was being held hostage more than anyone I had ever seen before. He was literally wrestling with his demons in that very moment. He was fighting for something, but I dont know if he believed in what he was fighting for. Because if he did he would not have been at war with himself so visibly.

Love only works when both parties believe in love. Equality only works when all parties believe in equality. My Dad uses love as a weapon. He killed two of his wives with this weapon. And he has held my mom hostage since she killed her own mother to try to impress my Dad and prove her worth. Equality only works when everyone involved believes in it. My Dad uses equality as a weapon just like love. He tells people they can earn their worth in his eyes, but they never do. My Mom killed her own Mom to try to prove her worth. I have been revolutionary for 683 days and shared with the world everything they feel but never knew how to describe with words. Yet, even with the fanciest white birthright I have still not earned my right to be equal among the white people who follow my Dad. I’m not sure what to call them, because I know not all white people are like them. But these white people will never give up their privilege or superiority because it is all they have. They view being born into a white family as their greatest accomplishment. They don’t have love or potential. All they have is their superiority and they hold onto it as if they have nothing else. Because they really dont have anything else. They have cluster b personality disorders and process oxytocin dysfunctionally so they are incapable of love. Destruction is the only thing that lights up their brain. Since I was in my early 20s, I used to ask my Mom what was wrong with white people because they were missing something. You all have seen this too right? They just dont ever seem to have all the puzzle pieces even though they definitely pretend to. This is because they have not known love for generations. They have dysfunctionally processed oxytocin for generations and this inability to understand or experience love has changed their epigenetics and gene expression. Love makes you a better human on a gene level. The white people who follow my Dad dont know love. And generations of this inability to know love has caused not only poor gene expression but gene mutations. Negative epigenetic triggers in us create gene mutations in our children. The white people who follow my Dad and believe themselves to be superior are actually the subhuman race that they project onto us. So I suppose if I ever decide to give up fighting for potential we all know who I would declare a genocide against.

However, I believe in potential. And I know these people could get better if they wanted to. But that’s not our problem. What we need to address is why so many people from the east and the south still believe the lies my Dad sells about love and equality. We will never be equal to these people and the war games. Sure they tell us we can participate. And they tell us we are equals. But do you feel equal? I have never felt equal. I have never had equal access to information, potential, or opportunity. Have you? We all sign up to play by their rules because we believe we can be equal if we earn it. This is the biggest lie we buy into. We dont earn equality. Equality is something we are born with. My Dad does the same thing with love. Love is not earned. Love is a gift that is given freely. You cant earn someone’s love because then it is conditional and you always will have to do something for it. Just like my Dad sells us all equality in a conditional manner. We are always having to do something and try to prove ourselves to be equal. Equality is something we are born with. We are born equal. Yet if we continue to try to earn our equality it will continue to be a weapon used against us all.

Today it is only mafia and east and south people signing up to fight this war for my Dad. The west has dropped out. They may not believe in our equality but they are scared for their own privilege. So they are sitting this one out. Now this revolution is about a civil war between those of us who choose to continue to try to prove our worth and equality in a system that never intends for us to be equal. Now we fight against each other because we are our own worst enemy.

I understand why people are signing up to prove their worth. I built a revolution to prove my worth and I thought that would enable me to finally enjoy equality. However, I saw how wrong I was last night. I have the most superior birthrighs from the white people who believe themselves to be superior to everyone. I literally have Hitler’s birthright. And yet, those people those white people and their morally flexible ethnic friends will never view me as equal or deserving. I have realized a lot of hurtful things on this adventure I call a revolution. However this is the most hurtful experience and realization I have ever had. I always felt like a second class citizen, but I never had the words to describe it before today. I am never going to deserve anything let alone equality to the white people who follow my Dad. Just because of the race I am and the families I am from I never deserve a fighting chance in their eyes. I was created to be a world leader, but I never get to be equal because of the families the white people conquered to create me. Being south American and having my grandpa Graves birthright makes me super fancy. Yet the Hitler family and people who follow them will never view me as one of them. I was just a tool to conquer another group and steal their power. This is why my Dad wanted and planned for me to have a white child from these superior white people. I’m never going to be equal. And if I don’t have a chance to be equal you all really don’t.

I dont understand how to process this fully because it hurts my heart so badly. But I have felt this my whole life. However, my Dad and family always lied to me and allowed me to stay on a hamster wheel trying to earn equality and love. How many of you all have been on the same hamster wheel? Has anyone actually gotten anywhere with it? Because I am pretty sure we never are supposed to get anywhere ever. It’s just a way to keep us all busy and preoccupied and controlled and consumed with trying to prove ourselves. It’s hurtful. I dont have any better words to describe the pain I feel today. It’s just hurtful. I deserve to be equal. You deserve to be equal. We all deserve better. And yet now here we are fighting a war against ourselves because some of us are still signing up to fight this war for my Dad and try to prove their worth. No one ever succeeds at gaining the approval of my Dad. No one has ever done it. Yet, we all try even when we tell ourselves that we aren’t. Because when we take part in a system that is designed around our inequality we will never get passed that inequality. We cant prove our worth in a system that deems us unworthy.

But the real question is how do we get people to see through the smoke and mirrors? How do we get people to see my Dad and the systems for what they really are? Hispanic people have had to check the box on most forms stating they are of Hispanic decent. They knew they were not viewed as equals. Yet, the rest of us have been lying to ourselves for a lifetime. We are brainwashed and conditioned to do this so we buy into the systems and stay busy with the never ending battle to prove ourselves in a system that deems us unworthy.

I can’t work with the white people from Washington. They view themselves as superior because they are white. I never understood white superiority until last night. And honestly I am so grateful I am not one of them. Yes, I desire and deserve access to the same opportunities, information, and privileges as them. But I never want to be them. Because as long as those people exist we will never be equal. When equality is used as a weapon we all loose. The world has been fighting wars for generations basically just to have equality and the right to have a good life. This revolution and now civil war is the same thing. We are fighting for our right to have access to the things we need not only to have good lives, but to be equal and be treated that way.

I am going to meet with Coldwell banker. I need you all to reach out to everyone who works for Coldwell banker and do what you need to do to get them to treat me fairly. All I have ever wanted is to be treated like normal person. Now I realize you all can relate to this feeling too. We have to fight to have our equality recognized. Because we will never be equal in the systems as they are today. Please reach out to everyone and get them to stop signing up to fight this war for my Dad. Because it’s a war that makes us less than and we never get to be more than that. We deserve to be ordinary regular people. We all deserve to be human. So today we start a new chapter where we fight to be ordinary regular people who are equal.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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