Saturday February 18th 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aquarius Acting Like They Cant Hear Me

Why is the east side acting like they can’t hear me? I have seen so many of them signing up to join my Dad’s cult today. As if they have not been listening in the past 2 years. Why are these people acting new? I understand it feels good to be chosen and seen. But yesterday I saw the east side like no one has ever seen before. I saw how the east and south just wanted the same things I have wanted.

Today I have seen people seeking out foods that grow their c diff infections. After everything that I have been through and the world has been through why are these people signing up to be subhuman? Why do they wish to disable themselves. Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos etc are all acts of destruction. Any food with red dye is meant to feed your c diff infection. That’s why they add red dye to the meat. Meat can heal us all so they add red dye so it disables us.

I dont understand why people are acting new today. Southern LA and Roseburg farmers and the leaders of the east we have to fix this. Because I cant do months of trying to convince these people that not joining my Dad’s cult is in their best interest. I dont have the time, patience, or resources left to be patient with these people who are choosing to be disloyal to all of us, even themselves. I suppose we have to protect their children because they are not doing so. I dont understand why people want to hurt their children. I don’t understand why they want to hurt themselves, but hurting their children is even more outlandish.

I dont know why the east is acting new and tone deaf today, but it has to stop. Do whatever you all need to do to get them to surrender to the new ways we are creating. We cant get better for everyone when there are constantly people trying to hold us all back. It makes no sense. It’s illogical to let these people live among us. With how vulnerable we are to the behavioral inheritance systems, just allowing these people to live among us makes us all weak and vulnerable. So we must stop them or cease them from existing.

I dont have time to be kind and patient anymore. The people left fighting this war for my Dad have proven they are not interested in better for themselves and they are showing that they are invested in holding us all back. Time to cut the fat so we can all move forward and get better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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