Saturday February 18th 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aquarius Why Is The East Side Hunting Me?

Why is the east side hunting me now? I ask for good things for them and they start hunting me? This makes no sense. Do they know what is happening? Because only illogical people hunt the people who want good for them. Can I get you all to reach out to the east siders and let them know what’s happening and tell them they shouldn’t hunt me. I will never understand people. But I have to admit I have not been exposed to the east side as much as I have the west side. But the east siders are so excited to be chosen and have come out to the west side to gangstalk me and hunt me. Although when they come out of the store they do seem to be in the know a bit more. So maybe this is just a communication breakdown?

I dont know what is happening. But its something big. The west side completely stopped taking part in my Truman show and hunting me. I appreciate that greatly. But why is the east side now involved? It’s as if they dont know what has been happening for the past almost 2 years. Can you all reach out and tell them I have been fighting for our freedom for a lifetime but really intensely for the past almost 2 years. I want good for them because I am them. I want good for the west because I am them. I want good for the south because I am them. I even want good for the north even though they wanted to destroy me in real estate at windermere. I may not forgive those people yet. But I want good for everyone because its easier to be a good person when you have access to good things in life.

I’m hoping these east siders who are signing up to destroy me just haven’t gotten the news that we created a way for them to earn privilege without worshiping my Dad. I hope so because something has to give for me. I have been fasting and been sick and they are poisoning me so much my left hand is swollen from my heart failing something has to give. I cant keep doing this. I cant keep fighting for people to get better things in life and never get better for myself. And then the people I fight for better things for try to kill me. I just cant keep doing this. It’s too much. It’s depressing and sad. Sooner or later someone has to prove themselves worthy of my help. No one has ever helped me like I have gone out of my way to help the world. I just want to live a good life just like you all. Please stop hunting me. I am trying to earn better for us all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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