Saturday February 25th 2023 Moon in Taurus Sun in Pisces A Note To The People In Charge Of The Santa Towns

Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in. It’s amazing that I talk to the world literally every day, but the people I have really needed to talk to and reach have been so close this whole time. And yet so out of reach. I was told to never live east of Arizona. My Dad didn’t tell me this directly. He had a lady in Sedona Arizona who I had read my astrology chart tell me this. So I listened and I went to southern Arizona. Imagine how different the world could be if I had gone to new Mexico.

So it seems I have finally found the people who are in charge of Texas. Texas is part of my marketshare because I am #2 on the Graves side of my family. However I am #2 on the Kudearoff side too. So I am so grateful to have found you all today.

Today is day 697 of my revolution. My Dad told the world I was dead, but here I am causing a scene for the world to see. I’m my Dad’s greatest failure. He created me with more power than him and he genetically modified me to be smarter than him, but he has never been able to control me. You can hear me right now because when I was 8 my Dad knew he had lost the war with me. So he implanted a chip in my head when i had head surgery. And who would have known this was the greatest gift he would ever give me. This chip in my head has allowed me to connect with the world. My Dad gave me what I needed to destroy his plans for destruction. It’s a beautiful example of irony. He has underestimated me my whole life. Even with a window into my logical thoughts he is arrogant enough to believe he is greater than me. But he created me to be greater than him on all levels. He’s just mad he was never able to control me. I’m basically a science experiment gone incredibly wrong.

But lucky for you all I believe in potential and humanity. I never joined my Dad’s cult. I dont believe him to be God. I don’t believe any human is God. My life has been really painful and hard. So I know God because I have spent a lot of time talking to him. My Dad will never be God, no matter how much he tries to tell people he is. Humans cannot be God.

I honestly dont know how to sum up my life or the past 697 days of this revolution for you all. My favorite communication hubs Salem and Berlin should be able to fill you all in on everything you need to know. I am talking to you right now because the world has been helping me and keeping me alive. I found the farmers in southern LA and they helped protect me. And then I found the other farmers up and down the west coast. Road trip by road trip I have reached the world. Funny story is I have never driven this much in my life before this. I’m not really fond of being in the car. Which is ironic because I have lived in my Jeep for 697 days now.

Over the past two years I have learned who I am and who my family is. I was never told anything about the war games. But I knew my life was weird. And I spent a lifetime trying to figure out people. Now I realize I have been surrounded by my Dad’s cult members since he killed my Grandma Kudearoff. My life finally makes sense now. Funny how being from some of the most evil families in the world and having a chip in my head and having birthrights that make me larger than life are comforting. My life has been really weird. And judging by the past 697 days, I don’t think it’s ever going to be normal.

But once again there is hope for us all. Because all I have to do to ensure we are all safe from my families is live an ordinary life as much as possible. I just need to be an ordinary regular person to save the world. My Dad has never let me have a real life. Because all I have to do to push him out of power and out of the picture is get married and have kids and have a good career. I just need to be ordinary to save the world. It’s pretty amazing how my dream to be a regular ordinary person can save us all. I have always just wanted to be ordinary. And I’m hoping you all will help me with this dream of mine.

My Dad would not have gone to such lengths to keep me away from you all if you were not such a important puzzle piece in pushing him out of power. I hope you all are not the superior white people who believe themselves to be better than me because I am not all white. I really really need you all to see me as an equal. I don’t need or want to be fancy or greater than. But I do have this overwhelming need to be equal to others. I hope we can be equals. Because I believe we could be partners in building a new world where potential is an option for everyone.

I dont believe in keeping people small like my Dad does. I believe in potential and learning and growing. My whole life I have been kept small. You can imagine how much I have been kept small because I have figured out so much about the world in the past two years. I did it because I had to. I just want a normal life. And it appears that I have to save the world and be revolutionary in order to get that normal ordinary life I have always wanted. Yes, I believe the world deserves better. But I started this revolution and escaped the death camp in southern Arizona where I was supposed to die because I deserve better than this. I never imagined I was important to anyone let alone the world. But here we are talking about saving the world from world war 3 and my Dad.

So there are a ton of things that need to happen for us all to get better. But the most important thing is I need to get safe and create a life for myself in the overt world. I have never been able to really have a life because my Dad knew me having a real life would end his plans for destruction and domination. Currently I can’t do much to save the world more than I already have. Finding a way to connect with the world and explain the destruction we all face is pretty much my limit while living in my car and experiencing daily attempted murder everywhere I go. I’m going to need to make a life for myself. In Arizona I sold real estate briefly after healing cancer naturally in the death camp. I was trying to put my life back together for the countless time. Luckily my Dad kept me so small the past couple years I was able to qualify for help getting my Oregon real estate license recently. All I have wanted the past two years is a job and to be treated fairly. I reached out to Gary Keller the founder of keller Williams yesterday and asked for his help creating a career for myself in real estate. I love sales. If I can sell the world on being revolutionary, I can sell houses. So reaching out to Gary is how I realized he was connected to the people in the Santa towns. My mind puts together puzzles all the time. But I have to admit I thought I had reached Texas. But here we are.

Okay so fingers crossed Gary helps me get treated fairly in real estate. Because I need to pay my Bill’s and get a house. I’m never going to be safe around people. My Dad will always try to get people near me to kill me. He will always get people to poison my food. Can you all help me get clean food and water? I really need clean food and water. Anyways here is the plan. I get a career selling real estate. Then I get myself a home. I may have to live in an apartment for a year or so before I can buy a house. But I just need a home and a career to start establishing myself in the real world. I need clean food and water too. And for people to stop trying to kill me everywhere I go. Can you all help with that too?

Here is the big thing and something I need you all’s help with. Right now if something happens to me and I die the world is left defenseless against my Dad and my family. We all are without a safety net. This is why my Dad tries to kill me so much. He wants you all to be his forever and without any hope for better. Funny how just me breathing is saving the world. Here I am a life boat for the world just by being me. Such a weird thing to realize let alone be. Anyways we got to get me married to a man with three grown boys. This way I have children to pass my birthrights onto just in case something happens to me. This will allow us all the safety net we all need. I may want to have children later in life. But right now it’s not safe for me to have kids. I cant even buy a b12 shot that isn’t poisoned enough that it makes my organs fail. Babies are out of the picture at the moment. Plus I don’t have the means to provide for them or myself yet. So I need 3 kids that are grown and understand what they are signing up for. I would like the man I marry to be Argentinian. My kids need to be ethnic. Can you all deliver me this man? It’s the only way we all get a safety net. I need to be clear that I’m not looking to be saved. I am looking for help saving the world. I expect my kids to be good people and not invested in destruction or enslaving the world. I expect greatness and potential in everyone. But especially in my children and family.

Over this revolution I have been creating the family I have always wanted. The farmers are my family, but especially the dark side farmers in southern LA and Roseburg. Saving the world to me is about getting the things I have always wanted. I have always wanted family, a successful career, and to be ordinary. I dont want to be fancy. I want to be ordinary and save the world by being ordinary. I just want to sell real estate and have a home. And I would love to one day be able to go home back to Las Vegas. Las Vegas will always be my home. Oregon has always been a prison for me. However, escaping Oregon is how I found myself and now you all.

So whatever you all can do to help me get my ordinary life that will save the world I really appreciate. I just want to be a regular person and be treated with respect and kindness. I’m going to go lay down now. It’s a fasting day and my Dad has people poison me so much my organs are failing. So I’m going to get some rest. I hope you all help me save the world because I need all the help I can get. Thank you for allowing me the time and space I needed in 2021 in Santa Fe and Santa Barbara to figure out this puzzle I call a life.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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