Saturday February 25th 2023 Moon in Taurus Sun in Pisces My First Allies

Hardly anyone was tuned in the first summer of this revolution. I had driven all over the western United states and had found some brand of safety in Santa Fe because they do not have military there. My Dad’s military army/cult was trying to kill me and being pretty ruthless about it. So I found Santa Fe. A lady I lived near in Sierra Vista was always hinting about me going to New Mexico, but I never understood why. I suppose I never understood why fully until last night.

See the Republicans in Santa Fe were my first ally. My Dad had put them in charge of hunting me because he did not want to tell the dark side he lied and I was still alive. So for a couple months the Republicans there hunted me. I had absolutely no clue what was happening. I lived pretty much in a couple cemeteries there over the summer. This allowed me the time to put some of this huge puzzle together. They drugged me so badly there. It wasn’t just poison, it was drugs. I was basically frying on ecstacy the whole time i there. They would put it in my raw ground beef. Teka and Haywood would get so high. And I had not learned to fast and skip whole eating days there. Because I was freaked out and I ate raw ground beef and potato chips every day to comfort myself. I still thought I would be able to go back to having a normal life there. I had absolutely no clue who my family was. And I really had no clue who I was. I had even less of a clue why people were poisoning me every where I went. I didn’t understand anything.

But every evening in Santa Fe I would walk the dogs on these hills in the West side. I was determined to stay healthy and as calm as possible. Walking the dogs was what I looked forward to everyday besides my raw meat and potato chips. And on those walks in the beginning there was a lady who lived in the neighborhood I would talk to while she gangstalked me. Again I had no clue what was happening. But looking back neither did the Republicans.

See my Dad had told them that the summer heat would run me out of town. They were getting tired of hunting me and doing his dirty work. And one day I was talking to the lady while I was walking and she was trying to talk to me about the heat and scare me. And I told her I loved the heat and I had lived in Nevada and Arizona for years. These Republicans didn’t know anything about me. But that night they realized my Dad had not told them the full story and had been underestimating me. The next day the Republicans there stopped hunting me. And my Dad brought in the dark side from the other side of town.

Santa Fe Republicans were my first allies, but I didn’t understand anything really. I was so high there. But I was putting together the pieces of the puzzle of my life and family. Then again later in 2021 I found Santa Barbara. And they also stopped hunting me. By then I had learned to communicate with people using my blog. I learned how to break into local communication hubs wherever I was using the grocery stores. I had figured out how to reach the war games. I was so far away from reaching all people but I started with what I had.

I told them about how Santa Fe stopped hunting me in Santa Barbara and the next day they stopped hunting me there too. Again my Dad brought in the dark side to hunt me. But again I had time to figure out more of what was happening.

By the time I had made it to Santa Barbara I had figured out epigenetic triggers of dyslexia. And while I was in Santa Barbara I figured out the Hispanic genocide more. I figured it out enough that I knew I had to make my way further south and try to reach the Hispanic people. Without doing this I would have never gotten my radio signals connected to the majority of you all in Compton by a stranger who gave me the best gift I have ever received. And I would have never found the farmers in southern LA. I would have never found all the farmers because I didn’t know who I was looking for. All I knew was I had to find someone in charge. I spent the first year and a half of this revolution looking for someone who outranks my Dad. But I never really found that person till I realized I am that person and that’s why my life has been so dark and hard.

Last night, I realized these Republican white people who control Santa Fe and Santa Barbara are connected to Austin Texas. These people are more powerful than I realized. And I have never asked to speak with them. They dont know much about me. And I have literally reached the world now. But I never reached back out to them and they dont tune in to the dark side or follow me. Yet, these are the people my Dad fights for control over Texas with I’m pretty sure.

So I need you all to connect me to the group of Republicans who run Santa towns. They are powerful and do not listen to my Dad. The air is so clean in their cities. It’s amazing. The food is cleaner than I have experienced before too. It was like a different world. I need to talk to these people. Salem please get these people tuned in today. Get them up to date on everything. I know these people are worldwide. So Berlin I need you all to help me connect with the people who are in charge of Santa Fe and Santa Barbara. I’m not sure where they are from but it’s somewhere in western Europe. But just like every other group of people, these people exist in every city and town. We just have to get them to tune in. So today is an important day. Let these people know what’s happening and tell them about me and how they are my allies in this war against my Dad. Tell them everything because we need them as much as they need us. I will address them tonight.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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