Saturday January 28th 2023 Moon in Taurus Sun in Aquarius Know Thy Enemy

The art of war is pretty simple. Know thy enemy and know what you need to do in order to get a desired result. Yesterday I told you all that you need to communicate with each other and work together. This is everyone’s responsibility. However, I have noticed people respond well when I assign certain tasks to certain people. So let me elaborate on what I said yesterday.

I need all the #2s from fancy families, especially those who have been in the miltary to listen up. You all are in charge of the legacy of your family. I don’t understand my role well, but I know being a #2 makes me fancy. So you all are fancy and so it is you all who have the greatest ability to add to the wealth and strength of your family during this time of war and revolution. This is a time where people can make a name for themselves. So I encourage you all to do so. Create ways of communicating with each other and cooperating. Figure out what you can do to ensure we all make it out of this revolution alive and as humans. Mostly this means you all need to keep the regular ordinary people in their place and in line. Whether you want to use fear or privilege is up to you, but I encourage you all to use a mix of both.

Now to the #2s who have been in the miltary, you all know thy enemy better than anyone else. My Dad learned how to go to war in the miltary and so did you all. I am certain most of you all were in his military cult. You all are great organizers. I would like you all to strategize and organize proactively against my Dad. Simply figure out what he will do to win people over and get them to fight this war for him and then beat him to the chase. The more regular ordinary people you all can win over and make feel chosen and special the safer we all will be. We dont have to declare an outright war on the regular people. We just have to make them feel chosen like my Dad does when he asks them to do things for him. Regular people have always just wanted to be included. So include them and create ways for them to take part in this revolution. Explain we are all making names for ourselves. This is their chance to join in with us. Working with my Dad will just leave their families out for generations to come. But if they team up with us in the revolution they get to be someone and create a lasting name for themselves and their children. People want to create legacies. Organize and strategize systems and processes for people to create a legacy and be included. And you all need to work together. Know thy enemy. Sometimes the enemy just needs to know they can be included in order for them to no longer be thy enemy. We all want to leave behind a legacy.

That’s all the war games stuff I have to say today. I send an email to Walmart and a lot of their board of directors about the meat being tampered with in Eugene. So hopefully that gets us all some cleaner food. Safeway and Albertsons are owned by Kroger. I doubt I will ever get far with them. But Walmart is possible. Especially because they will know it’s my Dad who is encouraging this tampering with the meats. And they dont like being bossed by my Dad. So fingers crossed on that one.

Other than that I didn’t do anything today. I literally layed in the car with Haywood all day and fasted. Life has to get better and trying to drown my stress and sorrows in ice cream and junk food the past few months has not been good for me. Hopefully we can get some clean meats and I can do a raw meat diet for a bit. Last January i did that mixed with alternate day eating and I healed so much stuff in my body. My throat always used to hurt when I ate carbs. I still dont completely know what that was. I’m guessing a mix of my mthfr gene and EBV virus because it lives in your throat. However getting my throat to get better was the first step in me healing a lot of deep rooted things last year. I literally eat tons of sugar now and do relatively okay. I still am never going to get used to eating all the poisons but I dont think any body actually can get used to them. That’s why they are called poisons.

I’m trying to dream a new dream and tell myself that real estate will be okay and I will do fine. I always do better at work when I stay away from my coworkers. So this shouldn’t be so weird for me to imagine doing real estate on my own. Honestly I am just scared people wont buy from me because of who I am and who my Dad is. So you all have to create a revolutionary army of regular normal ordinary people to protect us all from my Dad. If they are on our side they wont do my Dads bidding. And honestly everyone deserves to take part in this imaginary game we all play. We should have included them sooner. So figure out how they can earn their place and legacy for their families. And I’m going to keep giving myself pep talks.

Happy Saturday, tomorrow we have Sunday Church. I’m going to talk about shame and how it’s okay to make mistakes. And of course we will review from last week and tie it together. So have a great night and I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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