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I understand I’m different than you all in countless ways. However, the main difference is I was never allowed to have a “good” life like you all. I was held hostage and I still am. But this has allowed me to see through the mirage that my Dad uses to keep you all manageable. Allow me to share my viewpoint and please excuse me if it sounds harsh and/or hurts a bit. The truth often hurts. Not many people can handle the truth. Most would rather live in ignorance in their lies.

  • You are infected with a bacteria that gives you Autism. This makes your nervous system more sensitive allowing for you to be controlled with your external environment. It also allows for you to attach to things more than people allowing for materialism and capitalism to rule not only your life but the world. This bacteria also makes it so you are designed and predispositioned to be an addict because c diff changes the way your brain processes dopamine. So not only will you connect with things more than humans, you will become addicted to them. And the more of a C diff infection you have the more you will pass it on to your children who you will never be able to connect with as well as you do things. Autism and C diff is a means to control you, your life, your preferences, your nervous system, your support system, and every other facet of your life. Not to mention it causes great disease and allows for many people to live in pain of chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and it kills people before their time. Yes, c diff is a main contributing factor to autoimmune diseases of all kinds. This is why they have risen in numbers so greatly within the past 4 decades since my Dad has been in power. And have you noticed it’s mostly people who are involved heavily in the war games or are born into families involved in the war games who are most likely to get autoimmune diseases.
  • How about the Dyslexic epigenetic triggers and gene mutations, what do you all think about them? Do you believe them to be making you a stronger person? Dyslexia makes you creative brain based. This means logical thought is hard and/or almost nonexistent in your brain. Asperger’s makes me logical brain based, creativity is really hard for me and something I have spend my whole life trying to learn. And honestly I still stuck at it. When I back fired on my Dad that’s when he started with the Dyslexic epigenetic triggers and gene mutations. Around 1984/1985 and then after 1990 he upped the ante and increased them many fold. Dyslexia means when you are told to do something you will not question why you are doing something. Instead you will focus on how to carry out the something. You will never question the orders you are given. You all are the super soldiers my Dad has always wanted. My Brother is dyslexic and has many gene mutations. He is the one who takes orders and never questions anything. Just like you all, right?
  • The multiple epigenetic triggers that we experience everyday cause gene mutations in your children along with disease, chronic illnesses and terminal illness. I’m not talking a few, I’m talking 100s a day. There is no avoiding all the epigenetic triggers. Sure you can avoid some with great effort but you will never be able to avoid them all. These make your children a subhuman species. Your children are not even human and you did it to them. Sure it may not have been conscious but you did it. Their children will be so far from human because epigenetic triggers and gene mutations do not just add up they multiply exponentially. Your grandchildren will be diseased their whole lives even worse than your children. And logical thought will be nonexistent in their lives. Even more so than it is in your life and your children’s lives.
  • Let’s talk about dysfunctional processing of Oxytocin and humanity hijacking. Oxytocin is often referred to as the love hormone. But really it’s just an intensifyer. You know all the women who get extremely bad stretch Mark’s from pregnancy and are unable to breast feed? This is from dysfunctional oxytocin processing. Pregnancy and breast feeding are the times or instances we produce the most oxytocin. When you are dysfunctionally processing it, it creates a cortisol response. Instead of feeling love you feel stressed and your fight or flight response kicks in. You know social anxiety? That’s really just dysfunctional processing of oxytocin. People are supposed to make you feel good. You aren’t supposed to be stressed out by being around people. We are pack animals, we belong together. However, if my Dad can get you to isolate yourself you will be easier to control. The world will be easier to control of we give up community. A pack animal is vulnerable when it strays from its pack.
  • Is it really a good life when the food you purchase is the largest tool in the covert genocides my Dad wages? Even if you get food without extra poisons, it’s still genetically and biologically modified to kill people and create great disease. If you are sick you will be quicker to accept learned helplessness because you do not know how to heal yourself. When your sick and your body is not working correctly, you will look outside yourself for the answer. If my Dad can keep you looking outside yourself for the answer you will continue to be the perfect soldier because you won’t question what you are told. This is why the medical industry does not seek to heal, but rather to enslave. They dont want you better, your a better soldier when your sick.
  • Let’s talk about your good life that you have an amazing home in. Did you know that houses are made out of multiple toxic building materials? This is why Leed certification buildings exist. They are basically buildings that are not designed to kill us. So you live in a home that you love but it is designed to kill you and create disease. It normally takes a family or person 30 years to payoff a home. So basically a lifetime. Maybe if houses weren’t designed to kill us and create disease it wouldn’t take a lifetime to pay them off? There are so many things in your home and outside of it that are acts of destruction. Your mattress has fir retardant on it, this is poison. You have grass in your yard. Grass pollen overloads your kidneys. When you have allergies that’s because your kidneys are not able to filter all the toxins in your body. All the toxins in your home allow for your kidneys to be over burdened. When your kidneys are over burdened C diff thrives and exponentially multiplies in your body. So your home that you think is your sanctuary from the toxic world is really killing you. It is changing who you are on an epigenetic level.
  • Let’s talk about water. Your good life has good water right? No it doesn’t. Even if you filter your water and get clean water without poison, it still has the wrong ph. You know how they say not to go swimming for 30 minutes after you eat? That’s because of the ph of the water. Even natural bodies of water have been altered to have too alkaline of a ph. This is why when you spend the day swimming and in the water you are so hungry afterwards. The ph changes your ph. Not to mention all the chlorine and antibiotics in the tap water drain out bodies of zinc and magnesium which are the cofactor fir enzymes. If you can’t produce enzymes you will not be able to absorb the nutrients from your food. This leaves you vulnerable to brain washing and suggestion because malnourished people are easier to brain wash. Plus, malnourished people enjoy the pain of others. If you enjoy the pain of others you need to nourish your body with healthy food but mostly vitamins and enzymes. It only takes a few months to get back to being human. You aren’t supposed to enjoy the pain of others. However if you do, it will be way easier for my Dad to get you to carry out unspeakable acts of destruction against others. How do you feel about showering and taking your kids to swimming lessons now? Not quite what you signed up for huh?

I could go on literally all day talking about the destruction and how your good life is really just a lie and mirage. No one has a good life no matter how much we lie to ourselves. We are pack animals, but in this world my Dad has created we destroy one another every day. That goes against the laws of nature and humanity. That effects your epigenetics everyday. I understand you want to preserve what you believe to be a good life. Because its something you have worked for your whole life. You were raised to obtain the life you have. And yet it was all a lie and brainwashing. It’s hard to see through the veil. But your survival depends on it. Your children’s lives depend on it. But especially your grandchildren’s Gene’s depend on it. This is a revolution to fight to stay human on a gene level. Yes we deserve better, but we also deserve to be human and not the subhuman species my Dad is creating to make up his slave race. I dont want to be a slave anymore, how about you?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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