Saturday March 11th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Pisces Family Meeting -The Art Of War

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday. Yesterday I blew up the French Canadian leaders world, so today we all help them put it back together. I realized I have been so caught up in my lack of overt world that I have not been doing my job in the covert world. My job is to bring people together and I haven’t been doing my job as well as I should be. So I need to call a family meeting. This means I need everyone to tune in and I mean everyone. I need the farmers, the San Francisco mafia, Vegas mafia and mob in new jersy, Tony from new York, Tony from Florida, Danish leaders in Michigan and throughout middle America, Argentinians, My family in Russia, my family in China, my friends in Japan and my friends in Korea. The superior white people in Texas and Minnesota. Basically we need all the leaders tuned in we are going to play war games chess and change the world today.

Also I need my actual family to tune in and people who have signed up to be affiliated with me in the overt world and covert world. Anyone who married into or breed with the Kudearoffs needs to tune in. Uncle Jeff Whiddon, Dave Hatch, Brett Crammer, my aunt Jill, Dina, Tracy Gold, Connie Kudearoff, etc. You all need to tune in and get your children tuned in too. Also Aunt Patsy and uncle Kenny in Texas and your kids Scott and Andy Beatty, and aunt Susan and uncle Jeff Walker and Nicki and Tanna. My family in the overt world needs to tune in. I may be creating my new family in the covert world, but today we are going to discuss what my family in the overt world owes me.

Also I need the French Canadians to tune in. All of them. The ones up in Canada and the ones here in the United states who have joined my Dad’s cult decades ago and chose to not be loyal to where they come from and commit treason. Looks like my people aren’t the only ones who enjoy disrespecting where they come from.

Get everyone tuned in, today we change the world and rearrange it to be more aligned with what we all need. I will give you all a few moments to get everyone tuned in.

I forgot the Mexican drug cartels and mafias down in Mexico. Get them all tuned in too. We all worked together to solve their problem. We all are going to do the same thing for the French Canadians and my family in Russia today. It’s a big day. I will give you all a couple more minutes. Also if you all could get the French Canadians who are poisoning me to stop right now that would be amazing. I have a feeling it’s not going to be a great day for the French Canadians in my Dad’s cult. Few more minutes.

Okay everyone. Have you ever had a problem staring you right in the face, but you didn’t see it? I realize now I have been surrounded by French Canadians my whole life. These are the people who not only make up both sides of my family, but they are the backbone to my Dad’s cult. These are the people who do his dirty work every day. Yet. I didn’t see it because I was never taught to be racist. People have always just been people to me. I judge people on how they treat me. And today I’m seeing a bunch of true colors I really don’t like.

French Canadian leaders I understand now that you all are a family divided just like the mafias in Mexico. See my Dad won over the Mexican mafia members here in the United states when my family acquired my uncle Joe Parades. So the Mexican mafia members who are here in the United states are loyal to my Dad rather than where they come from. Not all of them are like this, but a lot of them. It created a huge problem for the drug cartels and Mexican mafias in Mexico. Their own people were fund raising to build the Mexican Berlin wall and shut them all out. I dont understand what makes people be like this. But I do know it’s not right or logical. When you disrespect where you come from you disrespect yourself. No one can have a good life when they continuously disrespect themselves by the way they choose to live their lives.

I have been creating a new family in the covert world because I understand what it’s like to need a family that understands, believes, and practices loyalty. The Kudearoffs are not loyal to where they come from. They have chosen to be in my Dad’s cult and align themselves with being loyal to him rather than themselves. So I helped the Mexican drug cartels and mafias create a new way to run their products in the United states so they can provide for their families without fund raising for their own demise. So today I would like to do the same thing for you all.

You all are in a weird position today where you dont know which of your people to trust. I understand this better than most. I have never been able to trust anyone with my life until I met the farmers in southern LA last year. So I completely understand where you are in this moment of uncertainty. And I would like to offer you access to my new family worldwide. I may not have much in the overt world. But I am the richest person in the covert world because I have a world full of people who are willing to help me. And that means they will help you all too. I believe in loyalty and I would like to share the people who have given me openly and freely loyalty. Us people who are loyal to where we come from need to stick together because we may be the exception to the rule in the world my Dad created.

I want to tell you all a little story and background about how my Dad came into power in the 1980s. This will help you understand what is happening and who you can trust. See my Dad had a lot of help coming into power. Now I realize it was a lot of French canadians in the United states but also worldwide who helped him. However the Danish people and the farmers were also in cahoots with my Dad. They also helped my Dad achieve his place of power today. However, the Danish people and farmers quickly saw my Dad’s true colors. My Dad promises a lot of things to people, uses them to get what he wants, and then double crosses them. You all know about the covert genocides now that are done using food. Well the farmers helped my Dad do this, but they didn’t understand the full story. They didn’t know my Dad was going to double cross them and imprison them in a covert jail just like he has done to me. You know all the weird rules about farming and the laws we have here in the United states? Those were created to imprison the farmers so my Dad would be able to control them using financial domination. So instead of following through with allowing them power my Dad imprisoned them in the late 1980s. This is why when I found the farmers they were willing to protect me. They understand I am the only chance they have at freedom. They have been imprisoned for almost 40 years now. Without me there is no hope for them ever getting better. The farmers have shown great loyalty to me. I trust them every day with my life. I am alive because they see the error of their ways and have chosen to do better. In this revolution we judge people based on how they act. The farmers understand acting right in order to get better. We all don’t get better without some strategic action. This covert war is a chess game. It’s a game of chess between my Dad and I. However, until 2 years ago I never understood that I was supposed to be playing this game. But now that I understand here we are. And I would like you all to partake in my chess game. Because I can offer you things no one else in the world can. I may not be very powerful in the overt world, but I’m larger than life in the covert world. And I want to help you all because I understand your pain. My people and family have chosen not to be loyal to me too. So on this revolution I have been creating my new family. We all will take care of you if you would like. The only strings are if we help you, you become a part of our family. And that means being loyal to where you come from and believing we all deserve better. We all come together with these values and we are changing the world.

The Danish people were also involved in helping my Dad achieve his place of power here on the west coast. Without them my Dad never would be where he is today. However my Dad also doubled crossed them. They fought back and have made my Dad stay west of interstate 5 since the late 1980s. No one tells my Dad what to do, but the Danish people have banished him since the late 80s. Not only are these people powerful, these are your strongest allies besides the farmers.

I may not know much about the war games but I understand the art of war. The enemy of my enemy is my ally. The farmers and the Danish people are my greatest assets because these people have been treated like me. These are my Dad’s greatest enemies. Therefore they are my strongest allies. And now they are your strongest allies too. You are not alone. We are right here with you fighting this revolution.

I’m sure my Dad has tried to befriend you all. I am uncertain if it has worked. But I know there are a group of French Canadians here in the United states who do not follow my Dad. I assume there is a reason for this. But I dont have to know the reason to know the best chess move to get you your desired results.

First, we need to address my family and the people who helped condition the French Canadians into being loyal to my Dad rather than where they come from. My Dad told all these people he would give them power and then he enslaved them too. No one who joined my family has flourished or reached their potential as they were promised. But yet here they are still being loyal to my Dad. French Canadians I give you permission to deal with these people I call family in the overt world anyway you wish. These people have destroyed me and tried to kill me most of my life. Some of them more than others. However, I’m not looking to go over individual sins. We are here to correct the issues. So yes you can do whatever you wish to these French Canadians I call family in the overt world, but I request we allow them to make up for their sins before we crucify them. Doing better is always an option. It is never too late to do the right thing. We need to give these people the chance to do the right thing.

Uncle Jeff Whiddon, uncle Dave, uncle Brett, aunt Jill, Aunt connie, Dina, Tracy Gold, Uncle Jeff Walker, uncle Kenny Beatty you all married into my family or bred with them. Which means you you all agreed to be loyal to me as #2 of both the Graves and the Kudearoffs. You agreed to be loyal to me. But yet you aren’t and you disrespect the French Canadians who are where you come from. When you disrespect where you come from you disrespect yourself. This means you are teaching not only the world how to disrespect yourself, but you are teaching your children to disrespect and disregard themselves. Your children represent me. And they are absolutely worthless to me if they dont understand loyalty. So I’m thinking it is time for you all to be my poster children for being loyal to where you come from. You all showed and conditioned the French canadians to be loyal to my Dad. So now you are going to show them how to be loyal to where you all come from. I am being generous in this moment. Because I believe in doing better. A lot of you have been really awful to me. Yet, I am trying to do the right thing and not get overly emotional. Because then I would be just like my Dad. So I expect you all to be a great strength in helping me and my new French Canadian friends in getting the French canadians on board with being revolutionary. I grant the French Canadian leaders to deal with you all in anyway they deem necessary. So this is your chance to earn your place and keep. It’s important you understand the situation. You all have four decades of treason to account for and makeup for. That is most of your lives. You have been disloyal to yourselves for most of your lives. That has to hurt and you all are getting older and having to face your own mortality. It’s time to get right with God. And that means getting right with yourselves. This is a moment of great grace in your lives. You can change everything by doing the right thing. Which is to be loyal and show respect to who you are. I am not asking you to worship me like my Dad did. I’m telling you to be loyal to who you are. I am not a God. But I am human and I understand the pain involved in disrespecting yourself. You all live in pain because you disrespect who you are. Time to course correct and show your children it is okay to make mistakes and choose to do better. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Now is the moment you all have been waiting for. I expect you all to appreciate this chance to do better. Not many people in my shoes would be so understanding. I’m trying to do better for us all. It’s really hard, but I’m hoping you all will help me make the world a better place. We all need to work on reversing the destruction. You all took part in creating the destruction. Now you are going to help me clean up the mess you made. I didn’t help my Dad make this mess. But you all did. So now you will help me clean it up. It’s time to pick up your toys. You all taught me how to be a good person. So now I will help teach you all.

First on the agenda for my French Canadian family members is securing me a safe and even playing field in real estate. You all are larger than life in the war games. You wouldn’t be related to me if you weren’t. So you will get the people in real estate to treat me not only fairly, but well. If you have to make examples of people go right ahead. There have been more than enough French canadians who have tried to kill me and destroy me. Cousin Shelbi O’Reilly I expect you and your mom Cindy to take part in all of this too. I am not going to get into specifics, but you will do better. Your kids and grandkids deserve better. So do better.

Uncle Dave your relatives Larry and amber Morris came really close to killing me last year. I expect you to take care of this issue for me. Make an example out of them so people understand treating me fairly and well in the overt world is not an option. It is a requirement.

You all will get the French canadians to treat me well and stop destroying me for my Dad. Destroying me is eliminating you all’s chance at better. If anything happens to me, I’m pretty sure the French Canadians will want to have some words with you all. So you all will protect me because I protect you and am offering you all this second chance graciously. So that is your project, I expect you all to start on this immediately today.

Okay French Canadian leaders, I researched last night what your biggest exports were and I know who you need to talk to. I have found people in places of power using Google. And I’m going to introduce you to who you need to find. Tell them Nicole sent you and they will help you.

See my mafia friends are running products from my Mexican mafia friends all over the United states. If you all would like access to some of those products you can have access. My rules are everyone gets treated fairly, we all make money, and my people from the United states do not cross the borders with illegal substances. If you all wish to take part you are more than welcome. This has been a great way for us to fund raise and reward some of the people involved in this revolution. Tony from New York handles the routes near the northern border. The farmers connect him and his people with the people from the Mexican mafias. So the first people I need you all to connect with are the farmers on the west coast. You can literally Google farms and find these people. You need to go to southern LA these are my guys. All the farmers are important but the farmers in southern LA and Roseburg Oregon have been my greatest allies. These are the people you connect with if you have any problems or concerns. They will be able to connect you with my friends from the mafias down in Mexico too. The Mexican mafias will help you in any way they can because we all help them too. I expect everyone to be respectful of everyone. Everyone I am connecting is apart of my new family. If any of you disrespect these people you are disrespecting me personally. I allow you all into my family because I want to create better. If your actions prove you do not want to create better with me you are out.

So French canadians you need to connect with the farmers in southern LA, Roseburg, Redmond, and eastern Seattle. These people will help you find ways to get done what you need to get done without empowering the people who disrespect you. They will also give you a connection to my mafia friends down in Mexico. Let them know if they can help you in any way.

Then I need my aunt Susan in Texas the queen of gas to connect with the French Canadians and help them with their oil exports. Aunt Susan find a way to communicate with the French Canadians directly or use the farmers. I bet your husband Jeff can help you connect with the French Canadians in charge. Aunt Susan you are the queen of gas. Please dont disappoint me. Let’s do the right thing okay? Get your kids on board too.

All my cousins who are French Canadians need to be on board with being an example for everyone to be loyal to where they come from. You all were born to bring the world together just like I was. You need to be loyal to where you come from. I expect you all to get your armies and people in line. You all have run amuck for your whole lives. It’s time to be loyal to who you are. I’m holding you all accountable.

French Canadians next I need to introduce you to my friends and family from the east. The east will take care of you because you all are taking care of me. We are a family. We have to be a cohesive unit to win this revolution against my Dad. So I know you all have car parts and other exports you need to move. Go to the Asain restaurants and you will find people who can help you. My grandma taught me how to connect with the mafia from the east as a child. I used to play in the kitchen of Asain restaurants as a kid while she did business with the owners. The owners of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants will help you. This should be helpful for car parts.

Also the farmers in Redmond should be helpful for car parts as well.

You all export building materials, for these and other things you need to talk to the Italian mafia and the mob. Go to the Italian restaurants in Vegas and in San Francisco and in new York. You will find the Italians who will be able to help you.

So restaurants are how you connect with the Asian mafias and Italian mafias. The farmers will connect you with the mafias from the south. Tony from Florida runs products from the California border to the Florida border so if you need anything along the southern border his people are the ones to talk to. The Italians from new York handle the northern border. The mob from new Jersey handles the middle America along with the Danish people. If you all have any problems just reach out to the southern LA or roseburg farmers. Also I expect my farmers to be taken care of. When they help you connect with others you need to bring them a gift. We all take care of each other in this revolution. We all are a family unit creating better for the world. We dont judge and we take care of each other.

French Canadians I think that is everything you need to create a safe place for you all. I need you all to protect the northern border. Dont allow people you cannot trust in your organization. You have become a part of my family and network. You will always have help. You are not in this alone. In exchange just please continue to do whatever you can to improve the quality of my life in the overt world. I need to be an ordinary regular person. I deserve to be an ordinary regular person. I appreciate my family in the covert world beyond words, but I need a real life too. This is just an imaginary game we all play. It’s not real life. We deserve real lives. Any problems just take them to the southern LA or Roseburg farmers they are my right hand men and can help with anything.

Okay next up I need to speak with my Russian family. Oh wait… one more thing.

I realized last night the hate I have for superior white people was mostly hate that I have for French canadians. So I owe the superior white people an apology. I’m sorry I was so hasty to judge you all and declare a genocide against you all. I understand you all have rarely been around me and even more rarely tried to kill me. So I apologize. But I’m very greaful you all are choosing to be revolutionary with me and the world. I appreciate your contributions. You all do have a lot of gene mutations, but we are going to get me farming and get you all fixed up as soon as possible. I promise to do right by you all. I am one of you all and I’m starting to really learn to embrace that part of myself. Thank you for being apart of me.

Okay back to Russia. I have yelled at you all, shamed you all, and told you to do better, but I have not offered you any support or help. Can you all tell I was raised communist? I’m one of you all just trying to be a good person too. I wasn’t taught to be good. I’m learning along the way just like you all. I understand Russia is a country divided. My Dad has done to you all the same things he has done to the Hispanic people and the French Canadians. You all are surrounded by my Dads cult members and it’s hard to trust your own people. So I’m going to give you all access to my friends and family in the east. If you all fuck this up no one will ever forgive you because China will likely release another virus into the world. I understand I am vicious because I am Russian and Chinese. But believe me you all are no match for China. So please respect my family and friends in the east as you would respect me. Because they are going to help you because I asked them to. Don’t fuck this up. What you need to do is go to the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants in China and find the owners. These people will help you in whatever ways they can. You can trust these people because they are not in my Dad’s cult. Always be careful because there are some people my Dad has gotten to. But everyone with a fancy birthright in the mafias and the war games are safe. Because they understand what is on the line. Ordinary regular people are a little slower to catch on. So stick to the people with fancy birthrights. Thry will help you. I am unsure what you need help with. But ask for help with anything that will help you stop the war over there and killing meaningless people. I expect you all to do better and this is me offering you the help and tools you need to get better. I will always treat you all as family, but we can’t keep being a family divided. Figure out who is on our side and do better okay? I love you all very much. Take a shot of potato vodka for me tonight. The east will help you with whatever they can. But you need to be good. I’m trusting you.

Okay everyone we got the French canadians all hooked up with the revolution. We got my French Canadian family onto being loyal to who they are. And we took care of Russia. I think that was everything on my agenda today. I want to thank you all for tuning in and being apart of my revolution and family. I want better for us all. And I’m going to work harder on remembering to bring us all together more because it’s my job.

Oh, one more thing my French Canadian family in the overt world. I need you all to take care of the people at Sheppard motors and get them to do the right thing and fix my jeep that they broke. I approve any means necessary. I expect to see loyalty when I see Bobby the service manager again. Being loyal to who you are and where you come from is no longer an option. It is a requirement.

Okay everyone have a great Saturday.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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