Saturday March 11th 2023 Moon in scorpio Sun in Pisces Mormons and Southern LA farmers

I need to talk to the mormons and the southern LA farmers. I’m going to start with the Mormons.

I was thinking about you all last night while I was being poisoned and kept up all night. You all are a family really divided and shook up recently. My Dad’s cult and my uncle Norm’s cult both have you all infiltrated. And sometimes those two cults work together and sometimes they partake in a family feud. The shifts are sudden and the divides are intense. I’m not sure what I can do to help you all. You all are helping with the Mexican mafias products or at least I offered for you all to take part if you wish. I don’t want to push anything on you all that could conflict with your beliefs. But I do want you all to know I’m here and the world is here to support you if you need our help. You all can always go to the farmers if you need anything. I also have had my #2s reach out so if you need something on a more local or personal level we are here for you. I want you all to get better too. I just dont know what your exports are so to speak. I don’t know how to help you exactly.

But I was thinking on the way here to visit my grandma Kudearoff’s grave because it’s Saturday and on Saturdays I come to the graveyard to spend the night fasting mediating and preying. God will grant me clarity if I put in the work and seek it. So here is my thought on you all. You all are the mormon products and exports. The church and my Dad’s and uncle Norm’s cults use you all to fund raise and create the big wealth that makes the mormon religion and its people worth fighting over. You all are the export I was trying to figure out. They send you all all over the world and you all pay to go all over the world and promote and fund raise for the mormon church. I saw a guy’s shoes a couple weeks ago and it made me really sad. See he had on this amazing blue suit that looked very sleek and nice. They dress you all up in nice costumes to go fund raise. But I saw his shoes. My mom always told me to look at people’s shoes. I see my own shoes that I have walked 100s of miles in on this revolution trying to figure everything out. This guy had shoes like mine. He had walked 100s of miles in his shoes trying to prove himself and fundraise for the mormon church. But do you all ever get appreciated? Are you ever enough? Do you ever add up? Do they tell you thank you? Do they let you all have good lives where you can provide for yourselves and buy new shoes? I’m fighting to be able to buy myself new shoes so I can keep walking and trying to figure out the world. I think you all are just trying to earn new shoes too. But do you ever get those new shoes when you need them? Or do you just get them when the church wants to hand them out? You all are the greatest resource and export of the Mormon church. You all do amazing things. I think sending your kids on a mission in their teenage years teaches them sales more than most people ever understand. However I really worry you all dont teach them enough about the world to keep themselves safe. See I was never taught about the world and it left me very vulnerable. I worry for your people and your kids.

I dont know what you all need to change things, but maybe the first step is realizing you are the commodity so many people view worth fighting over. You all are what makes the mormon religion valuable. It’s you and only you. Without you all the mormon religion is useless and without value. If you all wanted to create a real business and use your sales skills you all would dominate. Maybe you all should start a real estate brokerage or an insurance agency. You all would put everyone to shame with your ability to door knock alone. I dont know if you all fully understand how amazing your sales skills are. Most sales professionals will never be half as good as you are. I dont know what the answer is for you all but I know it starts with realizing you are the commodity everyone is fighting over. And you all have the skills and know how to earn those new shoes you need and deserve. So whatever we can do to help you all get those new shoes you let us know. Because we see your value and we hope you do too. So anything we can do we are here for you.

Southern LA farmers, what a day, what a day. So there are still a lot of French Canadians fighting this war for my Dad. It seems to be the French Canadians who are not mixed. I have been surrounded by a lot of trucks, and a lot of Dodges, and a lot of diesel trucks. It’s a civil war for the French Canadians today. But I remember when it was a civil war for the dark side. We were a family divided too. However you all and the Roseburg farmers put that division to rest really quickly. I’m hoping you all can share your secret sauce with the French Canadian leaders. We dont need to live in a civil war any longer than necessary. It’s mostly people without fancy birthrights who are signing up to fight this war for my Dad. They view themselves as without an interest in this war, but they are shortsighted and don’t see what is really happening. People who are related to Dennis Hunt are fighting this war for my Dad. I think it may be people related to my uncle Jeff Whiddon and cousin Shelbi and her mom too. I don’t want to boss anyone around. And it doesn’t make me feel big and bad to get to do what I do. But I know connecting people to each other is the right thing to do. I’m not going to stop pushing to get better for everyone. When we all become one we all get better. I’m not sure what we all need to do to get these full French Canadians on our revolution, but we should try to do what you all did with the darkside because it has proven to be extremely effective. So if you all can connect with the French Canadian leaders and get them to do whatever it is you all do, I would greatly appreciate it. I got to buy that farm soon and ferment the earth so I can meet you all in person. Thank you for being my family and keeping me alive, but most importantly thank you for giving me hope and showing me people can change and do better. It’s never too late to do better. We are going to ferment the world and fix this mess. I have the weirdest faith in this. God would not have helped me get this far and find you all if I wasn’t supposed to succeed. I have faith in so many things I dont fully understand or see how they will manifest in the overt world. But I think that is what believing in God is all about. It’s about having faith in things you dont fully understand or are able to explain. One day we all will look back on this and be able to explain the magic we are all experiencing and feel but cant explain.

Thanks for being my guys. You all are the guy. I’m so lucky to have found you all. Besides Haywood and Teka you all are the next most important souls in my life. I will never take you all foreground. And I have to ask where are all the Argentinians? I saw some in California but I’m realizing now a lot of the people or most of the people I thought were Argentinian are really French canadians. Are us Argentinians really as rare as I think? What did my grandma and Dad’s mom do to people like my grandpa Graves? Did she kick most of them out of the country? Why did my grandpa Graves live in a compound in Argentina? And why did he come back to Texas to let my Dad kill him? Why would someone do that? I always will have more questions than answers. But one day I hope you all can tell me about my grandpa Graves. He may have been an evil man, but I need to know who he is to understand who I am. So this revolution is about getting better for everyone, but its also about me finding myself. One day we are going to have that bbq and you all will have to explain to me who my family really is. But we will celebrate winning this revolution too. My life has been so much better since you all entered it. I have a feeling this will never change. I hope you all can say the same about me.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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