Saturday March 18th 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Pisces Tony from Florida, Toni from New York, and French Canadian Leaders

Good morning everyone. I would like to speak to Tony from Florida, Toni from New York, and the French Canadian leaders. I will give you all a moment to get tuned in.

Good morning everyone, but I suppose its afternoon over there. So I need to talk out some things with you all. I realized you all are connected. I looked at a map of western Europe. No wonder Switzerland is neutral. It’s right dab in the middle of the divide between my Dad’s western Europe and you all’s western Europe. Do you call it southern Europe? I suppose that is what I will call it.

Tony from Florida, so you arent Argentinian. You are French Canadian. I read your family was from Croatia so I wondered how that worked. And when I went to Florida I thought the people were stuck up and acted like fancy southerners. I didn’t understand why they thought they were better than the rest of the southern states. Well now I know. They are French Canadian. So that all makes sense now. It’s still not logical but it makes sense.

So I am still trying to figure out how you, my Dad, and the military got intertwined. I know if you cant beat them join them comes into play. My Dad wasnt smart enough to figure out nlp on his own. But how did he find you? Or did you somehow seek him out? Or did the military find the guy that invented nlp in California and bring you all together? I may never know. But now I understand why you are so smart. And probably why Oprah liked you so much.

Yesterday I learned that the French Canadians control the aerospace and aviation industries. This is probably also how my Dad got so intertwined with the French Canadians. And why there still are aircrafts constantly going over my head. Can you all make these industries stop hunting me? I would appreciate it. In New Mexico they almost killed me. It was intense.

So I guess I brought the three of you all here today because I need your help. There are still people from the north trying to kill me every day. And the people in real estate who are French Canadians never stopped trying to destroy or kill me. I am not sure what needs to be done about this. Also the people from Sheppard motors the car dealership are not playing fair or right. What can be done about these people who are running wild? Because the more of them who run wild the more people use the behavioral inheritance system to believe it’s okay for them to run wild too. Monkey see monkey do you know?

Also how can toni from new York and the Italian mafia there not like my Dad, but somehow Tony from Florida be in cahoots with my Dad often? See the Italian French Canadians in California are with my Dad. Sacramento is the most cult like city I have ever seen. They were up to their necks in cult activities with my Dad. I dont think people could even try to be good people if they tried there. Yet, the French Canadians in Salem are more on the side of the revolution. What’s the divide I am not seeing? Why are people so divided is my biggest question?

Last night I made my decision to choose Exp Realty because it is a virtual brokerage and I wont have to interact with many people. But I’m hoping you all can do what you can to convince the people at exp not to join my Dad’s cult. I am not sure how you do that, but I’m assuming it would be just like when I encourage my #2s to build their armies and reach out to people. When people feel seen and heard they dont go around looking for someone to see and hear them. So if you all can build your armies around me as much as possible I would really appreciate it. And not just in the virtual world of Exp realty, but can you all focus on Eugene/Springfield. Because the more people you have in your armies here the safer I will be.

I have seen a lot of desperate French Canadians in the past couple weeks. Being this smart comes with a lot of burdens. Our c diff infections make us more prone to addiction because our brains crave information and potential. But those cravings can be subdued with drugs and alcohol. My Dad loves to prey on the people in AA and NA because they are addicts and he just needs to get them addicted to cult activities. Did you all know heroin and pain killers feed c diff? I am starting to believe meth does too. Probably cocaine too. So when people give into drugs or cult activities for my Dad they are digging their holes deeper. The French canadians out here need help. They are addicts and no one wants to help them get better. People only want to prey on them. Can you all help these people feel seen and heard, but can you also get them the help they need? A helping hand can make a world of difference sometimes. And these people need to know they matter. Because until they understand they matter we all will be vulnerable because my Dad will make them feel important and seen and heard and destroy them more and grow their c diff infections and turn them into even bigger monsters. Please help your people here so they arent hurting so badly and so they arent the end of us all. They need help. I understand bossing people around is how you all approach most situations and it works pretty well. But I have learned helping people is even more effective. When people know you want better for them they go above and beyond to help you accomplish your goals. So use your fancy brains to do the right thing and show loyalty to the people you expect loyalty from. Loyalty is a two way street. When you give loyalty you get a lot more back.
I suppose that was my bossy side. I really didn’t know what I was going to say to you all today, but that feels like the message my brain intended even though I really had no clue what it was. Does your fancy brain do that too? It leads me places I dont understand till I get there. This revolution is the perfect example. Do you channel and just end up where you are supposed to be? I have no clue who I channel but I think it has something to do with God or dead people. Do you have the ability to reach the other realms too? Or is it just my head injury mixed with my fancy brain? I have so many questions about what other people can do and know. How do you all experience the world? Because I am starting to think I experience the world in different ways across the board.

One more thing, my Dad has been trying to get me to go to the St. Vincent de Paul on hwy 99 for months now. Why? Can you get the people there in your armies? I suppose I am going to adventure there soon because I want to see about this car camping program they have. I am thinking my Dad doesn’t want me to join because I would be exposed to people not chosen to be in my Truman show. But if I can find regular people and they know I am fighting for them to get better I think I have a better chance of them not trying to kill me. I think that’s a fair trade. I make their lives better they make my life better. We will see I suppose.

Thank you for tuning in and your time.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

P.s. mob in new Jersey and Vegas can you help me out with these things too please. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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