Saturday November 19th 2022 Sun in Scorpio Moon in Libra It’s ME

My family in Texas is the southern Mafia. My uncle Norm is the #2 from his generation. My Dad is #2 from his generation. And I am #2 from my generation. But I am #2 on both sides of my family, both the Graves and the Kudearoff family. Plus both my parents are #2s. And I am #1 out of my siblings and I inherit all the fancy birthrights from the Graves family. Literally all the fancy birthrights l. I have mr and mrs Hitler and my grandpa Graves and his family.

It isn’t a decision between my uncle norm and my Dad. There is no decision, it’s just me realizing who I am. I need everyone to reach out to the people of the southern Mafia and let them know about my birthrights. They are committing treason when they support my Dad against me. Today, is day 599 of my revolution and I am tired.

War games armies, leaders, and the graves family today is going to be messy. But it needs to be done. I have been patient and forgiving and kind for too long. Everyone who supports my Dad is out of the war games. Strip them of their opportunities and privileges and redistribution them to revolutionary people. Please make sure to reward the dark side for their compliance. Funny how the people who have been conditioned the most to kill me have been the best behaved. Funny how that works.

Everyone showing loyalty to my Dsd from here forward will be stripped of their war games privileges and opportunities. They can rejoin the war games when they are willing to show their loyalty to me and the rules. However they will start over at the bottom and begin the war games process of proving themselves from scratch. Literally they will undo all the work they and their family did. I deserve better than this and you all are going to give it to me. Just because I want better for everyone and dont want to kill or hurt people does not mean I should be treated so bbn poorly. I’m done worrying about the conditions of people’s lives who are not concerned about the conditions of my own life. Better is a two way street you know. I have offered so much without asking for much back. I’m done doing that. I’m demanding your respect back now. You all have had time to adjust. It’s time for you all to get it together instead of acting like spoiled children. It’s time to grow up and decide not to be sociopaths. Sociopaths are made not born. But you have to decide to be better. So today people decide to be better or loose everything just like I have. This revolution means I have lost everything that means anything to me. I dont value the war games like you all. I value ordinary and ordinary has been stolen and kept from me my whole life. Until everyone offers me ordinary I am not sharing the war games with them. I’m tired of you all being hoodlums. Grow up and value the system you say you so greatly love. Your actions need to reflect your values otherwise you are living a lie.

Graves family it’s going to be a messy day, but thank you for being here with me. I appreciate you all. Make sure the graves in Texas get this done too. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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