Saturday September 3rd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo A Revolution Without Internet Saturday Edition

Saturday September 3rd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo A Revolution Without Internet

I am so beyond pleased and proud of you all. Thank you for doing everything you can to keep me safe and help me change the world for us all to get better. You all make me feel safe. Sure, I still experience daily attempted murder profusely, but as long as I have a way to communicate with you all we can work together to create better. And one day I will be safe and you all’s freedom will be safe with me. It still blows my mind how important I am in the war games, because I still just feel ordinary and not even ordinary because I dont get ordinary. My whole life I have been made to feel less than, but you all make me feel like I’m one of you all. Thank you. Not only have you let me feel heard and seen, but you have validated my worthiness. I hope to do the same for all of you all.

I see a bunch of middle men who feel disempowered. They feel powerless not only in the war games but in their lives. Pretty crazy when you step back and look at the situation as it really is. The middle men destroy one another more than most. They are the ones who are most likely to be alone in the world because they destroy each other, especially their families. My Dad got my uncles to kill their parents. How many people do you know alone in the world because of the destruction of their own hands. My Dad wants my Brother to be alone in the world. He wants me to die and to kill my mom and then my Dad himself will die leaving my brother all alone. That’s not family or love or even smart or logical. We are pack animals we are weak when we are alone. This is why my Dad isolates not only me, but all of us as much as possible. The less access to others we have the fewer options and opportunities we have. And yet, the middle men view destroying their limited families as demonstrations of their power. And it’s not like they have extra children like the dark side. The middle men are like the Aryans and have regular size families. Rarely do they plan ahead to have a spare or two like the dark side.

So middle men feel powerless and destroy each other to prove their power. Yet, they still dont feel their power. I encourage you all to look around you. Look at your families, your children, and your friends. You all have the worst epigenetics out of any subgroup in the war games. And the systems are not set up to declare a covert genocide on you all. You all declared a covert genocide on each other. Sure my Dad sold you all on destruction and the systems are set up to destroy us all. But you all are the ones who have used your power to destroy one another. Look around you again, you all are so powerful you have destroyed each other down to a gene level. This is more destruction than any other group has done to their own group, without the help of a covert genocide against them by the systems. Do you all realize your power now? The generations to follow you will have learning disabilities till the end of time unless you all can breed with others who do not share your extreme gene mutations. If that’s not power I dont know what is. You felt hurt and powerless so you took it out on your great great great great grandchildren. Seems a bit extreme. But I suppose we can all give you all the benefit of the doubt and take into account you may have not known what you were doing. However, you all are very short. And this is because you starve your children of protein. You had to have known this was going to have a negative effect beyond just stunting your children’s growth. Plus, you all really do this to #2s who’s job is to reproduce and carry on the legacy of your family and your genes. Your genes that you believe to be greater than, but you literally wage war on these genes to make them less than. Did you all really think this through? Because it lacks logic on so many levels. I hope this is something you all can blame on following the orders of my Dad. But you know he may have given the orders, but you all used your powers to make his wishes come true. Even though it meant destroying what you value and pride yourself in.

So to all the middle men out there you are powerful. Look at your people. Look at your families. You have destroyed each other very close to the point of no return. I hope this is something you all can learn from and grow from because without growth you all are on a dark path that is not going to get better.

Why do you all like your children to do meth? Do you believe that will make them stronger, just like you believe c diff will make them stronger? Why do so many of your children go to jail and prison? Your group makes up a large percentage of the criminal systems. You know why this is? Its because of gene mutations, epigenetic triggers, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So you starve your kids as children, get them to do meth as teenagers, and then they go to jail or prison and you all wonder why. And you are even so full of yourself to blame it on them being ungrateful or not good people. When in actuality you did this to them. My uncle Dave did this to my cousin Jessica. It was not her fault she ended up in prison. She was conditioned and raised to be who she became. It wasn’t her destiny, it was her environment and conditioning. Why do you all do this? Has anyone ever told you that you are to blame for your own sins and the ripple effects they produce? Because you are at fault. You are not powerless. You are not the victim. Your children are the victims. Now Jessica’s son Matthew he is probably a product of his conditioning just like Jessica was and is.

My Grandma Kudearoff never told me to look out or care for anyone, but my cousin Jessica. I love her so much because she shared so much of the rough life I experienced as a child. After my Grandma died it changed but up till then we were treated very similarly by orders of my Grandma Kudearoff. We were equals. I was never raised to be greater than. If anything I was raised to be less than.

So I understand that you middle men were raised to be less than. However, it was a lie. You all are equals. Just as Jessica and I are equals. My Grandma Kudearoff told me to stand up for her because she wanted Jessica to be my equal. I understand in the war games many people may not view her as my equal, but they cant see what I can see. Jessica cannot even see what I can see. And you all cannot see what I can see.

We are equals. The middle men are more powerful than they ever imagined. You all are more powerful than you ever imagined. You can use your power to continue to destroy each other or you can use your power to heal each other and create a better life not only for you, but for your great grandchildren you have been punishing. My Dad did not have the power to destroy you all like you have been destroyed. That was your own power. You destroyed yourselves. And you have so much power you all did the most damage out of anyone. I know that’s shocking and hopefully a bit overwhelming. But that’s how powerful you all are. You all can move mountains if you choose to. And I really hope you do because I want my cousin Jessica back one day. And if you all dont choose to be revolutionary I will never get her back. When my grandma Kudearoff told me to look out for her, she was really telling me to look out for all of you all. It’s been about 35 years since my Grandma Kudearoff told me this, but she said it a lot because she wanted to stick. And here I am telling you all, you are my equals. I want better for you all because you all deserve so much better. But you all have to want that better for yourself first. You have to believe you deserve it. I cant say anything to change your mind for you. You are in charge of your own feelings. You have to decide you deserve better. It’s a feeling in your heart and soul you have had all along, you just have been told to ignore it for a lifetime. That little voice you hear and that ache in your chest. That is your soul trying to cry out for help. That is your destiny asking to be allowed to flourish. You have to choose to listen though. It’s the hardest choice you ever will make. You have to choose yourself and your families and your unborn grandchildren over my Dad and being his follower.

I’m not looking to fill my Dads shoes. I’m not a cult leader. I do not believe myself to be a God. I’m just Nicole. I just have lived a really hard life and spent a lot of time reading books and talking to God. I’m not special, I too am just a product of my conditioning and my gene mutations. I’m just like you all in that sense. I just have different experiences and different gene mutations. But we all are human and we all deserve better.

And you know how you all can help us get better. Allow me to have a job. You all are allowed the most power in the overt world because my Dad views you all as manageable due to your place in the covert war. I’m not asking for anything I don’t deserve or for privilege. I’m asking please let me be your equal. In order for us all to heal, I need to not only survive, be able to financially provide for myself and keep myself safe from everyone my Dad motivates to try to kill me. But I need to breed in order to ensure you all are safe from the rest of the Graves and Kudearoff families. I wish it could be different. But then again I am grateful to have found a way out for all of us. Now I just have to manifest this way out in the overt world. And here I am in the overt world alone everyday. I am fighting this war alone and I have been fighting my whole life. I just need you all to help me so I can continue to help you all. I want to continue to move mountains for everyone. But it looks like you all get the deciding vote on if we all get potential in the long run. Because unless I can get a job that allows me a career we all are screwed. I can tell you all everything I know about the destruction, but without playing my role that my birthrights have handed me the farmers, the Koreans, and your leaders and I are pretty powerless. I was born to be your leader, but I also was born to breed and bring together so many people with having children who are the leaders of tomorrow. And it all starts with a job. The farmers and the koreans and the middle men leaders have been fighting for me to be treated fairly in the overt world. But until I convince you all that I deserve to be your equal, we all are a bit doomed. Please allow me to be your equal so I can fight for us all by being ordinary and fulfilling my roles in the war games. And so I can have my cousin Jessica back because being alone is really hard.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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