Second Chances & Husband Hunting

When I started sugar dating, men from fancy families found me because you all gossip. Well, I need you all to gossip so men from fancy families can find me again. Please, tell everyone about my birthrights and that I am going to choose a husband soon and need to meet the best of the best. I am not sure what qualifies someone as the best of the best, but a good heart would be a good place to start. Someone who can relate to what it is like to have a crippling birthright. Ideally, if I am being my idealistic self, it would be someone from another country. Maybe in Europe where the birthrights go back for generations. It must be someone from a family that has never been affiliated with my family directly. I do not want anyone who has any kind of ties to my family other than being from a fancy family.

I have no clue how I will choose, but I suppose you all can help me. Because this will effect you just as much as it will me. Honestly, I hope to get married and get to spend a year or two living by myself before I have to breed. I just really want to live on the California coast and be alone for awhile. But I understand I need to marry to ensure all of our safety. So, let’s find some men who are up for the challenge. You all helped them find me before, help them find me again. I am open to many different options and arrangements. It won’t be a traditional marriage, but I would like good looking children so someone with good bone structure and symatery is important.

It will take me some time to figure stuff out, but the sooner you all get to gossiping the more options we all will have to choose from. And I will let you all have a vote too. There is no reason to leave you all out of this decision. It’s your world just as much as it is my world.

And then I have another request. The cars have been super filled with E exhaust today so maybe I am just out there like normal, but hear me out. I want my Mom to live. My birthright on the Kudearoff side makes me in charge of that family. I do not want my Brother to kill my Mom or keep attempting her murder. My Dad is dying of natural causes and I am okay with that, but it is not time for my Mom to die. There is no reason she should not live. And more importantly, there is no reason why I should not get the opportunity to really know if she loves me. I deserve to know if she is human. Maybe she is evil as they come and I am just hopefully to a fault. I completely understand that is a probable outcome, but I deserve to know. My Mom has the ability to be healthy and I believe she has a heart and soul too. I want to know if she would like to stay alive and use them. If not then my Brother can kill her, but for now she lives. Because the rules say I get to say right? She is the one who tortured me the most and I would like her to live. I need to know if she is a good person or not because if not I will always wonder. I deserve to know if at least one of the people I come from is good. Or maybe she is willing to turn over a new leaf and be good. I am okay with that too. We all deserve second chances.

So spread the word, my birthrights may save us all and I am in the market for a husband to help me reform the systems. I am counting on you all, but you all did not let me down last time so I know you all will do me right this time too! A1 and Mr. Utah may have wanted and tried to destroy me, but you know they saved me too. They allowed me to see the world and to escape my family. No matter how much I want to hate them and ask you all to destroy them, it’s not the right thing to do. Hate kills us. It is better to appreciate the good people have brought into our lives. Like my Mom, she taught me a lot of cool stuff as a kid. She programmed me to be me. We would not have me as I am today without my Mom. She deserves a second chance, just like we all do.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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