Seven Days Of Running

I left Arizona on March 30th and finally am sitting down to my first meal. I gave up food, ciggarettes, caffeine, showers, clean clothes, hotels, and pretty much anything civil. However, after a couple years in Sierra Vista mastering my discipline and falling in love with learning myself, I can do anything that I put my mind to.

The story of my family may never be entirely clear, but I am getting the just of the story and have called a truce of sorts with my Mom. Her goons are no longer following, harassing, and gassing me(but military people are still following me, I can tell by how they drive and dress). She is smart enough to not allow me to get into a reactive state where I tell the truth about everything, even things her most trusted probably do not know.

The looks in people’s eyes have changed, but they seem to forget that they had no loyalty towards me as a child. So, there will be no loyalty given to those who do not earn it. I may be more like my Mom than I would like to admit.



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