Shame & Fear Are Not The Answer

My Dad lives in a world of shame and fear. This is why you all live in a perpetual state of shame and fear. However, I do not not. I live in a world of love and excitement. Do you know how amazing the world is without fear and shame?

There is no shame in the human experience, once you admit to being human. Being human means making mistakes and growing from them. It is beautiful and easy. Embrace your humanity and allow yourself to grow.

I see a lot of you embracing shame. What are doing? There is no growth to be found in shame. I do not hate you all for doing what you had to do to survive in the system that was present. But here is the thing we are changing and reforming the system, so you can change and reform with it. You are not less than, you are human. I understand my birthright gave me an unique point of view on the world, because I have literally lived in a different world than you all. However, what we are doing is bringing our two worlds together.

I am going to try to be less of an idealist and more of a realist. And I am going to ask you to expect more out of life and be more of an optimist. Life is beautiful, you just have to find the beauty in it.(We talked about this before, when you find beauty in the world it releases dopamine in your brain. Thus, training you to find more beauty in the world. It is a natural process we will get you all back to.) We are changing the world starting with ourselves.

I remember what it was like to live in the world my parents created. It was dark and hopeless. I grew up in the same world as you exist in minus the war games. So it was just a world where I was destroyed because I did not get to take part in destroying others. I remember how they take away anything that gives you hope until you just stop hoping. My parents still take away anything they can that brings me joy, peace, and/or happiness. I am not a stranger to the reality they have conditioned you to live in. However, I aim to show you there is hope and there is always joy and beauty to be found. You just have to look for it.

What you seek you find!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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