Repost: Cliff Notes News Recap By Nicole Graves Kudearoff

If you are just joining in on the war games there are some things you need to know.

  1. There is an epigenetic trigger of Autism, Dyslexia, and chronic illness by the environment/society we live in. These conditions are not caused by the genes we are born with, but rather by our gene expression. The trigger of Dyslexia is to make people think of how to do things and follow orders rather than question why they are being asked to do things. See I was the Asperger’s(Autism) trial run that backfired on my family cult. Asperger’s is left brain dominate and Dyslexia is right brain dominate. This is a way to keep us all more manageable.
  2. There are covert genocides of Hispanic, Italian, and Black people occurring worldwide but especially here in the United States. My family cult has genetically modified a lot of crops to create leaky gut. Leaky gut is the first step in creating chronic illness. And our environments create fatty liver. Fatty liver and leaky gut are the commonalities in all autoimmune diseases. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It is not just a coincidence that ethnic people tend to get chronic illnesses more than white people. It is literally by design.
  3. Oxytocin is the chemical in our brain that makes us enjoy human interaction. Our society is creating a dysfunction in the way we process Oxytocin, which makes us fear human interaction. This dysfunctional processing of Oxytocin causes us to have anxiety when interacting with others rather than be put at ease. This is how they hijack our humanity and get people to do unspeakable things to each other in the long run. When we are lacking humanity we will commit more crimes against humanity without realizing the pain and suffering we are causing. The goal of this dysfunction is to make it so we cannot feel love.
  4. All the systems are set up to make us all fail. Even if you benefit off of one system, all the others are still set up to make you fail. No one is immune to the systems, not even my Dad who is currently dying of colon cancer. Examples: The tattoo industry is an industry full of people with Munchausen by proxy who insert poison into your skin that will continue to leak into your bloodstream bypassing your liver for a lifetime. And you pay for it. The medical industry is in place to kill your gut bacteria and get you to accept learned helplessness. This industry does not want to heal you it wants to get you hooked on seeking the answers outside of yourself and make you a consumer. They will never heal you because there is no profits in healing you, only getting you stuck on medications. The housing market is to get you to spend the largest percent of your income on a place to call home that will destroy and preoccupy you. Houses are not made to keep you safe, but rather aid in the destruction process. And once again you pay for this destruction. The funeral industry is to make you a consumer even after you have died. Even in death you create profits for the systems that aim to enslave and destroy you. The clothing industry is to get you to buy into destraction and destruction. You buy clothes that sit on your skin and the poisons bypass your liver and go directly into your bloodstream. Also, take into account the laundry products/poisons you use on these clothes. The food systems are meant to make you sick. Look at fast food, it is literally food that is designed to get you addicted and kill you. It is made in labs with chemicals that are supposed to light up your brain to make you forget it is unhealthy. Once again you pay for your death and destruction.

We all deserve better than we get with the old systems in place. No one deserves to be enslaved and die a painful death just so a select few can profit. And no one is exempt because even my Dad is dying from the systems in place. Even the people who profit off the systems have joined my revolution because there are a world of other systems that seek to enslave them. There is no escape from the destruction that the old systems seeks to take out on us. This is why we are being revolutionary. Will you please join us in demanding more for yourself, your family, and your children?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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