Smith’s In Edgewood, New Mexico-Are You Interested In Change Or Just Damage Control?

Yesterday around noon, when I pulled into Smith’s to do my daily sit in the parking lot, I noticed the propaine tanks were gone. This is a day after I documented the church nearby with it’s propaine tanks along with many other truths and watched the world change. I was naive in thinking Smith’s was creating a lasting change and may even have seen the error of their ways.

Last night I went into get a small piece of prepackaged beef(about half a pound) so my dog’s could have a snack. I took a couple bites and got the reds. It takes about ten to twenty minutes to figure out if they will be the mean reds or the happy reds. After feeding most of it to my small dog who is only 8lbs, I realized they dosed it heavily with Mdma. Can you imagine being a 12 year old senior rescue dog and getting dosed with enough extacy to put an adult on their ass?

Luckily, my dog Haywood is over 20lbs and used to getting drugged, like me, so he handles everything with more grace. Do you know how it feels to drug your dogs when you are just trying to give them a treat for enduring being on the run for 39 days. Today is day 40. I will be buying them and myself meats again from Smith’s and fingers crossed it will not have drugs or lead in, because we all deserve better.

Did you get a side of Mdma with your beef from Smith’s yesterday?



Smith’s: 2B NM-344, Edgewood, NM 87015

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