So Let Me Get This Straight #593

Okay so let me get this straight. My parents lied to me because they created a child that they could not control. I was literally created, genetically modified, and I turned on them so they have been punishing me for a lifetime….And they now want to kill me because I havent’t had children and really don’t want to. So basically every time someone said “You can be whatever you want to be.” to me growing up they were just fucking lying. My only freedom was to have children and I do not want children. I like my dogs very much.

Can you imagine being lied to, tortured, abused, and kept small your whole life and then finding out that you were not the problem like they always told you. Why are my parents alive again? I mean I know socialism and communism are not a democracy but all politics should be logical, at least to some extent. The fact that you all are trying to kill the lab rat and letting the mad scientists run free seems a bit fishy. But I am no politician or war lord.

I am just a human who wants to live her best life. I never understood the world and have spent 40 years trying to understand it. Now I realize it was just the brainwashing I was trying to overcome. Well, and the life long gang stalking. So many people have tried to use me to make their lives better or increased my pain for their pleasure. I just want to buy a house and live with my dogs and sell insurance. Maybe get my Oregon real estate license. Maybe move to the California coast. I say these things that seem like not asking for much at all, but yet my desires always seem to make me break the rules. But how am I supposed to follow rules I do not know and no one will tell me?

We all are in a tough situation. I am just fighting to be me and be free to an extent I have never experienced before. I want to experience an even playing field where I do not have to be two or three times as good as others just to make it. I have fought my whole life and I will never be average, but until I can get free of my family I will be destined for average. Don’t the rest of you wonder where you would be if you had not had to war against the destruction while exploring your potential? I love multitasking but sometimes it is nice not to Have to do it.

One day, one day…


Nicole Graves

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