So,, Let Me Get This Straight…

So, let me get this straight. My family is concerned with keeping their identities concealed, but yet they have announced me to the world to deal with the ramifications of the backlash of their actions(aka cult activity)? This is why they are so concerned and have been trying to kill me pretty actively since I started blogging. Well this legit seems fair, huh?

Let’s talk my family tree. My Mom is one of eight kids to my Grandma and Grandpa Kudearoff who both immigrated to the US into San Fran and then moved up to Oregon in the 1960’s. The kids Nick, Alex, Stevie, Stan, Lana, Margie, Lydia, and Nina were all raised here in Springfield, Oregon and attended Thurston high school. Nick is the only one who has died, of a heart attack in his 40s, and shocking he is the only one who did not have biological children.

My Dad is from Texas and is one of three kids on the Graves side of my family; Penny, Patsy, and Donnie. Whenever I was younger and I told someone in Oregon who I was they always used to ask if I was from the Graves’ family in Cottage Grove. Now I realize they were asking if I was the Graves from the Kudearoff cult.

Marriage seems to be a way for women to hide the family they come from. The Kudearoff girls have married into the Hatch, Parades, Graves, Whiddon, and Crammer families here in Lane County. And my generation has also married into more families here in Lane County. No one in my family goes east of I-5 except me! And even when I go out of town people start to realize who I am within a day. I can travel literally halfway across the world and people will light up like they have seen a ghost, a royal, and/or a meal ticket.

So why are my family hiding who they really are again? Are they afraid to pay for their own sins? The sins that I have been taking the wrap for publically for a lifetime? Hmmm…. But tell me again why I should not shout from the rooftops my family tree and everyone who has ever been involved with my family?

You know my birthright was created to be a check & balance of power, right? There is no reason to withhold my potential from me, if the people in power knew they were truly supported by the masses. The people who fear and hate me are the same people who are scared of being accountable for their own actions. Why do things if you fear taking responsibility for them? And why are you blame shifting onto someone like me who is not in the know? Seems like you people who are in the know are the confused one!


Nicole Graves

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