South San Diego Part 2

I figured it out. We are down to the Aryans and their morally flexible ethnic friends fighting this war against me. This is why they were using the slavs in National City, it was like an interview to be a morally flexible ethnic friend. I never would have known I made it so far if I had not left National City.

Why do the Aryans and their morally flexible ethnic friends get to ignore the war games and birthright rules? Do they not have any accountability for their actions? I mean I know they do kill their children when they are not evil enough, but does everyone in the war games do that? I have been sheltered so it is hard to know what is allowed and what is just looked over.

How does it make you all feel that the Aryans and their morally flexible ethnic friends have sold out the rest of the world for their brand of privilege that still destroys them too? They have known about the covert genocides this whole time, all of them. I am a bit taken aback that anyone could be okay with that. I mean I know my great grandpa was Hitler, but still haven’t we learned from the past and what has happened? If we do not learn from the past we are destined to repeat it and look where we are right here in this moment. We are repeating the past.

I told you all I am driving a red Jeep Wrangler 2014, it has a star on the hood and Arizona plates. You know that any cars near me are partaking in gang stalking and working for the dark side. Basically they are saying that genocide is okay and we should just accept it. People are not allowed around me unless they are working for the dark side. And you know even if they are a ways away, but have their engine running poisoning us all they are working for the dark side. I also have been reading license plates in my logical thoughts so everyone hears them and I have a list for a later date of the people who took part in destroying me. I would like to ask you all why you do what you do one day. I deserve to know why you destroy me to defend genocide.

A covert genocide and war is what my family stands for. It is what the Aryans stand for. I know this is a lot to take in all at once, but it is important to know that this is serious and we need to take a stand for what is right. I don’t know about you, but I know some Hispanic, Black, and Italian people I would like to live. Plus, I really enjoy Mexican food and pizza. I would like to be able to eat these foods again one day and not be destroyed. These foods do not have to be destruction they have been genetically modified to be destruction. Just like you all have been genetically modified to be small and manageable.

So we are just down to the Aryans and their morally flexible ethnic friends who profit off the war games. They profit off of killing us all. And they still do not have amazing lives. It is just a mind fuck, but it is what it is. We made great progress today my revolutionary people. Being high and rambling out of frustration got us really far. Now I just need a husband and a job so I can change the world. It is just a covert war you know right? As long as you overtly live differently you can escape the destruction. It may be a little harder for me because of my family and birthrights, but for you it is all about living overtly in a healthy manner. You can escape the destruction. You can save yourself.

I love you all so very much. Thank you for giving me your time today and letting me connect with you all!

Nicole Graves

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