Southern California, Oxytocin, Humanity Hijacking

Okay Southern California bare with me as I speak geek because I figured out how my family cult is hijacking your humanity.

So your brains do produce Oxytocin you all just process it differently. Oxytocin is often referred to as the “love hormone” but really it is just an intensifier. Your brain produces Oxytocin when you take part in human interactions, but especially when you raise your children, nurse them, and child birth. However, when you have experienced trauma, bullying, and repeated distress related to social interaction your brain processes Oxytocin differently. Instead of it making you feel loved and connected it amplifies your anxiety. This is why my Mom was unable to nurse both my Brother and I. Feeling that close to someone and the Oxyotcin involved stressed her out and made her anxious. This kind of processing of Oxytocin leads to avoidant attachment style, which is involved in cluster b personality types(narcissism, borderline personality disorder, and sociopathy).

Our family cult and the war games are stealing your ability to process the experience of being human and stealing your humanity through your limbic system, which houses your emotions. A lot of the chemicals and environmental stressors are aimed at deregulating your limbic system, which involves throwing off your emotions and hormones that control them. This is why we all have overactive cortisol, the stress hormone. This is how our family cult keeps us more manageable.

Children to parents like this are often lacking normal human interactions, thus we do not get enough Oxytocin. This is why I crave my Mother still when things go weird/wrong in my life and I just need a hug. Oxytocin is what my family has used against me and why I crave the love of my Mother. PTSD, anxiety, Aspergers, and Autism can all be treated with Oxytocin and be improved.

Oxytocin is how the adult industry saved my life. It is more than just getting me away from my family, it was by making me feel loved. It provided a safe environment where I could produce Oxytocin and experience it being mirrored to me in others without fear of hurt/pain. When you feel loved and safe it lowers anxiety and improves people’s humanity and ability to emotionally regulate. This is why life has been so hard and confusing since leaving the adult industry behind. There has not been anywhere safe to produce Oxytocin without fear of harm besides with my dogs and/or within my work relationships in sales jobs.

I do not judge you all for being the way you are, but I hope you understand this is why the world looks so dark to you all. Being human is hard and it does hurt at times, but your fear of being human is just another symptom of the systems that have set you up to fail. You have been genetically modified to reject human interaction as something that is beautiful and warm. Instead your brain tells you it is going to hurt and be painful.

This genetic modification is present in the fancy families and the SS soldiers, but I noticed it being systemic throughout all the people in Santa Barbara and as I have gone South it has gotten extremely worse. This is why I loved Vallejo so much. Their brains still were able to feel love and they were open to the experience. This is what the white people are missing in their epigenetics. I always said they did not know love. Well, I was right! They do not know love because their brains have been conditioned to fear human interactions. This is the screw loose that they are missing. And our family cult has done this to the majority of people down here in Southern California. This is why being down here makes me lonely and miss my Mom. You all do not mirror me and instead you feel pain from my loving acts of sharing information. You all fear human interaction because it has never worked out for you in the past. And this is why I do not love any one human, but I love humanity. I have always loved people from an arm’s distance, but letting them close is something that our family cult has never allowed for me to enjoy. Because my family literally cannot experience love and they refuse to let me enjoy something they cannot experience.

Love is a gift. Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is part of being human. Love is what makes the world go round. Love is the greatest motivator in the human experience. You all are missing out on the best part of being human.

Humanity is a chore and a weakness without the ability to feel love. Please reconsider how you view and experience humanity, it could literally save us all.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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