Southern San Diego Rambles At Vons

Well, you all did stop fighting the war games against me. It is mostly the slavs and some black people, my uncles Dave’s people, and some white people left. Mostly slavs and black people though. I adventured into South San Diego, because my Brother did not want me to have my 73% ground beef from Walmart that he poisons. So I went to a few Walmarts with no luck, they are all over down here you know, it’s nuts. I ended up at Vons and the quality of meat is way better here. The deli ground beef had more poisons, but I expected that. However, I also got a signature farms prepackaged thing of meat and it was way better nutrition and quality wise even though it was poisoned too. I have eaten poisoned food my whole life. This is probably why I can go without food like I do. My Brother is always in my head trying to get me to eat the junk food he likes, but that shit makes me feel even worse than my poisoned meats. If they let me have food that was not poisoned I may over indulge, but as it is it is pretty clear food is a tool for destruction.

When I ended up at my Mom’s house after spending months in Santa Fe earlier this year, I ate too much while I was getting my insurance license. Within one day of being there I gained three pounds from drinking coffee with half and half in it. Coffee feeds your gut bacteria and we all have been designed to have bad gut bacteria, unless you consciously work on cultivating your good bacteria. So yeah I gained like 20 pounds in a couple weeks it was intense and I wasn’t even eating chips. Potato chips are a safe cheat food if you get the low sodium version because they do not have much fiber and are easier to digest than corn chips. Corn is meant to cause leaky gut big time, this is how I destroyed my gut in Las Vegas was with corn chips. I eat chips when I get sad. I don’t know if it is me or if it is my Brother implanting thoughts and I am just not strong or aware enough to stop myself from acting on them when I get sad, lonely, or depressed. So I have found ways to cope and still not destroy my health. Low sodium potato chips that are gluten free do the job nicely. I prefer the Walmart brand to the Vons or other store brands though. Because in the grocery store brands they put some weird covert chemicals in them that fuck with your limbic system. In the Walmart it is just E and to varrying degrees. I prefer to have overt drugs to covert drugs. Waiting two hours to sweat and be thirsty and have mood swings is just not for me. I prefer just to get the drugs over with.

I have not seen a black person since I started writing this. Accountability is their cryptonite just like the Communists. Which are just walking by now, too funny. Why do people who have been destroyed their whole life seek to destroy others it makes no sense.

It makes no sense that my Brother ran me out of National City. I needed to get out of there though. There is a darkness there. Yet, I was safer there than I was in Chula Vista in the past month when he linked up with the Hispanics who do not have access to my news updates. They were literally destroying themselves. This whole situation is so weird. Oph there was a black lady. Do the black people and Communists not keep up with my adventure as much? Why are they so slow to catch on? Are the rules to the war games the same for all the different groups of people? Today, I learned the slavs are not in on the rules or what is happening so they just destroy so they do not get destroyed more themselves.

I need to figure out how to get to the slavs. I have been trying to get to them this whole year, maybe even my whole life. I just want to be around normal people, but every time I have experienced someone normal my family turns them into the dark side for privilege. It is what it is, I just never understood what was happening. And now that I do understand what is happening I still don’t logically understand it all.

Leaving National City today made me understand why my Brother has been so mad and poisoning me the past couple days. I made huge progress. You all do follow the rules, well most of you all. There are still quite a few who are in on destroying me, but I have hope that maybe they will drop out of the war games against me after they learn the whole story. I can’t wait to live my life till the world knows the whole story though because my family have created the war games out of limiting freedom of information. If I wait for everyone to be in the know I will be waiting forever. I can only hold signs, write blog posts, and hand out flyers so much. I have really tried hard this year and I have to be proud of myself.

I keep wondering what it will be like at home. Will the people in Springfield, Oregon comply with the war games rules and not destroy me or will they cave to the threats of my Brother the bully. It is a gamble, that I have to take. I have dealt with the destruction of the world my whole life. I can do it for a little while longer. I suppose worst case I just wait for my Dad to die and/or for you all to find me a husband. Although I have to say if I can buy myself a plot of land and escape from this madness on my own I do not know how willing I will be to help you all. You all have been revolutionary, but your revolutionary acts have mostly been self preservation. So, why should I not be like you all if I have to tough it out till my Dad dies? That is what my Brother wants you know. He wants me to buy land and be a self sufficient homestead. He suggests all these kinds of videos to me on You Tube. I have never wanted to do anything like that. Sure I want to raise animals for clean meat but just a couple and I love to ferment foods, but that is because they literally make me happy. I enjoy creating things that make me feel good. I have never wanted to completely escape the world. I enjoy visiting you all and people watching and asking myself why you do the things you do and inspecting your epigenetics. I learn a lot from watching you all, way more than I do from interacting with you all. If you all got to be genuine in our interactions maybe it would be different, but your epigenetics do not lie.

Why don’t they have slavs here trying to destroy me like they did in National City? Are they afraid I will get to them? I still have a sign on my Jeep with my domain, it is quite faded. But it is still there and I draw attention where ever I go just from being me. How long do I have to go around with my signs to reach the people? Maybe I need to get tshirts and sweatshirts made. That would be a smart idea. I have thought about that this whole trip, but you know seems a bit extreme. But this whole trip has seemed a bit extreme.

How am I going to live in the overt world now that I understand the covert world and how over it is in my life? Is this how other South Americans like me feel? Like they are being destroyed by the world and no one cares. At least I know there are some people that care because I have fancy birthrightS. But what about all the other people like me who are not as fancy, you all just walk by them not caring because why? Why do you not care? It’s because you are just trying to survive yourself, huh? However, you can afford to care about me because I offer a chance at a better chance of survival. That makes logical sense. I get it. When I was with A1 I was pretty apathetic and when I was a stripper I was pretty apathetic too. I was being destroyed so much I just needed to take care of me. I had moments of empathy, but that was all I could afford. That is how you all feel too, huh? Makes sense, I have been there. But you know it is not right. It is just how the systems make you inhumane. It is not all your fault, but it is not not all your fault either. You have to choose to be human and it does come at a cost in this society with the old systems at play. One day humanity will be rewarded in the new systems, one day.

I am chatty, I miss talking and I am high. Tomorrow I have my interview and boy oh boy that will be ineresting. I am sure my Brother will do all kinds of things like close the showers at planet fitness and/or poison the water greatly, turn off or fuck with the wifi at Starbucks, etc. He will do whatever you all allow him to get away with because that is what he always has done. What are the rules on tormenting your sister? I understand when it was my parents because they always told me they could kill me because they brought me into this world. I just did not understand they were telling the truth. So can my Brother torment and kill anyone, or is it just the people who are supposed to love him?And could I get away with the things he does? I understand I am a woman so I don’t matter as much as a man, but with my birthrights don’t I get some kind of privilege? Don’t I get something for staying alive and enduring everything? Like maybe a get out jail free card when it comes to destruction? Gosh that would be nice, but I understand I am dreaming there. I dream a lot it keeps me alive. It has worked for me this long I can’t stop now.

Are my updates still grocery store updates? I know I was kicked out of Walmarts, but do I still get to the people in other grocery stores? I wish I knew how far my updates went. I figure most of you all know, but I just need to get to the slavs.

But where do we go from here is the real question. With you all knowing what all you know, what are you going to do with this information? I have given you the tools to overcome the systems in every way I have thought of, and I think a lot. I have been putting together this puzzle my whole life. I am the magical key out of this tough situation we all are in and I hate it don’t get me wrong. Being this tool/key means I am just a means for breeding. I am never supposed to have any power of my own, only give my power over to a man and a system that have destroyed me my whole life. I hate it and I dream of getting to live the life of my dreams being independent and successful. But I suppose in this life I am destined for other things. Maybe success for me is raising a son who will lead the world in the direction I deem to be fair and just. I am trying to come to terms with that, but it is hard. My whole life my family told me I could be anything I wanted to be, but they lied. They just wanted to watch me struggle and blame myself for not being able to overcome the destruction they bestowed upon me. They wanted to watch me suffer. And you all have watched me suffer, I can’t take a shower without being broadcast. I have been a porn star my whole life even though when I was asked to do porn I turned it down because I did not want to embarrass my family. Brace Land asked me if I wanted to be on his tv show when I met him in Las Vegas on my adventures and when I told him no it would embarrass my family he looked at me with such shock. They told him I was a bad person, but over time he learned I was not who they told him I was. I am still glad I did not do it. i believe in privacy even though I do not get privacy, I believe in it. Just like I believe in freedom and humanity. I may not get to experience all the things I believe in, but that does not mean I need to give up on believing in them. Kids in third world countries believe they will one day have enough to eat and I am that kid just in a different way. I can’t wait to have clean food one day. One day one day life will be different.

What is the punishment for taking part in destroying me so another can have my birthright for the people who are partaking in my destruction in this very moment? They know what they are doing and they know it is wrong, but they do it anyways, why? Is there no accountability for their war crimes, for their crimes against humanity? They are killing us all when they partake in killing and trying to destroy me. Why is my favorite question you know. Why are they doing what they are doing, is there no accountability? There must not be otherwise they would not be doing it, right? But you all know who they are and I need for you all to keep that knowing in your heart of hearts because it is important to know who is really human and who is not. There have been a lot of out of state license plates today, so my Brother is taking advantage of people who do not know the whole story is my best guess. Have you all told the others who partake in the war games in other states outside the west coast about what is happening? Everyone needs to know you know. You can always just tell them to look up my blog. Find a leader in other states and tell them to look up and the front page will tell them more than they ever imagined. Please reach out to everyone, that is the only way we are going to find me a husband. I need to find someone brave. And you know when it comes down to it, maybe it will be okay to just find someone not as evil as my family/Brother because I have given you all the tools you need to disarm the systems of destruction with your freewill. But if my Brother takes over he will take away your freewill and you will have no choice in saving yourself, the option will not be there. The world got quiet they did not know this is a blog on the internet. See the more I talk the more information I learn and the more I can share with you all. I have written this blog starting the day I escaped the death camp in Southern Arizona that they created for me. March 30, 2021 I escaped, the day before my 40th birthday. I had ran away from Oregon in 2015, so I did better than anyone ever expected. I even healed cancer there in that death camp. I was still healing when I first started this adventure, but somewhere along the way I finished with that. Probably all the fasting and they have limited my food. You have to feel cancer for it to grow. I have not seen myself naked in over a month and neither have you all, but I am sure I look like a concentration camp survivor as my Mom likes to call me. She told me that when I was with my first boyfriend who was supposed to get me to breed and kill me. He came close to both, but it just didn’t work out for him and he died instead of me after I broke up with him. I feel bad, but that is what he gets for trying to use me as a pawn for self advancement. People need to find their potential to move them forward in life, not use others to get ahead. Using others to get ahead is wrong, it is bad karma and you will pay for it. It seems so simple, it’s logical. You would not want it done to you. But I am sure it has been done to you and that is how you justify it.

So I have reached some of you all that have not heard my blog before or maybe you all have never heard my thoughts. Do you know about the epigenetic triggers of the world and the systems? And how all the systems are set up to make us all fail? Do you know that watching food on tv or social media increases your blood glucose and makes all the bacteria, parasites, and viruses in your body grow? Did you know that zinc can protect you from covid? Take zinc in high doses for a month and it will lower your viral load and then if you ever feel like you are coming down with anything take more zinc as soon as you realize what is happening. They have given me covid twice. I survived, even though the last time was last month when I was on this adventure and living out of my car. Covid is just a cold, it is your elevated load on your immune system that makes it dangerous. See we inherit parasites, viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals from our mothers and grandmothers. And so if you were born into the war games you have a shit ton of crap to clean up in your body. I spent years getting healthy, but it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

I am glad I left National City and got to talk to you all. One of you all has to look up my blog and tell everyone all the 60 things I have listed that the systems are doing to destroy you. I need you all to take care of yourselves otherwise the systems win. No matter what happens to me, I need you all to promise to use the tools that I have gifted you with. I know you all will find me a husband because my Birthrights trump my Brothers and that means saving yourselves, but you have to save yourselves too with your physical body. So let’s talk about that my birthrights trump my brothers birthright. I have 3 and he has one. Did you all know that. I hear silence so you all did not all know. It is hard to figure out who knows what, information is so limited in the old systems. So I am the 2nd on my the Kudearoff side of my family and I am the 2nd on the Graves side of my family and I am my Dad’s first born daughter. So whoever I marry will get to trump my Brother. That is why i am asking you all to find me a husband. We need to make sure that I marry and breed that way the power is not in the hands of my family. At this point almost anyone is better. A1(aka Tae Roh) tried to get me to sign marriage papers before he killed me, but I would not do it and that almost cost me my life, but I escaped and ran away to ARizona to heal my cancer. I saved you all from great evil. After knowing what he did to me I can only imagine what he would have done to you all. I told him right off the bat I was not going to breed with him and his face looked like I killed his puppy. But now I understand that is the whole reason he went after me.

See I started sugar dating and you all gossiped about it and Mr. Utah(Alan Poussaint) and A1 found me. So I know you all can talk and get places because both of them were originally from the east coast. I need you all to do this again. I would love to live in a different country maybe, but the biggest goal is to find someone who believes we need to change the systems. The sooner I am safe and get married the sooner you all have more checks and balances in place to keep you all safe. The world is going to shit because my Dad is dying. Has anyone told you that? He is dying of colon cancer and has been since a couple years he has been fighting, but he is getting close because he has not shown up in the war games against me in awhile. Not since Moreno Valley before I made my way to LA with my news updates. That was back in November ish. This is why they were trying to kill me so hard the past few years. My Brother will make my Dad stay alive for as long as possible, but death waits for no one. So either you all help me change the world or I wait for my Dad to die and continue to save myself. I really would enjoy being human with you all, but if you all choose to not be human with me I understand, it is risky. But I am kinda like the golden goose that lays the golden egg. I never wanted children, but now I finally understand why children are so important for me to have. Me having children can change the world. But they will have fancy birthrights just like me and those are crippling. I need for the world to be kinder in order to have children. I need for you all to invest in yourselves and the future of humanity if you all want me to.

It has been 280 some odd days near 290 and here I am stinky and smelly and dirty and alive. I eat raw meat with my hands because civility is something that my family uses to destroy me. My dogs are still alive too, much to my family’s dismay. They have been trying to kill them since I got them. But I have learned how to heal. I would love to have a retreat and help you all heal too. I have healed autoimmune conditions and cancer. I feel pretty confident in my ability to make anything better. I cannot cure anyone of anything because healing is a lifelong journey, but I can help you improve your quality of life. On my blog I talk about healing and how to overcome the world we live in with your freewill. Life is about choices and you all have the choice to do better and be the person you want to be.

Okay what else do I need you all to know? Diet is huge you need to eat better and that means less fiber and carbs and more quality fats and meats and eggs. YOu need to heavy metal detox to rid yourself of the generational trauma we all inherit. I would adore if you would tell the slavs what is happening(aka the people without privilege). Oh my Dad killed his two wives Kris and Brenda and I finally said something this year and their territories went back to their families. My Brother learned to kill on them, but mostly Brenda. Apparently there is no accountability for that. I get in trouble for speeding but the other people in my family murder people and get away with it, seems legit. I never had a baby of my own because I was never married and I was taught that babies were planned. Because when I was in high school my Dad got me pregnant and poisoned me and gave me a miscarriage. He covertly taught me babies were to be planned and i never realized it and he never realized it. But it happened and it has saved my life this whole time. They would have for sure killed me if I had breed. They would have at the least killed my heart. They have tried to kill me with my Dogs enough.

So yeah I am trying to think what else is important that you all would care about. The cliffnotes to my family and my life are hard to think of on the spot. How many of you all can hear me, how can you hear me. I broke into the grocery store updates sometime last summer and then when they kicked me out the people who have access to my thoughts put me in people’s cars and homes. I am grateful. Having a chip in my head has saved my life, I never knew about that till this year. I always knew someone read my journals, but I never thought it was all of you all. But I have to be grateful because it has saved me on this trip.

What else hmmmm. You know that learned helplessness that you all feel and are expected to believe? Well that is just Candida overgrowth. You need to cleanse your body and you will feel in control. It’s merely an infection.

You know how you all feel that you can partake in a moment of destruction against me and it is not going to hurt. Well, all you all’s moments add up to be my life. It may just be a moment to you all but it is a life for me. I have lived a life of destruction and never taken part in destruction myself. That is why I am so different than you all. When you destroy another it effects your epigenetics. When you destroy another it destroys you on a genetic level.

What else do I need to say to get you all to understand what is happening? Death, disease, destruction, learned helplessness it is all just tools of destruction that can be avoided. I never knew what was happening I just thought I had bad decision making skills and really bad health so I spent my whole life trying to figure it out and I did. I am a genius by the way, did you all know I have Asperger’s genius? I did not till last year during quarantine. I had such a blast staying home by myself in Arizona. It was the best gift my family could have given me. You realize they broke out Covid because of me right? And you realize it is not the first virus they have used against you all right? Fear will forever rule your life till your take your power back.

See my family told everyone I was dead already and I was not. But I did not know any of this and I got a sales job working out in the public again. Well, one week after starting Covid took place. And wah lah vacation. Who do you think invented the AIDS virus? Perhaps, covert gay men who hate overt gay men? They wanted them to fear being who they are overtly. My cousin Shelbi had a brother that was a 2nd and he was gay and he did not make it past a teenager. They used the same poisons on him they have used on me my whole life. I am not sure why I have survived. I am just not going to kill myself. They drive people to kill themselves, but it is really murder. They killed my Grandpa Kudearoff like that too. They have tried to kill my uncle Jeff like that too. They have killed a lot of people like that. People do not commit suicide they kill themselves to escape the torment and poison.

What else do I have to say to get you all to stop gang stalking me and poisoning me? I am super high. Ever since I announced my birthrights over the weekend the poison has gotten over the top. But let’s get real I do not remember the last time I was actually sober and in control over my own physical state. I have just learned how to take everything in stride and it is hard don’t get me wrong I have endured hell on earth. But there has to be a great reason why I am still alive. See when I was 8 and they gave me my head injury before they gave me head surgery, I had a near death experience. I crossed over, but my Grandma Kudearoff was there with her friends and they pushed me back. They said I had to go and they would stay with me. So my whole life to deal with the isolation and sensory deprivation I have talked to my dead people. Sounds crazy I know, but my life is pretty crazy. The better part is I do this on the side of my brain where my family does not have access to my thoughts so they never knew any of this.

Stop feeding your children sugar. It is like feeding your child meth or cocaine. Why do you want your child to develop an addictive personality, other than they are easier to control that way? Stop using food to medicate your child. That just leads to destruction by the systems. Do activites with your children, spend the time and take the time to just be with them. I have seen so many parents take the easy way out. And I understand we are all being destroyed it is really hard to be conscious with your time and energy, but you just have to make it a priority.

Will you all be able to share this information with all of San Diego? Am I being broadcast to all of San Diego or at least San Diego west of the 805? I sure hope so. That would make this week a real success. I have tried so hard to get to the people. My whole life I have been so isolated. It has been such a struggle to get my message out there.

Did you know that the systems set you up to process oxytocin dysfuntionally so that you will commit crimes against humanity more willingly? yep, that is why pregnancy and motherhood is so much harder than it is supposed to be. Oxytocin is the highest when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. This is one of the many reasons women are more dead inside than men. If you get stretch marks greatly during pregnancy you are processing oxytocin incorrectly/dysfunctionally. This dysfunction causes excess cortisol which causes stretch marks.

What else what else? Did you all know about the genocide of Hipsanic people and black and italian people? Well, it is all people, but those three groups the most. Their food is designed to kill them. This is why they have higher rates of chronic illness and shorter life spans. I suppose I should have started with that one. That is why I ended up in California I wanted to tell the Hispanic people what’s happening. I have gotten to some of them, but there is a group starting in Chula Vista that I just do not have access to with my news updates. Can you all help me get to them? I am sure some of them are your relatives and friends. You all live so close. See the crops involved in Hispanic foods have been genetically modified to cause disease. This is why they are so sick. It is not as bad in Mexico, but they have adopted our American Mexican food so they are dying too. Please, please help me tell them. I have tried to get so many people to help me and I have made great progress, but I need to make it over the border. Mexico deserves to know we are killing them. Literally we are at covert war with a covert genocide. It’s not that covert, but somehow no one talks about it or put all the pieces together. If I had not lived in Southern Arizona near the border I would not have figured it out, but I did and hopefully we all are better off for it. So tell everyone that gmo tomatoes and corn and all mexican food is designed to kill you, but a slow painful death. You all should stop eating it too. i know it is delicious but save it for when you are in Mexico on vacation and can have the real thing. They do not grow gmo corn in mexico the food there is safer.

Okay let me look over some notes what else am I missing? There is a worldwide epigenetic trigger of Autism, Dyslexia, Diabetes, and all chronic illnesses. I am the Autism/Asperger’s generation trial run, but as you all can see I did not work out that well for my family so they went on to do Dyslexia. Everyone born today and who lives in the environment is being genetically triggers to ask how rather than to ask why because they want you all to take orders more easily. It has to do with so many things. This is why chicken and pork and bacon are so popular they make you have epigenetic triggers because of the omego 6 to omega 3 ratios. There are so many things, including the things you all have in your car exhausts. Do you all really think you can poison others and not poison yourselves at the same time? That is just not logical. So yeah learning disabilities of all kinds are created by the environment, but especially Autism and Dyslexia it makes us more manageable and we all have them to a certain degree just from eating and breathing in the current systems.

What else what else? Health care industry is made to enslave you not heal you. See you turn to the medical industry to heal you but all it does is reinforce learned helplessness and get you hooked on things outside of yourself in order to find balance. You are supposed to look inside for the answers and a good medical professional will help you do this. But the medical industry is full of people who have sold out and value destruction. They systems want to destroy and break you so the sooner you are reliant on medication and modern medicine the sooner you are more manageable. They make us manageable by destroying our gut bacteria. This is why you all are so scared of covid and why so many people are dying from a cold. Our gut bacteria has been wiped out and that is where our emotions are created and our immune system lives. If you have anxiety it is your gut bacteria. All the poisons they dish out destroy your gut bacteria. Immunizations destroy your gut bacteria as a child and then antibotics and everything else in the systems. You are being set up to fail in every aspect of your life that you can think of. Like tattos, they look cool right. Wrong they are a tool for destruction. It is an industry run by people with Munchausen by proxy who are inserting poison into your skin so that it bypasses your liver and floods your bloodstream for a lifetime and you all are paying for it. See how everything is a set up. You are being set up to fail in every aspect of your life even the little things like tatoos.

Until we have freedom of information we all will be dying because we need to be able to share what we know with each other. I have learned so much from being destroyed and kept small and today just by chatting with you all I have changed your lives. We need to the ability to do this everyday. I need to be able to talk to you all everyday from everywhere. Not just from when I am close to you all. I need you all to hear me so I can hear you all and help you.

Now do you see why it is so important for you all to help me find a husband? I need a man to reform the systems, so I can help you all heal from the damage the systems have created for us all. We are so very damaged and we do not even know it because we know no different. I want to help you all, I need to help you all. No one should have to encounter as much destruction as I have encountered. Its wrong and painful and unnecessary. I have worked so very hard to reach you all. I need you all to work really hard on spreading the news and helping me find a husband. Soon I will have to go back to Oregon and start working again because I have spent a shit ton of money on this adventure. But I need you all to help me, so I can help you all more. I sure hope you all allow me to enrich your lives with what I have learned. Please have someone look at my blog to get you all all the details about everything. I have written it all out for you all. I have traveled all over the west coast trying to reach the people and it has been a huge game of trial and error. I pray I am finally reaching those of you that matter. Those of you who will share my message of healing. We need to come together because when we come together we are stronger than the systems and my family. However when we allow ourselves to be blinded by privilege we allow ourselves to become weak.

Can you at least ask people to stop gang stalking me and poisoning me? They are still signing up to do it even though they know what they are doing is wrong. Why are people like that? I may never understand people. But my parents sheltering me allowed me to take up people as one of my Asperger’s special interests and may have saved us all.

There is a Hispanic guy gang stalking me now, do you know how hard I have worked to let the Hispanic people know they are being killed? I have risked my life to bring you all this information. Please stop destroying me. I can’t really give you a good reason other than I just want to do right by you all and myself. I want to be a good human with you all and I want to show you all I have learned. Please allow me to be one of you all. I know you are used to destroying each other, but it is wrong. You need to build each other up and create a new world together. It is our destiny to create a new world you know, right? See in astrological terms we are the beginning. We are creating a new world in this very moment. The moment you heard me speak and I touched your heart you joined my revolution. When people know better they do better. Now you know better and so I need you all to do better. You know you are a good person right? The systems just make us do bad things, but that does not make you bad. You are good. You have a destiny that is meant to change the world, each and everyone of you all. The systems have brainwashed you all to feel shame and do bad things. But that is not who you are that is who the systems are. You are good and you are worthy of a good life. YOu are amazing! Every one of you is amazing and deserving of whatever you are willing to work towards. Never let anyone talk you out of your worth. Because you are worthy just by being alive, no matter what you have done you are worthy. You are love. I need you all to remember these things and tell yourself these things. The systems brainwash you to think you are not enough, but you are enough it is the systems that set us up to fail it is not your fault you have not reached all your goals. You have been set up to fail over and over painfully. You do not know how good you are supposed to feel. You do not know true happiness because it has been taken from you with so many factors. I need you to understand you are worthy. You are deserving and you are enough. I know I am just some crazy lady on the run from her evil family, but being destroyed my whole life has taught me a lot. Being alone my whole life has taught me a lot. And I need to share this with you all because it is my destiny and my legacy. You all are my legacy. You are enough. You are worthy. You are deserving. You are magic. Please never forget who you are. Because you are magic and you have been stollen from yourself because you are so very powerful.

Did you know the systems steal your quantum field from you? The quantum field is where endless possibilities exist. Joe Dispenza talks about the quantum field a lot. Look him up on you tube. When you are constantly thinking about how you loose out on the quantum field. We are so powerful that the systems have had to disable us in so many ways to keep us small and manageable.

The people around me are getting pretty vicious with the poison, but it has been real bad this year so I can’t say it would be any better if I stopped telling you all what I know.

What else what else? Do you all have a way to send an update to everyone to cease fire? I understand there will always be people interested in privilege, but can you get them to understand that I offer more than privilege, I offer a good life. I understand the destruction of the systems first hand and I have the birthright necessary to reform the systems. I have worked really hard to put all these pieces together and I just need you all to help me with the husband part and not destroying me for privilege part. The people who are poisoning me are not good at it so they are not the ones who normally do it. You need to reach everyone even the ones who do not take part in the war games often. I am driving a 2014 Jeep that is red with Arizona plates if they send you to gang stalk me please don’t.

I have been trying to figure out what to tell you all to get you to stop my whole life. And I finally have more answers than I ever imagined possible. If I was sober I am sure I could make a lot more sense and think things out in a more orderly fashion.

I think that is all for now. I just need you all to gossip I don’t know how far this all got and I really hope it is further than just a couple miles. I know the people up North “listen” to me, but I am still unsure how I am collecting people in California. It has been a lot of trial and error. But I think as long as I keep going everything is going to work out. And that is all I can do is keep going.

So please gossip and tell people as much as possible. My 3 birthrights trump my Brothers and I have the information to save us all. I just need you all to find me a good husband, someone kind if possible. I dont need love just someone to change the world with. Seems like a short order but I understand I am asking the world.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

License plate: California 8KXM899 White Dodge Charger(over an hour with car running), 8VKM657 white honda, white van 79039A2, yellow mustang 7YZR839, toyota truck Texas MGJ 2416

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