Springfield Oregon People Of Walmart

People of Walmart in Springfield, Oregon have you looked around and seen the reality of your situation? You look at me with fake smiles and enjoy my pain, but have you seen what I see? Do you all feel the pain you are experiencing? I may not be hip to the war games you all play and/or what you get out of such endeavors, but have you noticed that none of you all are healthy and happy? And have you noticed that people do not view health and happiness as a prerequisite to breeding? Even wild animals are somewhat aware of Darwinism and seek healthy mates.

Most the people of Walmart in Springfield, Oregon have experienced the short end of the stick when it comes to the war games my family cult partakes in. However, the people of Walmart are proud to be considered a part of the dark side. Which makes absolutely no sense. These people were born into a broken system that sacrificed them and they do not hesitate to reproduce and damn their offspring with the very same birthright.

Why do you take joy in such idiocracy? Why are you proud of damning your children? Why are you perpetuating the pain you have endured? If you can’t beat them, join them right?


Nicole Graves

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