Suicide Runs In My Family

My family has been trying to kill me and poisoning me to get me to loose hope and kill myself since childhood. I lived alone in a house in the Thurston hills during middle school and high school. This is when they tried to torment me to death with their gases and poisons seriously. I would like to say that it was the first time, but it was just the first time they left me alone and did not have to endure the toxins themselves, so they upped the anty.

People do not kill themselves in my family and connected families because we are a lost cause. They do not kill themselves at all, they are murdered.



P.S. Writing is my way of putting the pieces together. As a child, I learned to cope with the isolation by writing. I am sorry to everyone who I hurt, but honestly you all would hurt me to save yourselves. So can you really blame me for partaking in something that helps me keep it together? Because you do it too.

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