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I spent the last week or so playing dead and researching mainstream people. Most of my life I lived without TV, wifi, and a driver’s license. So I was extremely sheltered. Not until 2010 did I get Wifi and Netflix. I have no clue what you people are really like. But I do know it’s very different than who I am. Not that I’m better. I’m just different biologically and genetically and epigenetically. I was designed to be different than you all. And I was sheltered so I would never be able to reach you all. But here we are defying so many obstacles.

There are so many things that go unwritten pr unspoken that I never knew. But now that I know so many more things, so many more things make sense. I always wondered why Hispanic men had this cockiness about them. However, the Hispanic men I dated were the best to me. Not with money or things, but with the way they treated me. They know love and they know how to show love. Its really amazing. White men don’t have this. Asain men are a bit better. But Hispanic men know how to make a woman feel loved, appreciated, safe, and like a lady. Now I understand Hispanic south Americans are the ones who dominate the war games in the United States and they just need to have that one person who knows their softer side and who doesn’t take it as a weakness. Love is a strength. It’s the greatest strength of all.

I was raised to believe that Hispanic people were less than just like Black people. However, I now realize my Dad’s viewpoint is not shared by many. His views are old and outdated. And the power dynamics of the war games have proven him to be wrong. There is no way to create his ideal Aryan race and out number the rest. The majority is not going to accept being less than. Especially, when they dominate the war games. The majority holds the majority of the power. It’s a beautiful thing really. Power needs to be spread out throughout all the people as evenly as possible. We all need representation.

So here we are the majority. And here we are with the majority of power. And yet my Dad is still holding us all hostage and keeping us from our potential and good health. It’s funny how a small handful of people can ruin things for us all.

My friend and honorary step brother Enrique in Florida says I have these Mom moments where I just tell people how it is. And I need to have one of these moments with the farmers, but especially the southern LA farmers. Someone has to tell you all how it is. And it seems like people are pretty scared of you all. So I assume people rarely speak freely around you all. All I know is evil powerful people so you all are just family. So I need to speak freely and I probably will never stop doing so.

You all knew. You all knew about the genocide. You just never put it in genocide perspective. You thought you were going to profit off people getting sick and diseased. My Dad got you all to help him start world war 3 in the 1980s and you all did it because you thought you were going to profit off of it. However, you never imagined my Dad would double cross you and hold you hostage by controlling the farming industry and food industry. You became a victim of your own greed. How does that feel? You have been reaping what you sowed for decades now. You never imagined my Dad would be able to bypass the war games by creating a cult. You got too big for your britches and look what it has done to all of us. How have you all explained this to God? People get really uncomfortable when I talk about God. I’m not sure why, but I know it has something to do with my childhood. My Mom told me I had an imaginary friend as a kid, I think it was God. I’m not sure. But God has been my best friend my whole life. I know the Hispanic South Americans believe in God. My family believes themselves to be Gods. I’m not a God. I’m human. However, God loves me faults, mistakes, imperfections and all. I’m perfectly human to him. I dont aspire to be anything else.

But my question is, how do you all explain yourself to God. He loves you no matter what. But you still have to repent for your sins. How have you all made up for selling out to the dark side? How do you even attempt to make up for something like that? Have you even tried? Your actions have had a global effect. A negative global effect. We are dying and diseased because of what you all have done. I’m sure you all want to think of yourselves as the victims, but you’re not. We the people are the victims. You all are guilty of being like my Dad. Just because it didn’t turn out as he promised you, does not free you from your sins. Honestly, it was your saving grace. Because he would have made you all do so many more worse things. You would never have been able to recover from.

I understand it’s hard to face yourself and the mistakes you have made, but you have to in order to heal and make things right. I know you all want to make things right. If you didn’t you all would never have offered me so much protection and help. Especially, because I didn’t know to look for you all or what you all were capable of. Especially when I found the southern LA farmers last year. You all have saved my life. All the farmers up and down the west coast have saved me. Sure, I’m not all the way safe. But I’m a lot closer than I was last year. If you all didn’t want to make up for your sins, you would have never helped me.

However, my question is how are you going to continue to make up for your sins? God is forgiving, but he also expects us to right our wrongs. It only took me 6 months of buying produce from a Hispanic grocery store in Vegas to develop extreme autoimmune issues. 6 months. I never would have guessed it was the store I was buying my produce from that was the root cause. So much so, that when I moved to Arizona I continued to buy produce from the Hispanic grocery store there. Eventually, I gave up all vegetables and went carnivore to heal my gut, autoimmune diseases, and body. However, how many people do you think are willing to go to this extreme? Most people would never do half the things I have done to heal, because their nervous system is not as hyperactive and sensitive. They don’t feel pain like I feel pain. The pain of leaky gut was worse than cancer. I dont kniw if you all understand the pain you are causing people. Are you all overweight? In about Oxnard or a little north of there I saw healthy south Americans aka Argentinians. But they were not Hispanic. And they were quite privileged. Other than that I have never really seen healthy Argentinians on this trip. Oh Samta Barbara I saw one couple in the really affluent neighborhood, and again they weren’t Hispanic.

So my question is are you all killing yourselves too? My uncle Joe that represents the Bikers and Mexicans my family is taking over, he kills himself with food. Everyone in my family does.

I saw a young girl on YouTube. She was obese and close to morbidly obese. Probably about 8ish years old. She was on an eating show encouraging people to eat granola in the frozen yogurt or fruit bowl. This little girl knew about the destruction. However she didn’t know how that destruction was effecting her in her daily life. You all know the pieces to the destruction, but its seems that you have never put the pieces together. Why?

There are so many covert messages and even overt messages to eat things that feed C Diff bacteria on YouTube and just in the world in general. Do you all realize that when you feed C Diff you are guaranteeing that you live a life of fear and anxiety. Even more than the damage to your Amygdala ensures? C Diff attacks your kidneys. Your kidneys represent fear and anxiety in Chinese medicine. There is no way to have a good life if you continually feed C Diff. I understand everything feeds c diff but a lot of things are way worse than others. Why do you all encourage people to feed this bacteria? Living in fear, anxiety, and disease is a special kind of help. Why wish that on people?

After researching mainstream people for 12 hours a day for 7 to 10 days, I realized what we need to do. We are the majority. We have the majority of the power. However, my Dad is great at emotional manipulation. What he does is pretty basic and pedestrian. It’s not magic. The only way we overcome him is by overcoming ourselves and our emotions.

Hispanic people are no more passionate than any other group of people. However they do have insulin resistance and diabetes more than others. This means they are more addicted to their emotions. Being emotional is merely a sign you need to balance your hormones. Passion is good, but it’s different than being emotional.

So here is the plan: All the farmers need to order the people to control their insulin and eat less. I know it sounds crazy and overly simple. But the more we balance our hormones the more we are able to emotionally regulate ourselves. This is how we overcome my Dad. He gets his power by making people feel less than and feel lack. The more you realize you have everything you need inside you. The more you realize you dont need all the material things.

Dont get me wrong I missed Vegas today and my big house and going to the Korean bathhouse and my pajama sets. But then I realized I took too long of a shower and it spiked my insulin a lot. It took a couple hours and the feelings went away. I was dying in Vegas. They were killing me. Sure the things were nice and one day I want matching pajamas again. But I felt so empty inside when I lived there. That’s why I bought all the things. And I miss the things because it would be nice to have both now. But one day that will come in time.

Farmers, you all helped create these people who are emotionally based and who are reactive because you thought you were going to profit from it. Well, now the only way you will profit is if you undo what you have done. It’s time to save your own souls by righting the wrongs of your past. I’m not sure how you all do things, but when you say things people tend to listen. I encourage you all to use this to do good. God loves you, but you still have to atone for your sins. You all are good people. You would not have helped me otherwise. This is your moment to do better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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