Sunday August 7th 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Leo Food The Weapon Of Destruction Holding Us All Back

I cracked the code! EUREKA! I finally figured out the food weapon of destruction puzzle. It has only taken 41 years, but it finally fell into place last night. There are so many pieces. I am sure I will leave something out but I took a few notes so bare with me while I try to make this simple.

Epigenetics are the easiest to manipulate by changing what you eat. The skinnier you are the better your epigenetics. Overweight people have worse epigenetics. Basically anytime you eat you are effecting your epigenetics. And it’s not as much about what you eat as how often you eat. Someone starving has better epigenetics than someone just a little overweight. Less is truly more when it comes to food. You can eat big portions but you can’t est that often. Think midevil times when they would have feasts. They ate a lot, but they didn’t snack and they didn’t feast every day.

In the 1970s, people were relatively healthy. At least they were way healthier than they are today. Did you know kids born today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents? It’s the first time in history this has ever happened. If this doesn’t scream that we are doing something incredibly wrong I dont know what does.

Anyways in the 1970s, there was no snacking. They ate 3 meals a day. In the 1980s, snacking was introduced. And then the idea that we need to eat every two hours and the food pyramid. This is when health problems started to increase significantly. Fatty liver became something that was common in people who weren’t alcoholics for the first time in history. Diabetes became an epidemic and all other autoimmune diseases started to become commonplace. Also, in the 1980s Genetically modified foods became common place. This was one of the key factors in the rise of autoimmune diseases like diabetes. Also processed foods became more commonplace as well with added sugars and salt which both spike insulin. So the 1980s is when it all started to go downhill.

My whole life I have been kept bored, lonely, and without potential. This is by design. We all are kept small, have our experiences limited, and our genuine connections to humans are also limited. Add these to our C Diff infection that changes the way our brain processes dopamine making us addicts by design and default and we are always searching for comfort and dopamine. It’s not your fault you are wired to do this. This is how we are set up to fail and self destruct. Well, it’s one of the largest ways there are many others.

So you are an addict always searching for comfort and dopamine. Social norms are used to lead you towards the things that will destroy you while profiting the system of destruction. When you see someone doing something your brain fires as if you are doing the thing. Mirror neurons make you human, but they also can be used against you. So your whole life you have seen people eating all the time. You were taught three meals a day with snacks. So you mirror what you have seen your whole life. Marketing, commercials, grocery store ads, TV, radio, etc. Everywhere talks about food and eating. The people around you at work eat all the time. Everyone eats all the time. It’s only abnormal when someone doesn’t eat and then you wonder what’s wrong with them. We have been conditioned to think more is better. When really more is killing us on an epigenetic level.

Autism is not just an epigenetic disease of the brain, it effects the nervous system. My Autism is different than you all’s Autism. Your C Diff infection will never make you smart like me or have as much of an overactive nervous system. You will die from chronic illness or a colon obstruction before you ever become like me. Your Autism was designed to keep you small and weak. And dont get me wrong my Autism is not all amazing, it too comes with great costs.

Remember how I said my nervous system made me more aware of the food issues/problems. Well, I was right. Your digestive system has it’s own nervous system. It’s called the enteric nervous system. There are a shit ton of nerves in your digestion and it connects with the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is a huge deal. If you have anxiety, it’s your vagus nerve. Your vagus nerve allows your nervous system and body to switch between parasympathetic and sympathetic responses. Basically are you relaxed or are you reactive. When you are in a reactive state aka sympathetic, your digestion slows down and/or stops. You dont feel those nerves in your digestion because your body is in a fight or flight response. So you all are less sensitive to the nerves you have. And on top of that you are kept in a stressed state so that you are numb to the damage you are doing to your digestion and your body.

When you are in a stressed state, you look towards food for comfort. Food lowers your cortisol. It’s an amazing tool to relax and can help turn on your parasympathetic nervous system. However, if you are constantly using food to calm down that means you are just perpetuating a cycle of getting stressed turning on your sympathetic nervous system aka fight or flight and then using food to turn on your parasympathetic nervous system to relax. It’s a vicious cycle. I have been there. It sucks. It feels like hell because you just want relief. And then your other hormones are all over the place because your stressed and eating all the time. You feel stuck and dont know where to turn. And your addicted to your emotions because your insulin levels are all over the place. Its literally a special kind of help.

Pretty much all food is designed to feed our C Diff infections. I have yet to find a completely safe food. And I have spent a long time looking. The more we eat, the more we feed our c diff infections, and the more diseased and attached to things we get. Materialism is literally feed by the food you eat. Our economy is reliant on you eating and feeding your c diff infection. Pretty crazy right? The most revolutionary thing you can do is skip meals and eat less. The systems of destruction and the economy are banking on you being an addict and feeding your c diff infection. They are banking on you having weak kidneys, because c diff weakens your kidneys. And in Chinese medicine kidneys represent fear. If you have weak kidneys you will live in fear and anxiety. And that will make you eat more.

Our whole economy needs to change. We need to value potential. And this all starts with what you eat. Changing the world means changing what you fuel your body with. You are the revolution.

Building wealth and prosperity is not the enemy. People have been doing these things since the beginning of time. However, buying useless stuff and filling your body with poison has got to stop if you want potential in any form. Until you stop poisoning yourselves, my Dad and the systems of destruction will have power over us all. We all need to reject the comforts we have been conditioned to seek to replace the void of not having our potential in any form. The world will never change unless you do.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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