Sunday February 12th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Aquarius Sunday Church-How To Operate In A World That Deems You Unequal

Well, today my water had e poisons in it. And the food I got at Walmart was poisoned. Recently I have only been eating every other day, so I’m hoping you all can make sure I get clean food and water by Valentine’s day. We all deserve clean food and water. But if I’m going to stay alive and keep fighting for us all, I really need clean food and water and for people to stop poisoning me.

Walmart today looked like an international airport. It was amazing. I normally dont see much diversity in the Truman show I live in. However, the people signing up to fight this war for my Dad dont understand or know what they are fighting for. I saw a large number of black people today. I never see black people unless they dont understand what is happening. So I’m hoping you all can reach out to everyone because not everyone got the message yesterday about what is happening. We wont be safe until everyone knows. I sure as hell wont be safe till everyone knows. We all deserve so much better than this. I dont believe so many people would sign up for their own destruction and to be less than without being kept in the dark. People can always be counted on to act in their own best interest. Rarely will a human fight for their own destruction and death. We are programmed to fight for our survival.

On Sundays I like to have Sunday church because church and state are an important check and balance in our lives to keep us all safe. My Dad likes to eliminate church and state because then he can have absolute power and control in our lives. My Dad wishes to be your God.

I am not a God. I am human just like you. And I really dont believe in religion. Religion is not logical. Religion is a tool used to shame you and make you believe there is something wrong with you. You are perfectly human. There is nothing wrong with you. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person. Humans make mistakes. However, we have to learn from them. When you buy into religion and having to earn your salvation, it is just like having to earn love or equality. Salvation is not conditional. You were born a child of God. You do not have to earn this place or title. You are God like. Without doing anything you have earned your salvation. But the afterlife probably will be easier on you if you do your best and try to be a good human. People who destroy everything in life have a hard time facing death because they have to face themselves. Face yourself often so you dont have to be shocked when you do right before death and what you see scares you. Being human is about being honest with yourself about who you are and what you are doing. Being human is hard, but it’s worth it.

My genetic modifications and my life has made connecting with God easier for me than for most of you all. I am logical brain dominant because of my Asperger’s. And God and the quantum field are connected to your logical brain. However most of you all have dyslexic epigenetic triggers and gene mutations, so you all are creative brain based. This makes you addicted to your emotions. And God is not an emotion. God is logic.

I have read a bit about what really smart people like me believe about God and we all seem to believe the same thing. God is not religion. God is apart of science that we just have not found the words for yet. God exists because we all have felt him. There is a divine order in the universe. And this is God. When you look up at the stars and realize how huge the universe is and how small you are and you see how perfect everything has had to be in order to create this all, that is God. God is bigger than anything. And God talks to you. You know that voice that you have heard your whole life that says you deserve better than this? That is God. God talks to you and if you listen he will talk more. However if you ignore him his voice gets muffled. You are God like because you are perfect. God doesn’t create junk. God only creates masterpieces. You are a masterpiece. There are so many things happening in your body that allow you to be here in this moment. So many things we don’t even understand. You are a miracle. Everyday you are a miracle. And God doesn’t create subhuman races. If he did we would have to go to different medical doctors because our bodies would be different. But we all are the same miracle. No one else is more of a miracle than you. We are all equal and magical. God is who gave you this magic. But he gives it to everyone. No race or group is left out. We all have the magic of God in us. Once you acknowledge and start respecting that magic that you are life gets easier. Because life will forever be easier when you are honest with yourself about who you are.

But the real question is how do we operate in a world of systems that do not acknowledge us all as equal? If we believe in equality while working with people who do not believe in equality, it will be used as a weapon against us. We cannot treat people equally who believe us to be subhuman. Equality only works when all parties involved believe in it. It’s hard to admit that we have been brainwashed and conditioned to believe in equality as a way to destroy us all. But the superior white people use equality as a way to keep us all in line while they continue to color outside the lines. Equality only works when all parties involved believe and practice it.

So what I am going to say feels wrong, but it’s logical. We need to stop treating these white people who believe themselves to be superior as equals. They are not our equal because they believe themselves to be superior. This means they will always put themselves first. We will never be equal with a group that continually puts themselves first. Have you ever had a relationship with a person who continually put themselves first and never thought about your well being? How long did that last? Because one sided relationships dont work. One sided relationships are not equal. The superior white people dont know how to have equal relationships because they always put themselves first.

So we need to start doing the same thing. We need to start putting ourselves first and no longer focusing on equality. All of us who are not these superior white people need to come together. We are equals because we know how to compromise and work together. It is in our best interest to disempower these superior white people whenever possible. They will never put us first. They have used equality against us as a weapon for generations. But they have never believed us to be equal.

These superior white people have some of the worst genes and gene expression because of who they are and because they inbreed. We need to immediately stop breeding with these superior white people. They need our genes to correct the gene mutations they have given themselves from inbreeding and not knowing how to love. They need us to survive in the long term. If we leave them to their own devices darwinism will take care of them and they will die off. You know how pure breed dogs have more health problems and don’t live as long. Well it’s the same concept with these superior white people. Let them deal with the fruits of their own labor. We are not equal to them so their problems are not ours to fix. So stop breeding with these superior white people. The sooner we stop breeding with them, the sooner they go extinct. The solution really is that easy. Stop letting them prey on our genetic diversity. We are greater than on a gene level. Dont let them steal this from us.

Now if you enjoy sleeping with the enemy who deems you to never be equal, go ahead and do so. But please dont breed with them. When you breed with them you make them more of our problem. They have made it clear our problems are not theirs to deal with. In fact they increase our problems. Why do you think ethnic people have higher rates of disease? It’s because they want us to be sick so they can make us their own slave race. They have never wanted good for us. And it’s hard to believe this, but we have to look at the facts. Sure they smile at us while discounting us and killing us. But we have to look at the facts. We make less money. We get sick more. We have less powerful places in society. We are discounted in every way possible. The only way we overcome this is by putting each other first.

When you have a say in who gets a promotion at your work, choose an ethnic person. When you choose who to marry and breed with choose an ethnic person. When you vote choose an ethnic person. We have to surround ourselves with other people who believe in equality in order for us to truly be equal. It feels wrong I get it. I have preached equality from the very beginning of this revolution. However equality only works when all parties involved believe in equality. Otherwise it is just another weapon used against us. Not all white people are bad people. But anyone who believes themselves to be superior to everyone else is a danger to us all. It is good to be proud of who you are and where you come from. But discounting others because of who they are or where they come from is a problem we all have to address together. No one is superior than other humans because of the family they were born into. And it’s sad that the superior white people teach their children this. However we have to teach our children to beware of these superior white people because they aim to harm and disable and discount us all whenever possible. They aren’t safe to be around.

Everyone has dyslexic gene mutations and epigenetic triggers in the world my Dad has created. This cuts off the symbolic inheritance systems and makes you vulnerable to the behavioral inheritance systems. Being around these superior white people is dangerous because they will use their behaviors to program you without you realizing what is happening. They have such bad gene expression because of how they live their lives. These behaviors are contagious. We need to stay away from these superior white people whenever possible. They will destroy and harm us just with their presence. They are not safe to be around. Let them destroy themselves, but dont allow them to destroy us.

Are you ready for the good news? Us ethnic people we greatly outnumber these superior white people. If we all stop breeding with them and treating them as equals we will eliminate them within a few generations. They need us to continue to try to prove ourselves as equals in order for the systems they have created to continue. If we stop buying into the systems and the idea that we have to prove our worth and equality we can create new systems. We can create new systems that actually treat us as equals. This should be really exciting news. Because so many of us never thought we could be equal. But we can we just have to stand in our truth. We are enough and we deserve better. And we sure as hell don’t need to treat people equally who deem us as inferior.

Martin Luther King is one of the greatest men in history. He fought so hard for us all to be equal. However, we have to finish this fight. Because until we change the way we think and live nothing will change. We are the only ones who can grant us all equality. It all comes down to you and me. Are you going to keep treating people who deem you inferior equally? Because we never win when equality is used as a weapon.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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