Sunday February 19th 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Pisces East Side Dark Siders

I have never seen the Eastside darkside before today. They have way better genes and epigenetics than the west side darkside. But it is sad to see how excited these east side darksiders are to be chosen. It’s as if no one has ever given these people the time of day before. These are just regular people. They aren’t fancy in the war games or the mafias. They aren’t from fancy families. These are just regular people who have never been chosen before. It feels good to be chosen. It feels amazing to be seen and feel important. So what do we need to do to win these people over?

We need to give them a job. Everyone just wants to be apart of something. If we dont find something for them to do for the revolution, they will answer the calls from my Dad to do his bidding. So I think we should let these people from the east side who represent the darkside police the darkside on the east side. If we give them a job they should be busy enough to not answer the calls from my Dad.

China, Japan, Korea, east coast fancy families and Italy I would appreciate if you all did your thing this evening and tonight to get these people on board with being revolutionary. They just need a job and a place in this revolution. It seems as if they have never been chosen before. We need to choose them so they choose better.

Fingers crossed this is the last group. Because my Dad is sure reaching for anything he can grab. He would never choose these people if he had a choice. Yet, they dont seem to hold a grudge at all. So let’s hope they dont hold a grudge when we choose them.

Next Sunday we will have Sunday church. I just need some hope and it’s you all’s turn to give me some hope this Sunday. I can’t always be the one with all the answers and hope. Being smart is hard, but being hopeful all the time is even more of a challenge because a lot of time it’s hard to see why hope is the logical choice. So I need you all to show me why hope is the logical choice today.

My water has the sweet poisons in it. If we could get the people to stop poisoning my water I would greatly appreciate it. If they could stop poisoning my food too that would be great.

Okay do your thing, so we can all get better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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