Sunday January 15th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Capricorn Nevada Leaders

Well hello Nevada, thank you for tuning in. I realized I never reached you all during football season. I’m sure some of you all have heard of my revolution, but I’m sure some of you all have not as well. I connect with a war games communication hub with my blog please set yourself up to receive these updates. I post a lot because people are always trying to kill me everywhere I go and posting makes some of them stop. I explain the destruction in depth on my blog. But not everyone stops trying to kill me even after learning about everything. This is where you all come in. I have reached the world one subgroup at a time for the past 656 days. I started this revolution when I escaped the death camp I lived in in southern Arizona. I left living in Vegas before moving to Arizona. I lived in Vegas from 2015 to 2018 full time. Before that I lived there part time for a couple years. I knew I wanted to live in Vegas. I had found a place that gave me hope when I found Vegas. However, the people there were trying to kill me and I was never told about the war games or my family or who I am in this weird imaginary game we and live in. So I left Vegas because I knew I had to get away from people if I was going to survive. I got cancer and I was faced with the decision of going back home to Oregon knowing they would kill me or moving to the desert in southern Arizona to a small town with not so many people. I may not have known about the war games, but I all too well knew my family did not want good for me and I would have died if I came back to Oregon then. So I did what I had to and moved to southern Arizona with my two dogs. And here we are I survived the death camp my Dad built around me. And I have survived this revolution where I have had to figure out the war games and my birthrights and why my family and everyone around me has always tried to kill me. I have Asperger’s genius and my family was never able to brainwash me fully. So they have been trying to kill me since I was 8 years old. This all is a lot to digest. But the most hurtful thing is that I have so much power with my birthrights but my birthrights and all this power has cost me everything. How can I have so much power and not have control over my own life? This isnt power it’s a death sentence. I really hate this imaginary game you all play. I just want to be an ordinary person. I want to work and have a home and be healthy without people trying to kill me and I want to work on my projects and special interests. I have always just wanted to be ordinary. But my family has never allowed it. And now the world is not allowing it because the world signs up to kill me for my family. My family has created genocides and turns us into a slave race on a cellular and gene level. But I’m the one people want to kill. Can you put yourself in my shoes and see how that could be hurtful. I don’t believe in killing people or races of people. I believe we all deserve better than this. I dont wish to exclude anyone from my revolution and better. I have reached out to every group I have been able to find. I believe in the human race. I dont believe in discrimination. And yet people want to kill me because they would rather be a subhuman slave race on a gene and cellular level. I dont understand this. I’m a genius and I just dont understand this point of view. Normally I can understand everything even if I don’t agree with it. I normally can see where people are coming from. I dont think the people left fight this war for my Dad know what they are doing. My Dad likes to brainwash people. He likes to brainwash the world. Its really scary how people are so afraid and unwilling to think for themselves. In my mind when I hear just the word slave that is enough to scare me. But then making someone a slave on a gene level. That really freaks me out. And then on a cellular level freaks me out even more. We are so many cells. How can this not freak people out? What kind of drugs are they on because I may need to try some of what they take because it must be out of this world.

So I’m reaching out to you all because I am pretty sure as leaders you are willing to tell your people they dont want to be a slave race. Because the scary part is that only one group of people have to agree to being a slave race for us all to be effected. When we breed with that group our children become a slave race. The gene, epigenetic, and cellular issues involved are something that we pass on to our children. So you need to tell your people to only breed with revolutionary people otherwise your group will become even more of a subhuman slave race. I don’t know how to stress how important this is. I dont understand why people think its something they shouldn’t be worried about. I guess I just dont understand most people. However, I have a world full of revolutionary people supporting me and who know they deserve better. I’m hoping you all can join these people.

My birthrights give you all hope that I bet you never expected. I have all the birthrights my Dad pretends to have. If I have children you all will save your children from slavery. Your grandchildren too. It’s something that should give you great hope like maybe you never had before. I want my birthrights to be something good. Because I have spent a lifetime near death because of them. If you all can help me create a life where my children can be safe and well taken care of and not face daily attempted murder like I have had to. Then I will have children to save your children. I will teach them about equality and that genocide is wrong. I will tell them that we come from the greatest evils in the world and we owe the world to make up for that. I may sound like an idealist but I am also a realist. This is a covert war. My Dad is not an overt leader like my great Grandpa Hitler. This world war 3 is a covert war. We can stop it still. There is still time. However if we allow the Mexican Berlin wall to go up this war will be harder to stop. There are a lot of pieces to world war 3. My Dad started this war in the 1970s before he married my Mom.

But the thing is to stop this war all I have to do is be an ordinary person. I just need to work a job and have a home and have kids. My Dad has always kept me from ordinary because that’s what I need to do to change the world. It’s so simple and yet complex. I sure hope you all are willing to help me so I can help you all and have something good cone out of these birthrights that have almost killed me for a lifetime.

I take my Oregon real estate license test on Wednesday. I sold real estate in Arizona. I’m really good at it. This is how I am going to get ordinary. Real estate will allow me to make the money I need to build a life for myself and create security for my children. I have already spoken to the east coast fancy families and I am going to have children with a few of them. I need to spread out my birthrights and children so they create the checks and balances that I was intended to eliminate. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. My life has been proof of this. I dont believe in romantic love, but I believe in loving my children. I want a them to have the best lives possible. And this means they need to not have so much absolute power. Not many people would know how to handle this kind of power. It would go to most people’s heads. And they would start world wars like my family. I want my kids to be ordinary. Sure they have to understand their decisions will effect the world, but they need to be able to be human. If I have 2 to 4 kids with different families on the east coast they will be checks and balances for each other. 3 or 4 is more ideal, but I’m going to turn 42 in March. So if we want to create a better world for your children we need to really get this show on the road. I never thought I would have children. But if I can be ordinary and give them the life I never had I will do it. I understand what me having children means to you all. I understand that it would mean the world to you. I cant tell the world no as long as you all help me create better and a life where my children get to be ordinary. And where they don’t experience daily attempted murder for a lifetime.

I told Arizona leaders yesterday that every time I connect with a new group it’s like getting a new chess piece. But I don’t know how you all move. How do I utilize you in this game of strategy against my Dad. And I asked them to show me how they move. If you all can show me how to move your chess piece I would appreciate it. You can imagine if I was able to figure out so much that I was allowed to connect with you all this evening I am really good at just watching the world and recognizing patterns. I’m an INFJ, I see patterns everywhere. I feel the world with my overactive nervous system. When my Dad put this chip in my head that allows for you all to hear me he opened up.a world that you all dont experience. I can feel and hear things you all cant. I can feel the world change. I have spent almost 2 years listening to the world change. The exciting part is we are so close to there and changing. The world sounds so very different than it did 2 years ago. People are growing they are thinking more for themselves. Its really neat. I wish you all could experience it. The world is getting more dynamic everyday. One day I will figure out how to explain it better. But for now I guess you all just have to take my word for it.

So show me how your chess piece moves. I live in my Jeep with my one dog left. Teka my other dog my Dad has someone in Redmond Oregon kidnapp. I should let you all know one of my contingencies on having human children is I have to get my little girl back. Shes 14 years old. 8 pounds and she has a chip with my phone number and email. I just need someone to make the person who has her do the right thing. Also, I really need clean food and water. Not only do people try to kill me everyday. But my Dad gets people to poison my food greatly. I’m only alive because self check out exists at the grocery store. Before self checkout I was so sick and dying. Covid saved my life. My c diff infection is really bad because my food and water is so poisoned. I have learned to fast a lot. I did a 21 day fast this summer after Teka was taken. But I have not been able to fast for more than 45ish hours recently. I did a 40 hour dry fast a couple days ago and that helped a lot. But I’m literally loosing ground when it comes to food and water. My Dad is making the poisons too strong to survive because he wants me dead and to eliminate your chances at better. I need you all to help me get clean food and water. Even the normal poison you all get would be amazing. I could heal with that amount of poison.

Also, after I pass my real estate test I am going to have to pick a principal broker to work with. It appears the principal brokers in Eugene Oregon get to decide the fate of the world. I’m hoping you all can help me get a fair shot. I have been set up to fail most of my life. Sure privilege would be great, but just a fair shot would be amazing to me.

Anything else you all can do to help I would be forever grateful for. This revolution is a two way street. You all help me and I will do what I can to help you all. I dont want to be fancy or pretend to be a God. I just want to be ordinary with you all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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