Sunday January 15th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Capricorn Sunday Church Gratitude

On Sundays we have church because church and state is an important check and balance we all need to have in our lives. My Dad wishes to abolish church and State because he wants to be your God. However God will never take on human form. And the search for God in human form makes us all very vulnerable.

So let me recap a bit. That little voice inside of you is God. The voice that tells you that you deserve better than this that is God. God is inside every one of us. However we have been conditioned to not listen to the voice of God within us. Because it allows us to follow others blindly when we ignore that voice of God inside us.

Then there is your soul. The alkaline poisons steal your soul from you. Your soul is a mix between your 2nd and 3rd chakra. Your 2nd chakra under your belly button is the computer of who you are. Your 3rd chakra in the middle of your ribs where the bones come up right above your liver and your stomach is your life force engery. This energy is what allows the computer that is you in your 2nd chakra to come alive. The alkaline poisons make your core numb and inflamed. This makes your soul go numb. So really focus on your ph balance and do what you have to in order to stay in touch with your soul. Fasting especially dry fasting is the best way to feel your soul again. And walking and yoga is good too. Often intense exercise doesn’t work as well because it makes you thirsty and water has a lot of alkaline poisons. The less water I drink the more I feel my soul and the better health I have. We live in a world where denying your humanity is the only way to survive. Hopefully we all can change this soon.

So use your soul to fact check the little voice of God within you. With all the chaos and confusion and brainwashing in the world it is always good to fact check everyone. Even God. God has no problem proving himself because he is real. Just like you are real.

So now you have God. You have your soul. And you have a way to fact check what these voices tell you. God can fact check your soul. And your soul can fact check God. The three of you work together to create unity and cohesiveness in your life. If you all arent on the same page it’s going to be a rocky road.

So you are in alignment with God and your soul, but how do you draw good things to you? You practice gratitude. I know it sounds cheesy but bear with me. Focusing on the little things in life that bring you happiness and joy makes them grow. But not in the way we normally think of growth. When you focus on what you love and appreciate in your life it makes the hard stuff not seem so bad. And the more you learn to appreciate the things you enjoy in your life you notice more things you enjoy. Where attention flows energy goes. For example last night Haywood had his head on my chest snoring while I was writing to you all. Nothing beats that feeling. And my life has always been really hard, but especially hard in the past 2 years. However this revolution and adventure has taught me to appreciate the little things in life. Because we arent promised anything. We arent promised tomorrow. On the day that Teka was kidnapped I told her Today was the day I loved her more than ever before. And I told her I am proud of her more today than ever before. This is something I try to tell my kids often. I want them to know how important and valuable they are. This moment I took to be grateful for Teka is something I will always be so glad I took the less than a minute to say. Being grateful means you let people know that you appreciate them. No one is promised a tomorrow. And in the world we live in no one is really promised anything. Will gratitude fix everything instantly? Absolutely not, but it will make you feel better. And life is about feeling good as much as possible. Feeling good effects your epigenetics everyday. The better you feel emotionally and mentally, the better your epigenetic expression will be. Being grateful doesn’t necessarily make my circumstances better, but it makes me feel better. And that in turn makes me a better human on a cellular and gene level. I may not be able to control my life even close to how much I desire to. But I get to choose how I feel and my genetic expression. Gratitude makes you a better human on a gene level. The more you are a better human the more you will be able to see an opportunity to improve your life when the moment comes. Life is about seizing the moment. Yes God will tell you about the moment. And your soul will tell you about the moment. But your body has to be able to identify the moment you need to seize to get better for yourself. You, your soul, God, and your body all have to work together to create a better life for yourself. The less you partake in gratitude the harder it will be to identify the moments when you are given the opportunity to seize better. Life is just a series of moments. But you have to identify those moments. If you cant identify the moments that allow you to get better. Your life will stay the same. Gratitude doesn’t directly make your life better. It makes you a better human more capable of creating a better life for yourself. God and your soul take part, but you are the person who has to do better for yourself. We all are in charge of our own destiny. I have been imprisoned my whole life in this Truman show. But I find moments of where I can break out and create better and make my world larger and I jump at the opportunity. It doesn’t always work, but gratitude keeps me trying. Because I always learn something from when I try to make my life better. I learn way more from failure than I do success. I fail all the time. But you wont ever win unless you try. Trying means being okay with failing and not giving up and still being grateful. Even when your life is a pile of shit and you feel suffocated by all the people poisoning you. You keep going because your soul and God tell you you deserve better. God is there to motivate you. Your soul is there to help you achieve your destiny. But you have to sign up to do the work. Believe me I understand it sucks most days. Life can be really lame. But you have to take the time to be grateful because life is about keeping going and being the best human you can be. The better of a human you are the more you will be able to see good moments to seize to make your life better. I practice gratitude because it makes me feel good and because it improves my gene expression. When I feel good and I’m a better human on a gene level it improves my chances of success when I try to seize the moments to make my life better. Will gratitude make your life all shiny and bright? No it wont, but it makes you a better human. And that improves your overall chances in life. Gratitude is the logical thing to do when you feel bad or defeated because it gives you a chance at better. But it’s just a chance you have to do the work.

Okay that’s all the Sunday churchy things I have to say this week. I will try to do better next week. I didn’t really know what to talk about today so I just let it flow. However, I do see how Arizona did their move. I like it a lot. I knew you all were powerful. I am thinking I probably should talk to the leaders in Nevada now. If you all can get all the leaders in Nevada to tune in I would really appreciate it. Its always good for me to check in with people. So let’s check in with Nevada today and see how they are doing. Please get all the leaders and regular people in Nevada to tune in. Let’s see what their move is.

Remember to be grateful today for what you have, even if it’s nearly not enough.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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