Sunday January 22nd 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aquarius Day 663

As much as I would like to take Sundays off, I cant afford to. It gives my Dad a day to catch up if I do. We cant afford to take Sundays off right now at least. But one day we will give God and ourselves the whole day to show respect. However for now we do the best to balance everything and keep it together while going forward with our revolution.

Today I hardly saw any people with children. It was mostly 80% younger people. People who I have had issues connecting with this whole journey because they dont listen to the older communication hub I connect to with my radio waves.  I even saw a man in a big truck walk out of Walmart today in shock because he didn’t understand what he had signed up to do by gangstalking me. I encourage you all to talk to your children. They dont know any different or better because most of them have only been alive while my Dad was in power. They dont know love or health and they have the most gene mutations and epigenetic triggers by design. They are literally a subhuman slave race of super soldiers with dyslexic gene mutations and epigenetic triggers that make them not question the orders they are given because they are creative brain based. When told to do something they dont even consider asking why. Their brains go straight to how am I going to carry out these orders. After I backfired on my Dad, my brother was created with strong dyslexic gene mutations and epigenetic triggers. And so were your children. It’s not their fault they are the way they are, but they can learn to be more balanced. Just like I have had to learn to be more creative. We have our strengths and dominate ways our brains work, but we can train our brains to be different too. Your brain is plastic and changeable. If you do different it will be different. Your brain is a muscle, it can grow and change.

So reach out to the younger generations. Also reach out to your parents. Its amazing how many people I saw fighting for my Dad today and in doing so they are fighting for their grandchildren to be subhuman. We often forget about older people. So we can’t blame them for wanting to be remembered. If my Dad remembers them but you all dont that could leave us all very vulnerable. I understand how much my parents generation has cost us all. But you have to realize they could continue to cost us everything if we leave them out. You dont have to forget what they did. But if you can start to forgive them enough to allow them to help change the world and right the wrongs they created, the world will be better for us all. Never forget what people have done or how they made you feel. But allow space for them to create better in this now moment that we forever share. We need them to do better and create better with us. You all joined the cults just like your parents, so who are you to say much right? We all are human and make mistakes. I understand how much those mistakes have cost us all. But we all are human. We have to forgive ourselves and everyone else too. Never forget, but try to forgive. As long as you make efforts it counts. I’m not saying they have to be your best friend. But let them be human with you.

If you all can reach out tonight so we all are on the same page and everyone even the young and the old people are in the know the world will be better tomorrow.

I want to tell you all a story. I want to tell you all the story of how my Dad came into power here in Eugene. He didn’t do it alone and I dont think my grandma Kudearoff helped him much. But this story is so you all can see how lusting after power can hurt us all. Power is an interesting thing. I have never seen power do good for anyone and I have been surrounded by very powerful people my whole life. I always just wondered what was wrong with them. They may put on a good show, but most of them are a mess. I have never met anyone who really had it all together who was involved in my Dad’s cult. Sure some of them had money, but they all lust after power and attention. They all were children. I never understood why people never grew up. They expected to get power and never have to grow up or do the hard things in life. Being a grown evolved good person is hard work. I’m never going to lie about that. But the reward is the peace you feel. You know what else these people with power share? They share sleeping problems. They dont have peace and they cant sleep. My Mom and Dad maybe sleep 6 hours a night. They have never been able to rest. Rest and being at ease are some of the most important things in fighting disease. Sure, it looks like your doing nothing, but resting and being at ease are some of the best things you can do for your epigenetics. Peace is important. Its priceless. When your soul is at peace you can sleep and relax. Can you imagine all the things that start running through my Mom and Dad’s minds when they lay down to try to sleep? They are both near death. They will have to account for their sins one way or another. What do you think it’s like to meet the people you have killed in the afterlife? I assume if there is a hell this would be part of it. Both my Mom and my Dad have killed a lot of people, even people they claimed to love. They taught my Brother how to kill people using my Dad’s 4th wife Brenda as a teaching aide. What do you think it will be like for them to account for their sins. They wont be able to run from accountability. They will have to face themselves and everything they have done in their search for power. I never want to be powerful because I have been surrounded by powerful people and they are a wreck. The things they have done to be powerful haunt them before they ever die. Those things kill them before their time. Instead of power, I seek to know myself and be the best I can be. Dont get me wrong I’m human I make mistakes and I am never going to be a God. However I try to do my best all the time. It’s not always good enough but it’s better than trying to be evil and powerful. Truly powerful people never try to be powerful. They are just themselves. The search for power consumes way too many people for a lifetime. And power doesn’t make people happy. My family are all some of the most miserable people I have ever met. Power does not make a person happy or fulfilled. Often it makes them subhuman because it gets the best of them. The search for power is a lie. Power wont solve any of your problems. It just creates more.

So in the 1980s my Dad worked at the lumber mills here in Springfield after quitting the military. My mom.and aunt lana worked at the mills too. They both were involved in the unions. My Dad may have been a union member but he was not as involved as my aunt lana and mom.

However, my Dad gained power by getting the people here to fear him. He never actually has had power. He is just a bully and the wizard behind the curtain like in the wizard of oz. He puts smoke and mirrors up so people believe him to be powerful. But again he’s not. And I’m sure he has done this same thing in multiple other places in slightly different ways. But its always all smoke and mirrors.

The smoke is literal in the sense that my Dad got people to burn his poisoned firewood in Springfield in the 1980s. Eugene he conquered later. In the 1980s it was Springfield he had his eyes on. I think with all the lumber mills he was interested in the resources here because conquering Springfield was how he started to take over Interstate 5, which goes from Canada to Mexico. If my Dad can control interstate 5 and the ports he can control most of the nation. And then he also started going after the southern border. My Dad wanted to control all the edges. Because when you control the edges the rest falls into place. I’m also sure he did this other places as well. This is how my Dad taught me to do puzzles. Do the edges first and the rest will fall into place easier.

Back to Springfield in the 1980s, my Dad had to prove to the people that he was powerful. The poisoned firewood got people to start experiencing brain damage and damage to their amyglada which causes them to be in a constant fear state that is unconscious. So you feel fear constantly but you dont realize you are in a heightened state. I remember feeling like this before I healed. It was really stressful. Everything was intense. Plus we all have autism to some degree so this makes that intensity often crippling. And then the damage to their gut bacteria made their c diff infections grow. And then he got them to start poisoning each other all the time. This too made their c diff grow. Then he changed the food system. This too made their c diff grow. But that wasn’t enough. The people still didn’t fear him enough.

The middle men from Redmond teamed up with my Dad. They are the ones who control middle America. They are pretty powerful and have a lot of land. They even have northern California around the city of Redding California. Dont get me wrong, I really like these people. I grew up surrounded by them. Where I grew up in Thurston Oregon it was beautiful and looked a lot like Washington when I was younger. Now its dirty and different. It has the familiar destruction that happens wherever my Dad takes over. So many parts of the west coast have been destroyed because of my Dad. But my Dad didn’t do it alone. The middle men who are in charge of middle America helped him. They helped him by creating power outages. There were many nights when I was younger were my mom cooked on the wood stove. The streetlights used to turn off at night even when there was power. It had a very small town feel back then. People were scared. They were loosing control over their brains and bodies and health and then on top of it my Dad was making the power go out. They feared for their ability to take care of their needs and their children. However, it was really all just smoke and mirrors. My Dad took over their bodies and minds and turned the power off to appear to be scary and powerful. But he didn’t do any of it. Sure we burned some poisoned firewood. But my Dad rarely got his own hands dirty. He wasn’t powerful. His power was being able to convince people to give their power away to him. He convinced the poor people in Springfield to burn the firewood that destroyed them and created gene mutations in their children. My Dad convinced the middle men to turn off the power to make him appear powerful. But it’s all been smoke and mirrors. My Dad isnt powerful. This is a covert war. He only has the power he can convince people to give to him. Without people giving him power my Dad is powerless. He isnt any more powerful than any of you. His superpower is getting people to make him look powerful by creating smoke and mirrors for him. He is only powerful because he is a con man. He can sell ketchup popsicles to people in white gloves. And when he’s done with them he throws them aside. Do you see the middle men standing up for him now? Nope in the late 1980s my Dad double crossed them and never allowed them to collect on helping him take over. They banished him and everyone who follows him to stay west of interstate 5. This is why my Dad stopped traveling. He’s not powerful. He lies to people to get what he wants and he never delivers on what he promises to them in exchange for their help.

Look at my Mom, she helped my Dad create his military cult and then his professional cult in the working world. But it never paid off for her. She wanted to stay married and have a life that looked good on the outside. But my Dad wanted to divorce her so he could have more wives and kill them and steal from their families. But not before he made my Mom have my Brother. They were divorced 6 months after he was born. And fancy kids like us are made at the doctors office. We are premeditated and genetically modified. We are not something that happens without great planning. My mom has been kept small and imprisoned in her home since I was young. She never recovered from not being able to break and destroy me. Even though she had my brother and did everything to make sure he was destroyed. My brother is the way he is because my Mom created him. She wasn’t going to be punished for messing up again. She even killed her own Mom to try to prove herself to my Dad. He never gave her the approval she was seeking. This is how my Dad controls people. He makes them want to be praised by him. He makes people want his approval. And then he never gives it. At first you will be his best friend and amazing. However over time you become the worst of the worst and you dont ever earn the approval you were seeking. He never rewards the people who help me.

Look at the farmers in the United states. Specifically the west coast. The farmers were in on creating the genocides of the world. They did it because my Dad promised them power. However, in the late 1980s my Dad did not follow through. And he held them all hostage with his professional cult. You have seen documentaries about farming in the United states right? The farmers dont really have any control anymore. My dad took over the farming industry with his professional cult and government regulations. He has been limiting what the farmers can grow and raise. While at the same time limiting how much they can earn. My Dad held them hostage rather than follow through on his promise to work with them.

This is the overwhelming promise my Dad makes to people. He makes a deal for power. And when you help him get that power he finds a way to hold you hostage. He never gives any credit where credit is due because it would show how powerless he is. His claim to fame is getting people to do the work for him and taking credit himself.

We dont have to fear my Dad. We have to fear the people who do the work for my Dad and make him look powerful by handing over their power. We will never be safe until people understand what my Dad does. My Dad never follows through. He will never give you what he promises. He imprisoned my Mom. He killed two of his wives. He has declared a war against me for over three decades. These are the people he claims to love. He doesn’t know love.

Then look at how he doubled crossed the middle men who are very powerful. They are so powerful they banished him to stay west of interstate 5. Then look at the farmers. Everyone looks at the farmers as powerful and to be respected. However my Dad imprisoned them as well.

So my Dad doesn’t treat the people he claims to love well. He doesn’t treat powerful people who help him get more power well. What makes you all believe he will treat you well? What do you have that makes you so special and different from literally everyone else in the world my Dad had been involved with?

I never understood I was supposed to get my Dad more power. I was born to be his pawn in this chess game he plays, but calls his life. However you all sign up to be a pawn in this game for my Dad. You weren’t born into this madness you choose it. I ask you all kindly to stop choosing my Dad and to enslave us all. Because it never works out well for anyone who does business with my Dad. You think you will come out ahead. But he makes you subhuman on a gene and cellular level and then double crosses you.

The farmers and the middle men have helped me because they see my Dad for who he truly is. They understand they made mistakes. We all are human. It’s okay to admit to making a mistake as long as you make up for it. There is no shame in changing your mind and doing better. Life is all about doing better when you can. Now is a time I need you all to do better because we cant afford to take days off. The next year or two or five or ten are going to be hard. Changing the world is not easy. I have been doing it for 663 days now. I dont know if it ever gets easy. But I do know it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I never imagined I could feel so amazing from doing anything. I never imagined I could change the world. But here I am leading a revolution. And I invite you to lead this revolution with me. Because when you hold onto your power and dont give it away you can change the world. You dont need fancy birthrights to change the world. You just need to be you and have faith in yourself. You are amazing. You dont need someone to tell you how amazing you are. But until you realize how amazing you are. I will tell you because for too long you have been told you dont matter. And I understand that better than anyone. You do matter. Look at me. My whole life I was told I dont matter. Here I am changing the world. I invite you to change the world with me because you are more powerful than you ever imagined. You are the power people fight wars over. People from fancy families dont have more power than normal people. Fancy families just convince people to give them power. Everyone is powerful unless they give that power away. I want you to hold tight to your power and join me. I dont need your power, I need your company. It’s going to be a long road, but I promise you all it will be worth it. And I promise you will learn things about yourself you never imagined. This wont be easy, but your grandchildren will thank you for what you are doing today. Being powerful means you have to take accountability for your actions. What you decide to do today will effect us all for generations to come even if you are not held accountable by someone else. Being powerful means holding yourself accountable. No one knows what’s right for you but you. Hold yourself accountable.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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