Sunday January 22nd 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Aquarius Sunday Church -How To Be Human

My left hand is pretty swollen today because they poisoned me so much throughout the night that my heart is failing. So I’m going to make this brief. Learning is all about repetition. I dint know if I’m really smarter than most humans or if I have just learned the process of how to get information to stick in my brain better. Learning is all about repetition.

I’m still at the graveyard I spend the night here on Saturdays. There is an old lady walking her dogs near me and poisoning me. It’s funny how no matter where I go people look clueless as they walk their dogs near me and poison me. However, they dont view themselves as killers or serial killers. Because we all know I’m not the only person they have tried to kill. I may be the first person these people have tried to kill for my Dad, but I now understand everyone is a murderer. You all poisoning people is why we are a subhuman slave race on a gene and cellular level. Sure my Dad can do a lot of damage, but you all do a lot of damage too. Look at me. I’m sitting here with failing organs so bad that my body is swollen because you all sign up to kill each other on a Sunday afternoon for privilege and view it as ordinary and regular and acceptable. Some days I’m really glad I’m not one of you. Today is one of those days where I want to hate you all. You all are the reason I have never been able to escape my family or be healthy or experience a normal life. My Dad cant do much unless you all agree to do his bidding and follow his orders. It makes me mad because everyone has cost me so much.

But this is more of a reason to teach you all how to be human again. My Dad taught you all how to be subhuman and reptilian. Because when you are reptilian and addicted to your emotions you are easy to control. Emotions are fleeting experiences that will leave you always chasing something like a high from a drug. And our c diff infections make you all addicts because it changes the way we process dopamine. So he has created a world of emotional junkies. This is why you all are crackheads for destruction. Destroying each other is your crack. This is how you develop cluster b personality disorders. This is how my Dad turns you all into sociopaths. Sociopaths aren’t born they are created. This is how my Dad turns you subhuman and this is how you accept being turned subhuman. Inaction is an action. By accepting his orders you accept being turned into a sociopath and forfeiting your ability to feel love. Because it changes the way your brain processes oxytocin. How many people can you poison before you cant feel love anymore? That’s the magic equation that I bet my Dad knows the answer to. Because once you cant feel love all you will desire is to destroy people. You stop being human when you cease feeling love. Humans are love. Sociopaths are destruction.

I’m going to go over what we have covered the past few weeks in Sunday church. And then I’m going to add one more step to it. This is how you go back to being human. It’s not easy but it is simple. However depending on how much you have destroyed others and forfeited your humanity it will be a lot of work. Simple isnt always easy and easy isnt always simple.

That little voice inside you that has told you your whole life that you deserve better than this. That is God. We are all God like and God talks to you, you just have to listen. God tells you what right and wrong but a lot of you have allowed my Dad to become the voice of God inside you. You dont have to destroy others to get the better you deserve. Everyone can have better together. Someone else having good things does not take away from your chances of having good things you deserve. That voice of God inside you that says you deserve better is a voice you need to listen to. God talks to you, but the more you ignore him the quieter his voice gets. The more you listen the louder it gets. Start listening to what God is telling you. He wants what is best for you. No one will be God in human form. God is a God for a reason. Humans are not Gods. And our search for God in human form is what has allowed for great evil in the world since the beginning of time. God is not in human form. But he is inside of you waiting for you to hear him. No one can get closer to God but you. God is an inside job. God is not something you find on the outside of yourself. Everyone who claims to be able to help you find God is leading you astray and trying to become God to you. Beware of anyone who tries to help you find God outside yourself. God is within you and has always been there.

The alkaline poisons steal your soul. Your soul is a mix of your 2nd and 3rd chakras. Your 2nd chakra is below your bellybutton. This is the computer of who you are. Your 3rd chakra is below your rib bones in the middle where it goes up above your liver and stomach. This is the energy of who you are. It’s your life force energy that is specific to you just like your fingerprints. This energy needs to connect with your 2nd chakra to turn the computer that is you on. These two chakras are your soul. The alkaline poisons create inflammation in your core and make these chakra go numb. When you dont have a connection to your soul you will commit crimes against humanity easier. Your soul has been stolen from you because you are easier to control without your soul.

Your soul and God have been trying to talk to you your whole life. But my Dad has placed his voice where your soul and the voice of God are supposed to be. My Dad tells you that you have to destroy others to get what you deserve. But in actuality that is taking you farther away from what you really deserve. It’s making you more subhuman on a cellular and gene level. You deserve to be human. You have to be human to get what you deserve in this human life you were gifted with. You will never get what you deserve while being subhuman. Your destiny is to be the best human you can be. A subhuman will never reach their destiny or potential in any way. It’s just not possible.

Then you need to take everything you hear and feel and fact check it. God and your soul can fact check each other. God will always align with your soul. You need to fact check everything and everyone. Even fact check me. If that little voice of God inside you says I’m wrong and your soul agrees you need to honor that voice. Always fact check everyone. Maybe what I say is not the truth for you. God and your soul will tell you what is right for you. And sometimes things get loud or confusing inside of you because we have been brainwashed and conditioned and manipulated so much to do the wrong thing. So sometimes you need to just sit with yourself and figure out what voice is really you and God. And what voices have been implanted and created in you to get you to do the wrong things. The world and capitalism depend on you doing the wrong things. In order for the systems as they are to continue you need to destroy yourself and others for them to prevail and continue. If you learn to heal yourself and not be addicted to emotions and destruction you will not perpetuate the systems that aim to destroy you. We can change the world by being ourselves and listening to God and our souls. You were not put here on earth to be a carbon copy of anyone else. You were put here on earth to be you and you have a destiny that is unique to you. When you ignore God and your soul you ignore your destiny and purpose. No one can find your purpose for you. That is something you God and your soul have to figure out. No one can tell you who you are. Just like no one can help you find God. God and who you are are inside you. It’s like a computer program already on your operating system, you just have to figure out how to use it. You were born to be you.

Next we have your brain. This is another layer of information to help you find your destiny. Last night I said any idiot can learn something, but a smart man uses that information to make his life better and that makes the world better. If we all make our individual lives better that makes the world better. From a science point if view I can explain this with our collective microbiome. Any improvements in our collective microbiome will create positive improvements in our epigenetics. Because gut bacteria and microbiomes are directly correlated with our epigenetics and gene expression. So all you have to do to make the world a better place is be a better you. That’s it. That is all it takes to be revolutionary.

However to do this you will need to use your brain. Your brain, your soul, and God are all present to help you find your destiny and purpose in life. You dont have to destroy others to get the better you deserve, you need to grow yourself. We all start out as a bud growing, but you have to water yourself and do the work to allow that bud to flower into who you are meant to be. You got to find yourself before you get the gifts that go along with your destiny and purpose. You dont get the gifts before you do the work. You don’t get better till you earn better. And you sure as hell are not going to find yourself by destroying others. It’s like trying to move forward but taking two steps back. Finding yourself is an inside job. You have to talk to God and your soul and use your brain. And you have to fact check everything. There is so much misinformation out there to lead you astray. Dont believe everything you learn. Just like every voice you hear inside of you is not God. If finding your destiny was easy no one would be caught up in my Dad’s cult. The world we live in has made finding your destiny and who you are meant to be almost impossible. I’m a genius and I have been working on it my whole life and I’m 41 years old. I still dont understand who I am or my destiny completely. And I dont believe I ever will because l am always learning and growing and evolving. There is no finish line when it comes to finding yourself or your destiny. It’s a process that is never ending. This is what life is all about. Its about finding yourself and having a good life and being you unapologetically. Because no one else is like you. You came into this world bearing gifts that are specific to you. No one has the gifts you have. God doesn’t make repeats he only makes masterpieces. God made you a masterpiece but you dont come with instructions or an operating manual. Anyone who tries to sell you these things is trying to be a God on some level. God is never in human form. But God did make you a masterpiece. And he does talk to you trying to explain how to unravel the masterpiece you are. But you have to be willing to listen. It’s not easy otherwise we all would have it down. Finding yourself and God are the hardest things I have ever done. I think it’s meant to be like this because it makes you realize how priceless you really are. Everyone is priceless. When you realize how priceless you are everything changes. You are a masterpiece God made. God doesn’t make junk, but he made you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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