Sunday January 29th 2023 Moon in Taurus Sun in Aquarius Police, Scandinavians, and Seattle Middle Men

First let me start by addressing the Police. Hope you all are having a great weekend. As you all can tell I have made some great progress this weekend. I need us all to work in continuing this progress this week. The moment we take it easy is the moment my Dad is able to recover ground. It’s a war and it’s all about holding our ground. Yesterday I wrote a letter via email to the board of directors at Walmart about the people who work there poisoning the food. Today when I got lunch the food was less poisoned some. However, it still was not acceptable. No amount of poison is acceptable. Yet, the people who work at Walmart dont seem to understand this. As I was sitting in the parking lot eating my lunch, I saw that my Dad is still recruiting new members who work at Walmart. These people are making the wrong decision. There is no union at Walmart to protect their jobs. Oregon is a hire and fire at will state. I am sure the board will be looking into the store in Eugene this week. And someone will have to take the blame. I’m sure it wont be management. So I need you all to war on the people who work at Walmart extra this week. I’m sure you all have traffic ticket quotas you need to reach still for January. It would be perfect if you used these people to fulfill those quotas. Basically any way you can make these people live in fear would be good. They need to understand being good people is no longer optional. Murdering all of us by poisoning the food is a crime we will hold them all accountable for. Make sure your point is understood because the rest of the grocery store workers are next. We the people deserve clean food. No one deserves to be poisoned and have to pay for it. The world is upside down. It’s time we turn it right side up again. If it ever was right side up. So that’s your gameplan for the week. Attack the Walmart workers until they surrender because they lost a lot of ground this weekend.

Now Scandinavians and Seattle Middle men, hope you all are having a good weekend as well. Scandinavians we have been at this for awhile now. I appreciate your support. I know it has been a long road, but we are making progress. I am unsure how you all and the Seattle middle men go together. But you all do. When I finally was able to reach the middle men in LA and Seattle during football season I was so grateful and relieved. I was starting to think all the white people without any ethnic roots were crazy and unable to think logically at all. You all have to realize I have been surrounded by white cult members of my Dad’s my whole life who have tried to kill me, overcomplicate everything, and just make life unpleasant wherever possible. I know I’m 3/8th middle men but I really dislike white people. And they always believe themselves to be superior when they aren’t. Normally they believe in learned helplessness and have multiple gene mutations and therefore rarely have any kind of potential. How in the world can they see themselves as superior to anyone? Its mind blowing. However when I found the middle men in Seattle and LA I was relieved because you all have the ability to think logically. This is such a gift for us all. Thank goodness you all are in control of a lot of these middle men who believe themselves to be superior.

I may not understand how the Scandinavians and Seattle middle men go together, but I know you all do. Because you believe in potential. When I was in Santa Fe trying to figure everything out I used to go to Starbucks and look for a job online. No one really knew too much about me on that side of town. Entering Starbucks was like entering a portal to another world. A world where potential was an option, a world where people applied themselves, and a world where people were civilized. That lasted for a couple visits until a lady there put drugs in my coffee and I almost fell asleep at the table after drinking it. My Dad was able to get your people to betray the world you all have worked so hard to create against all odds.

You all work together to defend Washington because you know you all are loosing ground fast. My Dad has made it part of his life mission to steal Washington from you all. He wants California too, but the Argentinians there have a strong hold. However, Washington doesn’t have the strong hold California does. You all are surrounded by the enemy because your own people have become the enemy. This is why it took me begging Washington for you all to be revolutionary with me. I didn’t know my birthrights and you all were reluctant to say the least. I understand your decision was based on your need to survive in the warzone you call home and try to defend. My Dad and my Uncle Dave have pretty much conquered you. It will take a couple more decades for it to completely happen. But you all know it’s inevitable without me. I am your only hope. You all have lived in a warzone just like me. And Washington has become the front lines in the past two decades. You all are starting to understand what it has been like to live like me. My Dad is taking over the Washington mafia by getting his people to marry into them and kill them stealing their birthrights. I hope Johnathan who worked at B and R with me is alive and aware that his brother and fiance were setting him up to die. You all were shocked when I told you all about this. But I hope you are no longer so naive. Because I know many of you are sleeping with the enemy just like I have my whole life. It’s scary and sad and unbelievable huh? It hurts that people will be so cold and calculating and devote their entire life to a lie in an effort to get power. I understand how hurtful it feels. I understand how wrong it is. However there are so many people who still dont understand our pain and I am starting to believe they never will. I now understand some people will never be human. We all have to accept this in order to keep ourselves safe. We dont have to accept that it is right or acceptable. But we have to be aware these people exist. Because they hunt people like you and me. They will kill us for our power. My Dad created these people. And some of them will have to die to learn better. It’s sad. But it could be even sadder if we refuse to accept that these people exist. Because they will kill us if given the chance. No one deserves to die because they were born with fancy birthrights. However my Dad’s cult members dont see eye to eye with us.

I said when I was in Santa Fe that i wanted to live in the portal that i entered when I went to Starbucks. And I still stand by this. When I lived in the pearl district in Portland I felt like I was living in this portal a bit, but my Dad’s cult members had invaded there too. The world you all have created has been invaded. My success is the only way you all get your world back that you worked so hard to create. I want you all to have your world back because it gives me hope knowing it exists. We all need your world to exist because it is the closest to reality we have. The world my Dad has created is filled with underachievers who believe in learned helplessness. It’s a dark dark place. I really hate it. I always wondered why no one in my family did anything with their lives. I used to ask my Mom and she would tell me they had kids as if that isn’t something we all are capable of. Farm animals breed and reproduce, it’s not a means to find your potential. Sure it can be part of your potential. But breeding has been something people do since before the beginning of time. Its not fancy or amazing. Its really unimpressive. Especially when they dont teach their children to be someone who believes in potential and earning their way in this life. Potential is about creating the world you want to exist in. I may not have much but I am using my potential to try my hardest to ensure we all have the option of striving for our potential in whatever way we see fit and work towards. In the world my Dad created potential is not an option. Learned helplessness means you forfeit any chance of potential. And people do it every day because they dont see another way. When I see the world you all created I see potential all over. And that gives me hope. We all need hope.

So I am writing today because I want to live and work in the world you all created. I would like to sell real estate for Windermere. I met with a lady last week from there. I learned a lot by what she didn’t say. And by looking at the website last night. I saw fancy white people with Washington genes who did not have the epigenetic triggers from being in my Dad’s cult. You all still had epigenetic triggers from poisoning people, but they weren’t the same as people in my Dad’s cult. I saw a man related to Bill Cavinee but he wasn’t in my Dad’s cult. You all are a family divided. Washington is trying to save itself while members of your family are selling you all out and joining my Dad. It’s a time of the changing of the guards. I have lived past the time I was supposed to. And this means a lot of people have been kept alive because I am holding things up. If something happens to me and the changing of the guard continues you all are done for.

So I suggest we all work together. I have a great support system that will back you all up whenever possible. Honestly all I need is to be treated like a ordinary regular person. I don’t need privilege. I just need to be treated fairly. I’m hoping you can make sure I get treated fairly at Windermere. I have a choice of working for keller Williams which was created in Texas or windermere which was created in Washington. The enemy of my enemy is my ally. I will forever choose the people who are my Dad’s enemies to work with because we have the same needs to survive. I just need you all to watch out for me. Because I want to make sure the world you all created remains in existence. And I want us all to no longer have to sleep with the enemy. No one deserves to be treated unfairly. But you all can relate to how I have been treated because it has started happening in your lives. And I promise it just gets worse from here. Please work with me to create better for the world. I want us all to have good lives filled with potential. You deserve everything you are willing to work for.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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