Sunday January 29th 2023 Moon in Taurus Sun in Aquarius Sunday Church-Shame

Hello Everyone, Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday. It’s going to be cold tonight. I’m doing laundry because Haywood puked on his coat and blanket. So I will have to take a break halfway through this talk.

Let’s recap from the past few weeks. That little voice inside you that tells you that you deserve better is God. God talks to you all the time. You just have to choose to listen. Then there is your soul. This is a mix of your 2nd and 3rd chakras. Below your bellybutton and in the middle of your ribs. The computer of who you are that runs off the energy of who you are. The alkaline poisons steal your soul because they make your core go numb and cause inflammation. It is hard to connect with your soul when the world is so poisoned like it is. Then there is your brain which helps you act on the information you get from God and your soul. Any idiot can learn something new, but it takes a strong person to embody what they know. Being the person you are meant to be is hard. If it was easy everyone would do it. And then there is fact checking. With all the misinformation and brainwashing we endure sometimes all the voices inside you get confusing and overwhelming. You need to fact check everyone including God, your soul, and your brain. God and your soul will always be in alignment and agreement. However your brain and everyone else in the world will try to play tricks on you at times. So fact check everyone with as many resources as possible. Especially with resources from the symbolic inheritance systems like books and maps and codes. Fact check everything even yourself. It’s better to fact check than to go down a path you weren’t intended to go down. Take the time to fact check.

Okay so the big topic of today is shame. Shame is something that is used in all the systems to make you feel less than. A big example would be religion and our family structures. In these systems women often tear us down using shame and then men build us back up to fit the system they are prescribed to. My whole childhood my Mom tore me down and then my Dad tried to rebuild me as he see fit. Nuns and priests do this in religion as well. We have to be tore down in order to believe we need to be rebuilt to fit the systems of destruction. If we thought we were complete and good we would not want to partake in the systems of the world. If we knew we were complete we would act complete.

So all the systems of the world tear you down to rebuild you as they see fit. It starts with our immediate family and never really ends. And we are broke down using shame. Shame says you did something bad, you are a bad person. But that’s not true. You are a good person and people make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes. My Dad gets people to create great evil by believing they are bad people. When you are sold shame and that you are a bad person, then you will do unthinkable things because you believe that is who you are. This is how my Mom and Dad broke my Brother. And its how they break all of you as well. You are a good person. Just because you have made mistakes does not make you a bad person. Being human is about making mistakes and learning from them. However if you believe yourself to be a bad person you will never learn from your mistakes. You will just continue to make mistakes because you believe that is who you are. When you believe yourself to be a bad person you will do bad things. However when you believe you are a good person you will do good things. It’s really that simple. You are a good person. Everyone is born good. And you dont become a bad person till you choose to be a bad person. The world we live in makes us all get confused and make mistakes. Good people make mistakes. However you live and learn and do better.
So the next time someone tries to tell you that you are a bad person or you should feel shame fact check that with God and your soul. Everyone is a good person. You just have to choose to be good and learn from your mistakes. Life is about doing better. It’s not about being perfect. Just do better, good people make mistakes and just do better. Life is about learning. Its not about damming your soul because people have told you that you are a bad person. Everyone is born good. You are good until you decide to be a bad person. There is great freedom in this realization. However, it also requires great personal responsibility. You are in charge of who you are. Are you going to be a bad person or are you going to be a good person? The decision is yours.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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