Sunday July 24 2022 Moon in Gemini Sun in Leo Church Meeting with The Farmers

Last night, I realized I need to take the lead in my overt world and stop accepting what I am allowed or get handed. If I’m going to be a good leader, I need to be the master of my own destiny. However, my Dads professional army is what stands between me and my career freedom. The people in this army are all new. Everyone wants to be apart of the elite group. These are the people who my Fad and Brother use to rig the stock market. Technically, being that I outrank my Dad, Mom, and Brother even combined these people are my army. Yet, my Dad will never give them up and my Brother will never as well even after my Dad dies.

This professional army is how my Dad has gained control over the farmers. He uses this army on them just as he does on me. My mom helped him build this army and then he used it against her to make her sit in a cubicle for most of her professional career. She’s more educated and smarter than him, but he cheated her out of her overt world. Just as he does countless people. People sign up to be apart if this army because they view it as the only way to success. People who explore and experience potential are expected to partake in this Army to ensure their ability to have a good career. This is why the people in San Francisco and the silicon valley were so quick to jump on board my revolution. They should not have to take part in the destruction of they partook in finding their potential. They are like me they believe in mastery and being good at things rather than earning a career based on privilege.

The farmers have been farming for generations. It only takes my Dad using this Professional army against them to take out generations of progress. Or to create years of debt. Just like he has done to me. The only way the farmers and I are going to be masters of our own destinies is by taking out this professional army that people are still singing up to be apart of. We need to eliminate these people who aren’t loyal to where they come from but not able to be controlled by the dark side farmers. These people are without checks and balances. And we all know absolute power corrupts all. This is the roots to my Dads corruption. We take away these people and he will be manageable. We all will have better lives. It’s a simple equation and I think I have even found a simple solution.

So what’s the solution? First we use accountability, acknowledge them publically, use fear tactics to create the actions we desire, we reward the behaviors we enduced, and then we live a good life and focus on love. Oh I think I forgot we make examples out of people to create the fear we wish to motivate people to make the change we wish to see. Again simple equation.

So how do we do all this? Well All the farmers and I need to team up. If we wish to eliminate our greatest enemy we need to work together towards this common goal. We agree to disagree on a lot of things. However we all agree that all of our lives will be better without this professional army. Finding common ground is the to cooperation. We will then create bonds while taking out this common enemy that will enable us all to overcome our differences down the road on other issues. When people go to war together they create bonds that are unbreakable. So this is the beginning of many beautiful relationships that will enable us to change the war games forever. We are going to come together in taking down Hitler Jr. Aka my Dad. My uncle Norm Bennit from Idaho Hitler’s son did not want anything to do with this professional army. I now realize this is what my mom and dad were building when they dug me around in a motorhome on weekends for a couple years after my grandma Kudearoff was killed. They tried to get my Uncle Nirm in on the destruction. He left so fast and I never saw him again or heard much about him. Not everyone in my family is like my Dad. I dont know much about his side, but I would like to believe some of them are interested in better like me. My cousins on that side went to college so that’s a step in the right direction.

Anyways back on subject. So how do all the farmers and I come together to take out this professional army. Well, you know what this army is most scared of? What makes them stay up at night? Accountability, especially public accountability. My blog and chip in my head has allowed me to learn how to keep these people manageable. I didn’t understand what I was doing, but I do now. Granted there will be the select few who dont care about accountability and see the payoff for their association with the professional army as more motivating than the pain of public accountability. However, for those people we will just have to increase the pain factor. Once again, simple solutions are the best.

So what we are going to do is create the Accountability Network. This is going to be a network that holds these professional army members accountable for their acts that earn them privilege and their place in this professional army. Accountability is a super power. And people rarely want to be accountable for their sins in the covert world. My family enslaved people based on this fact. Once again simple solutions are the best.

How do we do this? Well I nominate Ryan Traw and Anythony Ryan Payne to head up the Accountability Network for me. The farmers, all the farmers from Washington, Oregon. To California will do the same and create their own chapters and these chapters will communicate freely among one another. And eventually we will get all the farms involved because people travel and we deserve to know who people really are.

I choose these two boys to head up my chapter because they tried to turn me into their own personal slav and use me as a farm animal. However when I called on them earlier this year they were able to get things done in an amazingly quick fashion. I live results. These boys also know I have an overactive sense of revenge as my family likes to call it. So if they dont provide me with results they are better to me dead. I’m not sure what the covert equivalent to take them out back and shoot them is, but I’m sure the farmers are willing to help me figure it out.

See everyone in my family creates world wars, regular wars, or the serial killers except for me. I was taught to be civil, while they were taught to be vicious. Do you know how many times I have been raped, kidnapped, held hostage, and had my murder attempted? Countless times. My family has tried to break me in every way. In order for me to accept this treatment they taught me civility. I refuse to be a covert asshole like them. If I’m going to be an asshole I’m going to be an overt in your face asshole more like my great grandpa Hitler. I would rather create a world war than war on the people I claim to love. I want to live the people I live and take care of them. And I want to destroy the people who have hurt and destroyed me. It’s a super logical equation. Covert destruction of the ones you love who care for you is the most disgusting and illogical thing ever. I refuse to be like my family. If I want someone dead they will know it. And I have no problem admitting that I want to see the pain and fear in their eyes as they die. That thought brings comfort to my soul. That’s how I know I’m from my family and I need to be careful not to turn into them.

Back to accountability network, I suggest the farmers create their chapters using people who have done them wrong just like me. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This will ensure we get the results we seek. When you are better without them unless they create the desired results, it ensures those desired results manifest in a timely fashion. Allow people to pay reparations for their sins. It creates justice and balance in the world. It feels good. Because if just kill them there is no good only more evil and destruction. Let’s do good.

Okay so I’m shouting out to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, I need your help. You all are the best and the brightest when it comes to technology. I need you all to create an App for the Accountability Network. It will allow us to post photos and describe what people have done, their sins if you will. It will allow us to create profiles for people and a database so we can search by license plate, location, workplace, etc. Ut needs to have a point system so users get hits if dopamine when they view profiles. The more profiles the more points they get. Make it like a video game for the users. Something they can flick through on commercial breaks or as their mind is wandering throughout the day. A tik tock experience so to speak but with a point system so we can create a leaderboard fir people who have viewed the most. This will allow us to create accountability. We reward the user for viewing profiles, while deterring people from wanting an association with the professional network because people will not only who they are, but their sins, demographics and socioeconomics. It will be like a social media account for sinners in the professional army. This way when we want to grant access to something of value we have a database to search and find out who people really are and if they are deserving of the value we are offering. Example: Say your child wants to have a sleep over with a friend from school. You look up that friend’s parents on the app and now you are able to see if allowing your child to sleep over at that friends house is really a good idea. Another example, you are renting a home or hiring fir a position at work, you need to know who you are inviting into your life. People come with baggage and in the world they come with destruction. You need to know what kind of destruction you are inviting into your world. It will allow us all to keep ourselves safe. And it will motivate people to be good people.

Fear is the best motivator when people have been designed biologically to be in a fear state. Yes, over time we will change this. But it will take time. We have to accept what is and work with it how it is now. Nit how we wish it to be. Accept what is and move forward. There is a communist saying, “Uts better to be feared than love.” In the world my family has created this is true. But we need people to live in fear of the dark side of themselves. Just like I do. It keeps me good because I know I could create some pretty big evil. It’s a healthy fear and very productive. Look at me the only non serial killer in my family. If it can work on me, it will work on everyone else. Weak people can be controlled because weak people give into their desires for acts of destruction. It takes great strength to be a good person and overcome the desires from your reptilian brain. It’s hard, but it’s a simple process. We just need to motivate people to do it. If we incentivize being a good person people will do it. Once again simple solutions are best.

So San Francisco and silicon valley, I’m going to go ahead and speak for the farmers and say that the protection they have offered me is extended to those of you willing to help create this App. Send it anniymously to my Ryan’s in the Eugene area and we will get it out to all the chapters and all the people. At a later date when it is safer we will acknowledge who you are with great thanks publicly. It should only take a day or three to create this app for those of you who have mastered apps. Sure there will need to be maintenance but I’m sure we can get someone to take care if that. And if you all dont take action. I’m sure the farmers have been wronged by someone willing to make up for their sins by designing our app.

I was going to ask the farmers. How do you all communicate with the people? People need to know who is giving you a hard time. The people enjoy good quality food, that has been raised ethically, and has provided you with a good payoff for your efforts and talents. We want to support the people who keep us alive and healthy. This app will allow the farmers to reach the people who are the end consumers of their products. We need to have a direct line of communication so we can all make choices that support our beliefs and ethics. This is what the farmers are missing. They need to be able to invite the end consumers to make decisions that support their greatest good. When you ask for help, people will give it to you if they can. That is what this revolution has taught me. I dont need to boss anyone as long as I have good intentions and I ask for help when I need it. Its beautiful and simple. Life is supposed to be easy and put us all at ease. It not supposed to create dis ease.

Okay so we have accountability networks, we have chapters from each farmer, we have an app to create accountability publically, what’s next?

Well next we make examples of some people and create fear in the people who choose to still associate with my dads professional army. How do we do this? Well allow me to start. Of course I will need the help and backup from the Southern LA farmers.

Technically I am the boss/leader of the professional army because I outrank my Dad. And these Army members are who my Dad has used against me my whole life to destroy me and keep me small. So they have a lot of reparations to make towards me. Literally a lifetime worth. However, I would like to start with a small handful.

In order to be master of my own destiny in the overt world I will need some alliances in the overt world. Hold on potty break.

Ok back to my full circle moment, being master of my own destiny. There are a couple people who I have allowed to try to make up for what they have done to me this past year and they have not so graciously declined. I’m hoping the Southern LA farmers will help me with these people because they are not loyal to where they came from, they are only loyal to my Father. It’s like he’s a cult leader. I’m not too far off there huh? Anyways, A1 aka Tae Roh was the last person to tape me, he attempted my murder for years, gaslighted me and tried to drive me crazy, poisoned me in every way, and left me for dead in the desert when I had cancer. He owes me and I would like to be rewarded for my good behavior in not waging an overt war on him. His orivilefevand financial well being has come at the cost of my destruction. He viewed that destruction to be a necessary evil. He even tried to get me to marry him before I died. He owes me to say the least. And he knows with my “Overactive” sense of revenge as the people who have tried to kill me like to put it that I will not give up on getting reparations from him. I dont care if I covertly have to take him out back and shoot him and get my reparations from his niece and nephew who were designed to take over for him. Or if he has children himself now those will work to. The privilege his family has came at the cost of my destruction. I will be paid back for this. I’m the most powerful woman in the war games. If I can’t get even with the people who have harmed me the most, what good is this power?

So what I’m going to do is reach out to A1 and tell him I need help getting my continuing education completed for my real estate license, I need him to take his name off my jeep, help me pay off my credit cards, etc. He needs to put me back to where I was before he destroyed me. I deserve to sell real estate because it makes me happy. I live sales it allows me to channel the energy I could use for great evil. So he’s going to make up for the things he has done and we are going to be civil. The thing about me is everyone I have ever known has tried to kill me, except my best friend from elementary school who also is fancy and was not told about the war games. One person out of 41 years is not the greatest odds, but it has allowed for me to be understanding to some degree of why people do what they do. They viewed killing me as something they were helpless over. And I can accept that if the choose to make it up to me because they all earned privilege for trying to kill me.

So A1 and I are going to be friends and he’s going to help me and I can probably help him some with his real estate people. I can train them on how to do what I do in real estate. Which is essentially, how to sell real estate without privilege. And if A1 refuses then I can report back to the Southern LA farmers and we can go from there. I’m unsure of how you all get things done, but I’m a by all means necessary kind of person. I’m sure you all are kind of similar right?

Then I have Mr Utah aka Alan Pousaint. He owes me tried to enslave me, has not helped me this year even though his privilege came at the cost of my destruction. I will reach out to him and let him make reparations in kind manner no need to be rude or cruel. And same goes for him, if he doesn’t respond in a grateful manner with respect then I will ask for help from the southern LA farmers. I’m sure you all are more than happy to help me with making an example of a few people because this will enable us all to be free of the professional army my dad has created to keep us all small. This is my Dads last army and the sooner we take it from him the sooner we are free to explore our potential. It all comes down to a few people.

After I create my examples, then we keep going through the people who have wronged us or are just now getting in on the professional network because my Dad is grasping at last straws. We keep holding people accountable.

Each farmer uses his chapter of the accountability network to create accountability for those who have kept us small at the orders of my Dad in order to gain privilege for themselves. It shouldn’t take long to encourage people to be good and do the right thing and earn their own way in life rather than destroy others for privilege. Sure some people will resist and be reluctant to do better, but we just keep going because I dont want to be a serial killer like the rest of my family. I want to be a good person.

So I’m going to reach out to the two people I am going to start with and I will report back to the Southern LA farmers. I hope for things to go smoothly because it will set a good example for the rest. However, if we have to take them out back and shoot them. So ve it, they had the option to choose differently for themselves. Do better or die maybe could be the motto for the accountability network. Short and sweet.

And I hope the tech savvy people get busy creating the app, and my Ryan start recruiting people to work with them on the accountability network chapter for me, while the farmers create all their own local chapters. We all have a lot to work on and plan. Should we do a weekly church meeting for the accountability network. Accountability can be our new religion. I like that. Find God or die another motto.

So fingers crossed everything works smoothly this week. I can’t lie I would be pleased if this week results in blood and guts. But civility is always better.

I love you all, I’m excited for what the future holds for us all! Today we stand up for ourselves like never before.

See you all next Sunday for church.

Nicole D Graves

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