Sunday July 31st 2022 Moon in Virgo Sun in Leo Sunday Church Tonight

Its time for Sunday church tonight with all the farmers and anyone who wants to tune in. After the week we had, we all deserve some hope. Salem and all the other people involved in communication hubs, I need your help. Please help me connect with all the farmers nationwide especially the Hispanic farmers. The more people in the know the easier it will be for us to overcome this all. And it’s a lot so we can use all the help we can get.

I know everything feels overwhelming and many of you feel like your world fell apart on top of you, but it’s going to be okay. Yes, change has to occur and change is scary. But we are going to be okay. The first step to solving any problem is awareness. It hurts but this is for your best interest. The longer you took to find out the more damaged your epigenetics would be and the harder it would be to recover.

So tonight around 8pm west coast time get everyone to tune in. Coast to coast I need the farmers and decision makers to tune in. We all need to come together and tonight we come together to give each other some hope.

See you all tonight.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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