Sunday March 12th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Pisces A Letter To My #2s

To my #2s

Hope you all are having a great Saturday. We made great progress this week. But as always there are still people signing up to fight this war for my Dad. I am assuming a great number of you all are French canadians. The people who followed my Dad in the military were a lot of French canadians. His best friend was Richard Heinz and now that I see him through new eyes, I see he is French Canadian. It’s interesting to learn so many of these things in my 40s. I never knew how many ways we had to divide people. When it all comes down to it we are all just human. People forget this way too often.

I have seen more Hispanic people in the past couple days than I have in months. They may be French Canadian, but the genocides my Dad created still aim to kill them. How do you suppose they rationalize fighting for their own genocide and death?

I realized my Dad gained control over a group of French Canadian Hispanics when I was in 6th grade. So it was about 1991 or 1993 ish. Then he gained another group of French Canadian Hispanics when my aunt nina married Joe parades. Aka she conquered him. My family uses love and marriage to conquer people. It seems the French canadians have a lot of ethnic roots. So how do they disassociate and believe the genocides my Dad created dont apply to them? I dont know the answer to this. But when people hate themselves they probably dont care if they die and they really don’t care if others die.

I’m hoping I can get you all to reach out to the French Canadians still fighting for my Dad. These are people who have been left out. They are just looking for somewhere to belong. So allow them to join your armies and be seen. Everyone needs a place to belong. These people fighting for my Dad just want a place to belong. Maybe you all can explain what all is happening to these people blinded by their need to belong. I would greatly appreciate it. It seems you all are just as powerful as a country or a leading force. Every time I cannot get people in line by working with their leaders you all are always able to pick up the slack. I promise to never take advantage of this and always be grateful for what you all do. It’s hard work being a #2 and I can put myself in your shoes because I live in them no matter what group or race you were born into. Being a #2 is a hard job. But I’m very grateful to be in such good company.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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