Sunday March 12th 2023 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Pisces A Message To The Biker Leaders

I would like to speak with the leaders of the bikers. In southern Arizona the bikers tried to kill me intensely. I had this moment where I let my rage out and screamed and yelled while driving. After this moment I felt their fear. Bikers are scary, but someone who was raised by the greatest evils in the world can be pretty scary too.

My family got control of the bikers when they got control of the Hispanic people when Joe Parades joined the family. I wonder if he knew he was being conquered. I always wonder what people are thinking when they sign up to join my family. They are high on the feeling of belonging. But does their logical mind ever question what is really happening? I may never know the answer to this. But the world is filled with people who end up paying the consequences for these people’s actions. I would like to speak to the leaders of the bikers. They understand having to pay for other people’s mistakes and their need to belong. I will give you all a few moments to get them all tuned in.

Hello everyone,, thank you for tuning in. You will have to excuse me because I honestly dont know much about biker gangs. However I know you all have a place in the war games and are mostly French Canadian. So I was hoping we could collaborate to get to our desired results quicker.

Again, I thought about your exports. Hunter S. Thompson hung out with the Hell’s Angels and he was never the same afterwards. I dont know what subgroup he belonged to, but I have a feeling you all take destruction pretty seriously. Yet, I have my personal experiences with interacting with Bikers while in the adult industry and you all are just like everyone else in the sense you want a good life and often have families to feed. We all do what we have to in order to survive. And when we are tied to people like my Dad those things get pretty intense. No judgement because we all have been there. Some people admit to these moments other people sweep them under the rug and try to never think of them again. However we all have had these moments. No one is without sin and we all are human just trying to survive in a warzone. I think you all live more in this warzone like me. Most people dont understand what it’s like or how it can eat away at your soul. Life in a warzone is hard to say the least. Maybe we can help each other get out of this warzone.

So I have this group of French canadians trying to destroy and kill me. Especially in the real estate industry I have these people. And I believe these people could be shown the error of their ways if you all were to address them. These are the people holding us all back from better. It’s almost been 2 years of this revolution and since the biker gang in southern Arizona overtly came after me. I was hoping people would be quicker to catch on to what is in their own best interest. But survival and darwinism are not people’s strongest abilities any more. It’s really sad. But for me and people like you who live in this warzone it’s beyond frustrating. These people are making me mad. I bet you see them as privileged and soft just like I do. I may not be a biker or be into physically assaulting people but I have lived through and endured things that would break most people. I dont really have pride in that it is just my hand of cards in this life. But I wish other people recognized and acknowledged they have a hand of cards that has made them soft. No matter how much they poison and destroy others they will always be soft. And there is nothing wrong with being soft if you admit and recognize that you have had an easy life and that is why you get the privilege of being soft. One day I hope most people get to be soft. But in this tough hard world where grit is the name of the game there are a bunch of soft people playing and pretending to be hard and holding us all back because they dont understand what they are doing or taking part in. I bet you all get just as frustrated with these people as I do. I try not to hate them, but in moments like this its really hard.

When I helped the Mexican mafias redirect their products, I think I cut you all out of the equation. I dont believe in bribing people, but I do believe in positive reinforcement. I believe if you all are revolutionary and help me that you all should be rewarded. I also believe you all would be very useful in my rebuilding efforts in the coming years. I dont know what the French Canadians will need help with, but I have a feeling if I start to create the infrastructure the products will come. See it makes sense for the Canadians and the people in Mexico to help one another and connect as much as possible. They will both be stronger if they do. I like to empower people. It feels good and I think it’s the right thing to do. People have always tried to take power from me. No one has ever tried to empower me. I bet you all can relate to this too. So how about we work together and you all empower me and I empower you. I think you all have great influence with the people left fighting this war against me for my Dad. I know you do. The lady at 7-11 who poisons my slurpees and just the sight of me makes her blood pressure and cortisol spike had on a free souls sweatshirt today. She may not respect herself or doing the right thing, but she respects you all. That has to be an interesting dynamic for you all. You all are Gods to people. I dont know if I am a God to people. I ask them to be loyal to where they come from and to do the right thing. I tell them I’m not a God, but I fear some of them look at me like a God. That’s scary because that kind of power is absolute power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. I worry about always doing the right thing. I’m human I make mistakes. But I really try hard to do good. Before I talked to you all I thought about if this was the right thing. Is it right to basically offer drugs to sell to people for being revolutionary. And I realized it’s not my place to judge. We are all humans just trying to survive and have good lives while feeding our families. The people in Mexico and the drug cartels down there are just humans and I am helping them. You all are just humans and I dont think people offer you all help. Or even think you might need it or that you deserve better. This revolution has taught me everyone deserves better, but rarely do people think let alone act on other people deserving better. I think you all get overlooked a lot. And I think your contributions to the war games also get overlooked a lot. I have been hunted by every subgroup. The bikers in southern Arizona were some of the best at hunting people. Potential is potential. Sure it may have been a weird situation to be in, but it was weird for them too. And they tried their best and did better than most groups. I would rather have you all on my side than fight against you all again. Being appreciated and valued for your contribution is important. It’s part of the human experience that we all deserve.

Sorry I got really wordy, they are poisoning me with car fumes. So here is the deal. I think I cut you all out of my Mexican friends products when I redirected them last year. I’m hoping you all can convince the French Canadians left fight this war for my Dad to stop. Especially focusing on the ones who poison my food at Walmart on west 11th, the ones who poison my drinks at 7-11 and Fred Meyers on w. 11th, and the people in the real estate industry who have signed up to destroy me. I approve any means necessary. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle your vicious. If nothing else maybe you will give them heart attacks. I’m human too. I cant help but want revenge sometimes. So clean food and water, a fair shot at real estate, and for people to stop trying to kill me every fucking day. If you all can help me with this I would love to get you all back into running products for my Mexican friends. Also I would love your help with whatever my new French Canadian friends need to move. Supply and demand dictates what people produce. Its capitalism we dont judge in this revolution. We treat people fairly and like adults.

If you all can help me get the rest of the French Canadians on board, I will reward you and gladly add you to my family. You all are good people. You have just been put in a lot of tough situations just like me. So if you all would like to join my family I would love to have you all. Thank you for your time and for being you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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