Sunday March 19th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Pisces A Worldwide Anti-Cult

This message is for everyone worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are a leader of a mafia or a regular ordinary person. We all have to work together to get our desired result. Which is better for everyone.

See last year, we took over my Dad’s professional cult. The leaders and I formed a united nations professional cult. And we need the North to get involved with this as well. So whoever is on the board of the united nations professional cult needs to get the North represented on the board. Taking over my Dad’s professional cult was a way to take our power back. I am not the only one my Dad has used these people to hold hostage. He uses all his cult members to hold us hostage. And he is still doing it. The people at Sheppard Motors broke my radiator. The people in the real estate industry refused to treat me fairly. The people who work at the place I have a po box on Willamette and 14th in Eugene steal my mail or delay me from getting it and poison my packages. We all are still being held hostage. Perhaps the examples of how are just more clearly defined in my life.

However, my Dad has taken his professional cult and moved it onto a personal level. Now rather than having control of industries and professions my Dad has control over people’s lives because they have chosen to give their power over to him. People are desperate for the feelings of belonging, and being important, and feeling seen and heard. However, we all should not have to pay for other people getting their needs met. And we really shouldn’t have to pay for people being weak and short sighted.

No one in my Dad’s cult is going to hold their hand up and say It’s me. Hi! I am the problem. It’s me. They do not believe themselves to be a problem. They believe they have found the answer they have always been looking for. They believe they deserve to destroy and hurt us all to get better for themselves. They don’t understand that my Dad’s cult disables them from ever thinking for themselves or having a good life. These people do not live in reality. And often they do not understand the destruction they are carrying out. Look at all the people who dropped out of my Dad’s cult because they did not understand they were creating world war 3 and multiple genocides. My Dad would not be building his cult with the people he is today unless he was desperate for bodies. These people are not the chosen as they want to believe they are. They just are the last people willing to do my Dad’s dirty work and destroy us all.

This means that as a world we all need to come together on an individual level. The North, East, West, and South all need to come together all over the world. In every country, we need to stand up for ourselves because my Dad is using these remaining people to hold us all hostage and to keep us from getting better. It is your job to stand up for your right to have a better life. And this means conditioning people to associate pain with being in my Dad’s cult. When people cannot learn from logic or the desire for doing better in the big picture than pain is the best teacher. I have learned to be so different from you all because every time I tried to be normal and regular I experienced pain. My Dad basically conditioned me to be revolutionary by using his cult members on me. This means all we have to do is treat his cult member as they have treated me my whole life. Most people could not survive my life. I have great faith these people will see the error of their ways very quickly. We just have to be persistent and all work together.

This is what I need you all to do. You need to look around you and see who is in my Dad’s cult. You need to realize these are the enemies that will kill you and harm you when given the choice. Never accept food from these people. They always try to feed me or get me to drink water or coffee, etc. These people will use your mirror neurons against you. They will pretend to be human and kind. But the more into my Dad’s cult they get, the more your body will tell you there is something wrong with this person. Listen to your body, your brain will question what you are feeling, but your body doesn’t lie. Your body will understand things before your mind does. They say your gut is your second brain, but that is a lie. Your gut tells your brain what to do. Your gut bacteria controls your mind. This is why you should always listen to your gut feeling. Because the world, the systems, and especially my Dad’s cult are all set up to get you to deny and question your gut feelings and what you really know. This is a war. And in order for this war to take place you have to constantly be doubting and questioning yourself. My Dad uses his cult member to make you question and doubt yourself. You know things and you need to have faith in yourself and your gut feelings. This may mean starting to eat better and do some intermittent fasting so you can understand what your gut is trying to tell you. You know what you know, but you have to learn how to trust yourself. That means listening to yourself above anyone else. Even when they try to condition you and make you feel bad for not following along or joining in. My whole life I have had to go against the grain just to survive. It gets easier. Just stand up for yourself. You deserve better and you are going to get better by listening to yourself and not letting other talk you out of what you know. And especially not letting them talk you out of what is best for you.

Think about this revolution. I built this revolution on my gut feelings. I was never told about anything. I didn’t know anything about the war games or who my families are. But my whole life I had all these gut feelings. I had no clue what they meant. But on this adventure and revolution I was forced to figure out what those feelings meant. It was confusing and frustrating. But I have never felt more rewarded and like myself. I understand who I am more than ever before. And I am living in my truth more than ever before. You need to live in your truth. This means you need to be aware of the cult members around you and realize they aren’t human. They don’t want good for you or the world. They are going to do everything in their power to hurt you. So the less power you give them the better.

Keep your distance from people in my Dad’s cult. They will use your mirror neurons against you. So even just looking at them is dangerous. Identify who is a cult member and stay away from them. When you are forced to interact with them make being a member of my Dad’s cult as painful as possible for them. These people don’t learn with logic or by the desire to have better. These people only learn with pain. So make everything complicated and painful for them. They won’t drop out of my Dad’s cult until they associate being a cult member with pain. And we have to do this quickly because my Dad gets people stuck in his cult.

Let me explain why people like my Uncle Dave and my Uncle Brett are stuck in my Dad’s cult. I have been around these men for my whole life. I believe there are parts of them that want better. They have helped me on this revolution when they could. But I believe if they could be revolutionary they would. Because I believe that they joined my Dad’s cult because he sold them on better in the form of power. They joined my Dad’s cult because they thought it would be the way to better and creating a name for themselves. And I think they did. It just didn’t turn out like they thought it would. There was a lot more darkness involved and not as much payoff or profit as they had hoped. No one in my family is rich. They may be above middle class a bit, but not much. No one is really in the place my Dad sold them on. And now after decades of being in my Dad’s cult. They are stuck. Because my Dad is now holding them hostage.

See my Dad gets everyone in his cult to do unthinkable things, illegal things. Then my Dad holds these things over their heads for a lifetime. They will never be able to leave his cult because my Dad will threaten to out them on some of the worst moments of their lives. He uses these awful things that he gets people to do to convince them that they are bad people. And once he has convinced them that they are bad people, then he gets them to do even more awful things. Pretty soon his cult members have done the unthinkable so much that they don’t know who they are or how they have done all the things they have done. They become empty vessels and just a shell of who they once were. They become cult members and no longer recognize themselves or see the person they used to be. My Dad conditions people to be sociopaths and to be like him. Everyone in his cult is just an extension of my Dad. They cease to be human or to be themselves. No one gets to be themselves in my Dad’s cult or in my family.  So these lost people who are signing up to be in my Dad’s cult today will loose themselves soon and we will not be able to get them back. It is a race against time. Either we show them that it is too painful for them to be in my Dad’s cult. Or my Dad beats us all to the punch and erases the people these people once were and makes them into an extension of him. How long do you think it takes to erase a person? Especially because these people who are joining are not fancy in the war games or mafia. These people do not know themselves and they have never been told they are valuable. How long do you think it will take for them to loose themselves when they were never taught to value themselves in the first place? I am going to assume that it wont take long at all for them to get lost in the feelings of belonging and to commit great sins to keep that feeling that is a high for them. And then they will be stuck and we will be forced to live a world with them.

The easiest way to create a world where we all get better is to eliminate as many cult members as possible. Especially the people just signing up because they still have a chance to save themselves. My family has committed too many crimes and sins to save themselves. They are stuck. They have written their fate and destiny. When you lie with dogs you get fleas. The fleas my Dad shares with people never really go away. I hope one day we can help the people who my Dad has enslaved get better. I would like to find a way to save my family. But right now we have to focus on ourselves. Because my Dad’s cult will try to stop us all from getting better. And if you don’t make these people’s lives painful in anyway you can it will be harder on us all.

This means when you see people put out their trash cans on days when it isn’t trash day you label them cult members. I am sure some people actually make a mistake sometimes. But there is no mistake when it is put out with a poison bomb in it. This means when you see a cult member you use everything in your power to make their lives more complicated and uncomfortable and painful. You look at them and make them feel shame. You shake your head at them and give them a stern look. These people are extremely vulnerable to the behavioral inheritance systems so you show them how you feel and they will understand it even if they pretend not to. Your behavior will shake their core. This means if you are a customer service agent you do not waive their late fees. This means if you are a waitress you make them wait longer for everything. This means if you are a loan officer you lean towards not accepting their loan application. Do everything in your power to disempower these. I am sure you all have experienced how my Dad’s cult has made your life harder and more complicated when they could. I want you all to do these things to the people in my Dad’s cult.

We are not forming a worldwide cult like my Dad did. We are banning together to stand up for ourselves and form an anti-cult. We will no longer be vulnerable to a select group of people who feel they have the right to enslave and imprison us all. We deserve better. And that means we have to disempower the people who do not believe we deserve this better. It feels wrong. I completely understand. But you have to understand this is a war. And we have been at war since the late 1970s when my Dad started world war 3 and conquered the Kudearoff family by marrying my Mom. Do you want to end up like the Kudearoffs? I know I don’t. They are some pretty awful people. They don’t have good health. They don’t have potential. They aren’t smart or happy. They don’t know God. But they sure know my Dad and they will do everything he tells them to mindlessly. They are some of the most unhappiest people I have ever met. Yet, they act so much greater than and like they are entitled to believe they are the chosen ones. I was surrounded by them my whole life. They all tried to kill me while being unpleasant and yet telling me that they love me. This is exactly what my Dad’s cult members will do to you. Until they have taken everything they can from you and you are dying.

Fighting back is about protecting yourself and what is yours and your family. If you don’t fight back these people will take everything from you. And I do mean everything. Look at me they took everything I have worked my whole life for and then they killed one of my dogs. They will take everything from you because they are just extensions of my Dad. My Dad has not changed. If anything he has gotten worse. He still believes he is entitled to holding the world hostage and destroying us all. Your body is the concentration camp that my Dad has put you in. And he uses his cult member as the SS soldiers in your concentration camp. You need to fight back. I know your brain wants to tell you that we are not at war. But listen to your body. Your body understands this war more than your brain ever will. How often have you felt dis ease in your life? How often have you just not felt well? This has been all by design. How often have you been depressed or anxious? This is also by design. In the world my Dad created with the systems in place you are never supposed to feel good. How are you ever going to get potential if you don’t feel good?

Your job, no matter who you are, is to fight back. This means making everyone accountable for their own actions. This means making the lives of the people in my Dad’s cult as painful and uncomfortable as possible so they don’t hold us all hostage. Stay away from them, but when you do have to interact fight back. Do whatever you can to create pain in their lives. If you don’t you all will end up just like me. And I bet you all fear being like me. I was used as a training tool for a reason. You all have been trained to fear to live like me. So this is your chance to earn the life you deserve. This is your chance to fight for getting better. Everyday you choose whether to be revolutionary or to be held hostage.

I choose this revolution. I hope you choose to be revolutionary with me. Because the world needs you. And I need you.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

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