Sunday March 19th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Pisces It Takes A Village

I did my drive from the cemetery in Springfield to the Walmart in west Eugene. People from the north are signing up to be in my Dad’s cult even after learning and knowing everything. These are people that are new completely. They aren’t fancy in the war games or the mafias. They are regular ordinary people who are trying to hold us all hostage.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m sick and tired of being held back by people trying to earn privilege by destroying me. It gets really old. I have given people over 700 days the opportunity to decide to be good people on their own. I have learned people rarely choose to be good people on their own. It’s sad but we have to meet people where they are.

The farmers in southern La and Roseburg have been able to solve this problem for us with all the other groups. I am hoping and asking for permission from the leaders of the north to allow us to declare war on the people from the north who are holding us all back. The farmers in southern LA and Roseburg have been able to keep the darkside on lockdown for over a year now. These soft people from the north should be easy for them to take care of. So with the permission of the leaders of the north and without any disrespect I would like permission to handle these people as I see fit. I appreciate everything you all have done. But it is less than 2 weeks from the exact two year mark of this revolution. I don’t have time to sit around and wait for people to be good people anymore.

Farmers in southern LA and Roseburg, I need you all to do what you do. This last group of people from the north are holding us all back. Do whatever you need to do to get them to not only drop out of this war against me but show them they need to not join my Dad’s cult. Because it’s not in their best interest. I approve any means necessary. I dont care if you line them up and shoot them all. Whatever needs to be done, I approve.

Danish leaders you all also have great control over your people. I would like to request your help with these last wild cards from the north. Will you help convince them that they need to drop out of this war and not join my Dad’s cult. I also approve any means necessary. Because I have waited two years on top of a lifetime for people to be good people. Sometimes they need motivation. So provide them with motivation in any manner you choose. I approve firing squads and anything else.

To all the ordinary regular people out there sitting this one out and waiting it out with me for the world to choose to be good people, I appreciate you all so much. I am literally fighting a revolution to be one of you all. For a lifetime you all have been taught to police one another. I’m going to allow you to also take part in policing the north and this last group of people wanting to enslave us all. I approve any means necessary, but of course dont get in trouble or get caught. But be vicious. We all have anger inside of us that we need an outlet for. Channel your anger and rage at these people left trying to enslave us all for their own gains. How many times in your life have people tried to hurt you so they could get ahead? It’s countless times for me and you all aren’t much different from me. So this is your chance to get even and help us get better for the world. I appreciate you all being revolutionary. And I look forward to being human and ordinary with you all very soon. Go get em!

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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