Sunday March 19th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Pisces Sunday Church-God Is Not An Option

On Sundays we have Sunday Church because church and state are an important check and balance in our lives to keep us all safe. My Dad has eliminated church because he wishes to be God. No human is God. We all are God like, but no human will ever be God. So on Sundays we talk about how to connect with God because I need you all to know who you are. And God is apart of who you are.

God is not optional. God is the feeling we get when we look up at the stars and the moon and have awe. That awe feeling is God. God created the stars, the planets, the tides, gravity, etc. All of these things are larger than life. No on can choose not to believe in gravity. The moon and tides exist and so does gravity. No one can just opt out of believing in them. However, I do believe that God appears to some of us differently as we need him to. We don’t have to agree on what God is to agree there is a God. So you get to choose your God, but we all need to admit God is real. There are so many things in this world that are larger than life and we have yet to find the words to explain them. These things are connected to God.

God is logical. God is the quantum field where endless possibilities exist. I am alive because I found the quantum field as a child and I found God. No one in my family talked about God. So my relationship with God has been something that I never got to talk about until I moved to Arizona. I noticed there when I talked about God with people they would freak out like they saw a ghost. See I had an imaginary friend when I was little, but my Mom would never tell me about it. I am pretty sure this imaginary friend was God. And I am also pretty sure my Mom used to tell me God was my only friend. See I am logic based and I take a lot of things at face value. My Mom programed me to find God. So I want to program you all to find God and give you the tools you need to do it.

First, you just have to admit and know that God exists. You don’t have to know any details or anything else. You just have to have faith that he exists. I am going to use the pronoun he, but if your God is a woman you can use she. God is an inside job, because he is a part of you. So here you are knowing that God exists and you know there is some kind of order to the universe. We just have to tap into this order to figure out how to use it in our favor. When we understand the equation and the variables we can make it work for us more.

Second, you find the voice of God. God talks to you all the time. And I bet you are thinking he doesn’t talk to me. What are you talking about? Well let me tell you. See your whole lives you have had this little voice inside of you that has told you over and over that you deserve better than this. This is the voice of God. When you listen to the voice of God he will talk more. So you have been hearing him your whole life. He just hasn’t tried talking more because you are not listening and it would fall on deaf ears. When you listen he talks more. Somedays he may even be chatty.

Third, you need to connect to your soul. Your soul will lead you towards God. God is an inside job. I believe God lives in our gut bacteria, but that is just a personal belief. I don’t have the words to explain that belief yet. But I can tell you where your soul is and how to find it. Your soul is a mix of your second and third chakras. This is right below your bellybutton and right in between your ribs at the bottom of where they come together in the middle. Chakras are the energy centers of the body. Your second chakra under your belly button and kind of in the center of your hips is the computer of who you are. This is where you create in your body and this is why your sexual organs are right here. This is the super computer of who you are. But it needs energy to run. Your third chakra is in the middle of your ribs at the bottom where they come together in the middle. This is your life force energy. This is the essence of  of who you are. These two together are your soul and when they are operating together they make talking to God easier. Energy from your third chakra powers the computer of who you are in your second chakra. They also make life easier. But see the thing is that the alkaline poisons steal our soul because they make our core go numb and they create inflammation in our organs. So most people have only felt their soul in fleeting moments. My whole life I always wondered why I could never hold onto the feelings of who I am. It was like I was always slipping out of my own reach. The alkaline poisons are why. So you have had moments where you felt your soul and then it would just slip away. This wasn’t your fault. This was happening by design. People who do not know themselves are easier to control. People who do not know God are easier to control. You are God like and so when you know yourself you will know God. No human is ever going to be God, but you are God like. Your body is a miracle and magic everyday just like the stars and the moon. That awe feeling that we get when we look up at the stars, that feeling is the same feeling I get when I think about the human body and how amazing it is. We are more bacteria, parasite, and virus cells than we are human cells. This is why my Dad has created systems that war on our microbiomes and change everything about us. When we change the bugs that make up who we are, everything changes and not necessarily for the better.

My life got better when I started working on my microbiome. We are all bugs and we just need to cultivate our good bugs. You are a bug when you use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer you are killing yourself. Those things do not kill C diff, but they do kill the good bacteria that fights c diff. When you wash your dishes, it is probably best to use gloves so you don’t kill yourself. My Dad has created a world where we look at bacteria as wrong. But yet the solution to all the destruction my Dad and the systems have created is to ferment the world. I cured cancer narturally in Arizona because I learned to ferment everything I could get my hands on. I did science experiment after science experiment until I healed. And honestly I doubt I will ever finish with my science experiments. But it has been two years since I have had the ability to really ferment anything. And yet those bacteria I grew on my kitchen counter are still with me and keeping me alive. When you eat fermented foods it makes your body more acidic which helps you overcome the alkaline poisons. Which makes it easier to feel your soul. And that makes it easier to know God. God is in your body you just have to find him. And I found him through eating ferment foods and not killing my bacteria. You are God like. But are you killing the God inside you so you can be more easily controlled?

My Dad wants everyone to believe he is God and all powerful. But when you know the real God you can’t be controlled with the same false narratives. I thought about it this morning and last night, I think the smart people from the North are missing God and that is the part that I see them as missing. When you know God you know humans. Maybe I am so good at sales because I know God. When you know God you know fairness and you know that you need to treat people right. I literally sold a world on a revolution because I want to do better for us all. Yes, I want better for myself. But I understand I am not different than the rest of you all. We all deserve better. Sure I may have these super fancy birthright in this imaginary game we all play. But those don’t make me a different kind of human. We all are human. And I think the people in the North and all of us get a little too big for our britches sometimes. I suppose I have been talking to the world about being too big for their britches for almost two years now. No human is better or more valuable than another human. Look at me, these birthrights that supposedly make me the most valuable person in this imaginary game we all play have almost killed me my whole life. This is what believing you are superior does to people. It kills you because it steals your humanity. God did not make any of us more valuable than the rest. We are all God’s children. And we all are the same. I understand you all want to believe you are different. And we all are different. But when it comes down to value in God’s eyes we are all the same. No group of humans is better than the rest or more valuable. Look at all the pain and destruction that has come over just the past 100 years of this imaginary game. This has all been in an effort to prove one group is better than the rest. No one is better than the rest. Per wargames rules if someone was better it would be me. And I am telling you all no one is better. I am equal to you. I don’t care what your birthrights are, you and me are equal. God made me and you just the same. If there really was a superior race or group we would have different medical doctors because our bodies would be different. You are not different than me. We all bleed the same.

So your church homework is to connect with your soul and find God. I found him in my Gut bacteria as an adult and the quantum field as a child. So do what you do and find a path to God that works for you. Because we all are God like and you just have to find your soul to connect to God. Listen when he talks and he will talk more.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

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