Sunday March 5th 2023 Moon in Leo Sun in Pisces A Note To My #2s

How are my #2s doing on this Sunday evening? Being a #2 is a hard job not many people understand, but a lot of people are jealous of us. People dont see the destruction we all have experienced because we are #2s. They just see the power we have and think that we didn’t have to earn it. We earn every bit of power and authority we have from the time we are born until we die. Our mothers war on us physically before we are even born. However because of the genetic modifications we have and the destruction we all experience, we are the group of people most likely to be able to use our logical minds. Asperger’s means we are logical brain based. We can see cause and effect more clearly than most people. This is why we have to protect people who are not as able to think as logically as us. Yes, we experience a lot of hurt to be who we are, but I have to believe that hurt is for a reason. It’s so we use our logical minds to protect others who are unable to see what we see. The world is filled with predators who brainwash others for their own interest and profits. It’s a really dark place out there. Everyone wants to profit off someone. Everyone seems to want to enslave someone. Honestly, I don’t understand why these people believe themselves to be superior enough that they deserve to prey on others. And maybe the truth is I don’t want to understand.

Over the past year I have been parked in a Mormon church parking lot. I have gotten to see a lot of cult activities. It has been eye opening to say the least. The children are what hurt my heart the most. I remember being a child and not having anyone to protect me from the adults in my life. The people who were supposed to love and protect me hurt me the most. They still do. However, I was lucky my parents were not apart of a cult that had a place in the overt world. My life would have been worse. And that’s really hard for me to even comprehend. So right now there are children in the Mormon church who are living lives worse than how I grew up. And the worst part is the church normalizes it. So they believe that their lives are normal and acceptable and there is something wrong with them. Not all of these kids have Asperger’s. Some of these kids, actually most of these kids are dyslexic and creative brain based. Therefore they are emotionally based and likely addicted to their feelings by design. Can you imagine what it would be like to be addicted to your emotions and feel like there is something wrong with you and that you deserve to be treated this poorly and abused? I never believed I deserved any of this. However, this is because I am logical brain based. What about you all? Did you think you deserved all the destruction? No matter whether you did or didn’t, you can imagine the pain of believing you deserve to be destroyed. No child deserves this. It’s a literal hell. And it’s being covered up by a religion and God. Add another layer of pain to it. Could you imagine God thought there was something wrong with you and you deserved to be abused and destroyed? I love God. And I really hate when people use God to enslave others. It’s kind of a pet pev of mine.

So I have a project for you all. I’m hoping you all will build your armies more with the people in the Mormon church. The more people in the mormon church, the more children grow up thinking God believes that there is something wrong with them and they deserve to be destroyed and abused. The more people we are able to get to realize the mormon church is just another cult in this weird world we all live in, the fewer children will grow up thinking God hates them. If you believe God hates you, can you imagine all the destruction and evil you would commit without thinking twice about it? It’s scary to think of the people the mormon church produces. But mostly I just want to stop children from growing up in so much pain.

I know you all grew up in pain just like me. Being #2 is hard beyond words. So let’s reach out and invite the mormons to be apart of our families and let them know God is for all of us. We want what is best for them and we dont need to control them as much as the mormon church does. Yes, we have rules. But those rules are to keep us all as safe as possible. We are changing as many rules as we can to live better lives. And we want them to live better lives with us. The mormon people have been so sheltered. We need to help them. And most the time having a friend is one of the most helpful things in life. I would be lost without having Haywood. He makes all this destruction livable. So reach out and make friends. Let the mormons know we are here and they are welcome to join us whenever they wish. But we will always be here when they need us. We just have to show them unconditional acceptance because they dont understand or know what that is. They are told God’s love is conditional. They are told everything in life is conditional. We have to show them they are wrong. So please my #2s reach out to the Mormons and make friends. They need us.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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