Sunday March 5th 2023 Moon in Leo Sun in Pisces Puzzle Pieces and Sunday Church Thought

On Thursday I ate clean 93% ground beef for the first time in my life. I turn 42 at the end of the month. At least now I understand how much poison I really eat. Today, my food was back to being really poisoned. My ground beef was wet and red. But eating a pound of ground beef raw on my eating days has kept me alive. B12 helps with our mthfr gene mutation. Our gut bacteria does produce b12, but it is in the lower part where we cannot absorb it. So we need to get b12 from animal foods. But protein in our intestines and colon feeds c diff. So raw beef is the answer because it gets absorbed in the small intestine and bypasses the colon mostly. Even poisoned meats have b12 to help with my swelling and processing of toxins. Eating raw beef has kept me alive for almost 2 years now. One day I would like to eat cooked food again and be able to digest it.

My uncle Norm has teamed back up with my Dad. Seems he may have been involved in stealing from the Danish people more than I understood. My uncle Norm is a superior white person just like my Dad’s mom. Hitler was my uncle Norm’s Dad. So I suppose I should have considered the source. Superior white people have always been the worst to me besides the Kudearoffs. I don’t know many other Chinese and Russian people, but lord knows I have met more than my fair share of superior white people who have tried to kill me. Technically I am the guy when it comes to superior white people. My uncle Norm may be the son of Hitler, but I have Hitler’s birthright. Me an ethnic girl who hates white people the most has Hitler’s birthright. Pretty ironic right? I judge people on how they treat me. I dont really hate any group of people. I just hate behaviors. And groups of people in the war games seem to agree on acceptable behaviors. Anyone who thinks they are superior based on their race or skin color who believes they can act anyway they desire and still be superior is wrong. Being better is all about behavior. Better is about who you are.

The people at Fred Meyers are more under control than they were a couple days ago. But they are still poisoning me. However the people at Walmart are running amuck like never before. The beef was more poisoned than normal. Finally the superior white people with relatives that fled to Argentina are so excited to be affiliated with my Dad again. These people who normally choose my uncle Norm have been included for the first time since the 1980s. Who would have thought my uncle Norm and Dad would team up again. I have to admit I never saw that coming. I still don’t want to take anything from my uncle Norm. But I suspect there are people who he has stolen from who would like to take from him. And an enemy of my enemy is my ally. So in the fashion of the art of war I would like to ask the superior white people from Texas for some help with this problem. See I’m sure my uncle Norm has taken something from you all and he probably has been a bit of a thorn in your side. He and my Dad are related and they both view themselves as the king of superior white people. But I have the birthrights to put them both to shame. My Dad stole my grandpa Graves and great grandpa Hitler’s birthrights from my aunt Penny. Who was his older sister who never had children or got married. My Dad stole my Mom’s birthright as #2 of the Kudearoffs, but I am #2 in the Kudearoffs. And I am sure there are more birthrights I dont fully understand. I am #2 in the Graves family too out of all my cousins. I have birthrights coming out my ears. And basically from what I understand is these birthrights are supposed to make people fall in line. But what happens when people dont fall in line? What do we do to those people? Superior white people in Texas I know this is personal for you all because my Dad and uncle Norm have cheated you all just as they have cheated me. I’m not sure how, but I am willing to bet on it. And southern LA farmers I know you all are not fond of my uncle Norm or my Dad. So I’m hoping between all the different groups from Argentina and the Danish people we can all come together to eliminate this small group of white people holding us all back from better. This small group of white people lead by my Dad and uncle Norm have tired to shortchange us all. And here they are trying to do it again. I say we call war on them and fight back with any means necessary. Life is about getting better, but these people want to hold us all back. They don’t want to evolve and grow. They want to follow my uncle Norm and Dad in shortchaging us all. They sure seem too big for their britches considering we surround them. Believing you are superior sure seems to get people in some uncomfortable situations where they write checks they cant cash. I’m hoping today we can all bring these people back to reality. And the reality is they are worshipping a false God. No human is God. And the men they worship are not in charge of the war games. I am in charge. I may not have a very comfortable life in the overt world, but my birthrights guarantee me ultimate control in this stupid imaginary game we all play. My Dad and uncle Norm are examples of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. I refuse to be corrupted, but I also refuse to be held hostage. Superior white people have been running amok for generations. They need to be stopped and realize they are the minority. Plus they have made themselves into the most extreme subhuman slave race with their inbreeding and gene mutations. They are lesser than from a scientific point of view. When did we forget to teach these people science? They missed the memo somewhere.

Texas superior white people, I finished the Gary Keller book last night Millionaire Real Estate Agent. I never knew there were superior white people without such extreme Dyslexic gene mutations and epigenetic triggers. When reading the agent profiles in the back of the book, I found superior white people who think logically and believe in potential. I literally didn’t know you all existed. And I have to admit you all made me feel a ton better about being 3/8th superior white person. I always looked at this part of myself as less than. But maybe if you all can be so invested in potential then being white isn’t something that will hold me back. My Dad has always held me back because he didn’t want me to be better than him. He holds everyone back cause he doesn’t want anyone to be better than him. He knows people give him a run for his money and it scares him. I want you all to give me a run for my money because it inspires me and makes me try harder. Thank you for being you and believing in potential. Last night it made me proud to be one of you all. And thank you Gary Keller for being the person who has lead me to finding myself fully. No one should ever feel bad about who they are. And I needed clarity on how to be proud of the white people who came before me. I am part white and as of today I am not ashamed of it as I was in the past. I hope we all get to be proud of ourselves and manifest our potential in all ways. But first looks like we all need to take out the people left following my uncle Norm and Dad. They dont believe we all deserve potential. I think we need to show them they are wrong and need to know their place.

My church thought for this Sunday is brief. We all need to fulfill our own needs or at least have faith that we can. The first step in fulfilling our own needs is having a relationship with God. God is apart of who you are. We all are God like. No human is God, but we all have a little piece of him and his magic inside of us. We all are God like. But no human is God. That little voice inside of you that has told you that you deserve better than this is God. God will talk to you and lead you in the right direction. But first you have to learn how to hear him. And that starts with having a relationship with God. I think everyone does this a bit differently. That is why there are so many different religions. I dont believe there is a wrong way to connect with God as long as it is an inside job. Trying to connect with God outside yourself allows for people to prey on you. It makes you vulnerable. And it makes someone or something else your gateway to God. You are your own gateway to God. Dont hand that power over to anyone. When you look up at the stars and moon that overwhelming feeling of awe is God. You have that overwhelming feeling of God in you too. Dont let anyone rob you of that feeling. You are magical because you are God like. Science has yet to figure out how to explain it all, but that doesn’t mean that feeling doesn’t exist. It just means we dont have the words for it just right yet.

My whole life I had all these feelings about the world and my family. Just because I couldn’t find the words to explain them doesn’t make them wrong. It just meant I needed to find the words. Now that I have found the words it all makes sense. But those feelings have not changed. I just relate and understand those feelings more.

God is a feeling. Because we dont have the words yet. But not having the words doesn’t change the feeling. Finding God is an important part of fulfilling your own needs. No one can find God for you. And if they tell you they can they are trying to enslave you. You are the master of your own destiny and you are in charge of finding God for yourself. Because he is apart of you. Finding yourself is part of fulfilling your needs. You need you just as much as you need God.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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