Sunday May 22 2022 noon in Pisces Sun in Gemini Hello Olympia & Southern Washington

Well hello there, we meet again. I have driven up here I’m not sure how many times. Over the past year I’ve put almost 40k miles on my Jeep. I have given news updates from Mexico border to Canada border and driven up and down I5. However, there were always people that I couldn’t reach. Group by group I have shared information and my heart in efforts to be revolutionary.

For the past year I have been searching for a person who outranks my family in these covert war games without any luck. Well, last week I found out I’m that person. You can’t imagine what a mind fuck this is. Any Hope’s I had of being a normal human are down the drain. It’s crazy. My family has tried to kill me for over 3 decades, overtly and covertly. I’m not alive because they didn’t try. I’m alive because I have a really big purpose and destiny to fulfill. I would like to say that I kept myself alive, but honestly it was just mostly blind luck and my tenacity. I don’t really give up on the things I want. Like for us to all have potential. This is what has driven me to stay alive this past year while different groups of people motivated by my family have tried to kill me. It’s been a rough year, but in this moment I kind of feel like it was worth it. I feel you all’s disbelief and weird excitement. I saw some of you all looking me driving through Olympia and I saw myself through your eyes. Thank you for seeing past the lady who hasn’t showered in weeks, the dirty clothes, the swollen face, the chub that goes along with stressed kidneys. I’m a wreck currently, but you saw past it. Thank you for reminding me of who I am.

My whole life people have been giving me covert clues that I’m fancy, but the world always told me I wasn’t. No matter how hard I have tried I have never been able to manifest the life I want. I have never even gotten close. How can someone be fancy or special but not be able to find traction in life? I’m not fancy, I’m just someone who has beyond reached her limit to being kept small. Im sure you all can relate to me in some way. Being kept small hurts and its maddening. The destruction of the systems is one thing, but being kept small while being destroyed that’s just too much.

I remember the early 1980s when people were happy. They had health. They had hope and bits of potential. I have been searching this whole year to understand what happened when my Grandma Kudearoff died. See my Grandma Kudearoff and my Dad were my favorite people growing up because they would tell my mom No and she would listen. No one else told my Mom no or ever stood up for me. When Grandma Kudearoff died my world got dark, like chip in my head via surgery dark. Now I realize you all felt this darkness too. It wasn’t just me. I want to go back to 1980s when we were happy people. When money was there if you were willing to work for it. Health was an option not an uphill battle. There are so many things I want to change back and improve on.

Full disclosure I still don’t understand the war games all the way or probably even halfway. No one has ever told me about them. This is just me using my tenacity and my ability to read people. I have a lot to learn still. So I’m going to need you all to be super patient with me. Or I would love if someone wanted to volunteer to explain it all. That would really be helpful.

Let me read you all the cliff notes to the destruction. There is so much more, but these are the basic things I need you to know…. Okay so those are the cliff notes and the most important things.

So the good news I have is you all are free. You are free in this moment more than you ever have been before. I don’t want anyone to be enslaved. If I need your help with something I will ask for it. I have been enslaved my whole life, I don’t want to make anyone feel like that. So this is a great moment and you need to celebrate.

Now let me share the other side of the coin. My family is black balling me and interfering with my ability to get a job. I need to create financial stability in my overt world to fulfill my destiny and my birthrights. If I don’t breed than my birthrights will go back to the Kudearoffs when I die. No one deserves that. So we are at a crossroads. I’m 41 so we don’t have too much time. I have an Arizona real estate license and an Oregon insurance license. I have tried so hard this year to get a job. This is my last hoorah before going back to Eugene to get a job designed to destroy me and keep me small. I’m coming to terms with it because I value independence and staying alive and I need to take my dogs to the doggie dentist. Life is about what you value and I value independence.

So where do we go from here? Glad you asked I have a few plans I have cooked up that I need your help with should you choose to accept this revolutionary mission.

First, I need you all to spread this news like your life depends on it because it does. Not only your life but the lives of your children depend on it too. I need you all to get the information that I’m alive and know about my power, am embodying it the best I can while trying to be killed by family, the Kudearoffs are without power because they rigged the system in their favor again, and I’m looking for investors in this revolution and new world we are creating, and I am looking for 3 fancy families to breed with(absolute power corrupts all so i need to spread out my power) i figure the families on the east coast have the most to gain from me being #2 on both the Graves and Kudearoff sides of my family. Let’s unite in wanting better.

Okay so I need you all to get information into the communication hubs at the airports (especially international airports) train stations, bus stations, the ports so they take this information to other ports, the border up near Canada, And I really need you to connect with the communication hub in Washington DC to allow for all the state capitals to get my messages. Salem is amazing at spreading information. You all being a state capital have to be hip to their ways. Without Salem none of this would have been possible they believed in me when I didn’t have the words to the destruction or know anything about my power. You all gotta help me like they have. At least I hope you can. You don’t have to do anything, but I hope you choose to be revolutionary with me. I want to win you all over because I really do want better for us all. I may not know how we are going to get there, but like I said I don’t give up when I want something so I have faith we will figure it out together. You all get a say in how we build this new world. You deserve a say.

So I have another idea it’s one I stole out of my family’s playbook. Its dark side evil, but you got to allow me humanity. 3 decades of attempted murder does something to a person’s soul. I would love for someone to kill my brother and mom. This would ensure that my birthrights never go back into Kudearoff hands and it would provide me with security and more safety in the overt world. I know it’s a long shot, but a girl can dream right? I’m not the only one they have pissed off and hurt. They aren’t good people. I have been begging my whole family to be good people with me for a lifetime but especially this past year. They aren’t interested in doing better. Its of no value to them. And when people show you who they are you have to believe them. It’s sad, I lost my whole family this past year. Sure I knew they weren’t awesome people, but never would I have guessed they are all serial killers. Talk about a heavy realization. I still haven’t come to terms with this because I love them, but they don’t love me. It’s very hurtful. I’m grieving so much from what I have learned this year.

Okay let me explain the 3 east coast families I seek to breed with. I can’t marry because my husband will kill me just like my Dad killed two of his wives. I’m too valuable. And any time I have chosen any kind of monogamy it has almost killed me, because men literally try to kill me. So I’m just giving up on all that. Children are something I have always wanted. But I need to feel secure in my overt world in order to give into this dream. The most logical plan is to choose 3 families to breed with and to pick them from the east coast so it balances the power in the US. The Kudearoffs have too much power, I don’t know if the graves have too much power, but I do know there needs to be more checks and balances in this system for it work. My aunt lana stole the birthright I was supposed to inherit from my Grandma Kudearoff and I’m grateful she did that because my birthrights are crippling. They literally have been killing me for a lifetime. Its inhumane to have children with this much power. It’s not right. Especially when you don’t tell them about the war games so they don’t know to protect themselves. It’s just not right. I need my children to be raised in a just environment and with a balance of power that doesn’t cripple them. I need to know they won’t suffer like I have. My whole life people have been lashing out at me because they are jealous of the power I have in my being. But I never wanted to boss anyone. I just wanted a good life. And my family would never let me have a good life. So here we are being revolutionary. This revolution for me is about being ordinary as much as possible.

Next thing on the agenda, I need to go home to Las Vegas. It’s the only place I have ever felt at home because my family does not announce my presence as much there. I’m too valuable and they feared people stealing me. Now I understand why security guards always made friends with me. I need to figure out how to go home. If you all can help with this in any way I appreciate it. I’m not safe in Eugene/Springfield so close to my family. I may not talk to them, but everyone else seems to.

Okay investors, kill mom and brother, go home to Vegas, and spread news like life depends on it especially Washington DC, and 3 fancy families. I think that is all I really wanted to say. I know this is a lot for some of you who are just now getting on board. The most helpful things you can do to overcome the destruction is parasite cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, eat more low carb, and take natural antibiotics. We will get more into healing when I am in a time and place to do so. Even me right now, I’m eating raw cloves of garlic to cleanse because I have a killer C Diff infection. We all probably do to different degrees.

So do your thing Olympia and spread the news its revolution right now lol. And celebrate, you are free.

Thank you all for your time and stay tuned.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves