Day 53 Of Running From My Family Cult-The Kudearoffs

In the past couple days a lot of pieces have come together. After taking the Tony Robbins webinar “Own Your Future” I realized he uses NLP just like my family did on me as a child. He must control the people like me with Asperger’s who were unable to be controlled by our parents. This means we exist great numbers.

Also, my hopes of Mike Snow wanting to do good were eliminated. But that is understandable because Tony Robbins and him are related. So they may have just as much to loose as my family. It appears everyone is invested in evil and NLP.

Did you all experience NLP as a child? Do your relatives who are narcissists have Autism too? My running theory is narcissists are just people with autism who use their powers for evil and learn NLP to control people.

Check out my YouTube video from today.

Love Always


P.S. A man at the gas station today called me royalty. What is that all about?

Narcissists Use NLP While Having Autism

Please check out my latest video of connecting why Autism and Narcissism run in the same families. As someone with Asperger’s, I have the ability to read people just as my relatives who deal with narcissism. What do you think the connection is?


Nicole Graves