Eureka! California?

The gas has been strong the past couple days, but they switched it up. It was a different chemical makeup that makes my eyes swell rather than lips and cheeks tingle. Luckily, a motorhome in Southern Oregon gave me a hint to keep moving. So, I kept traveling south.

Thank you to everyone who has given me messages along the way. If you want me to know something just feel it and look me in the eyes, I will get the message. The lady yesterday at McKay’s Market in Gold Beach, Oregon who was ahead of me in line was drowning in her abrasive feelings of guilt and shame. These are some of my Mom’s favorite emotions because they can be very motivating.

My Mom’s weakest links are in Southern Oregon(Gold Beach specifically). These people will turn the easiest, because they have profited the least. They are not active in their pursuit of evil, but rather it is something they want to put behind them and forget about. And they had forgotten about it, until I came to town.

I seem to reflect people’s deepest darkest secrets to them. They often look like they have seen a ghost when they see me. My existence is proof that their evil exists.



P.S. Eureka/Redding California is another cult. They are always in valley’s where the air quality can be controlled, to in turn control people.

Grab Your Popcorn & Watch The Show

I am sitting in front of a laundry mat in Southern Oregon. People here are not as invested in fighting other people’s wars. It is refreshing. Yesterday, I got some high carb snacks from the grocery story deli and they did put some poison(lead?) on them. However, they are not looking to be the one who actually kills me so it is a minimal amount. The people who know me radiate of anger and a growing fear. For I am the one who got away, but before I made my final escape I planted great seeds of doubt and possibilities of having to take accountability.

Accountability is like cryptonite to my Mom’s people. They have no experience with it and they have avoided it at every turn, but they fear having to face themselves. They fear it so much they will destroy one another and I will not have to do anything.

Cult members, including my Mom, have had a liftetime of high cortisol from narcissistic abuse. This means their brains are smaller in size than they should be and they only have access to the more primitive/reptilian parts(on top of missing emotional intelligence). This means the extra stress/cortisol of being figured out will allow for all the viruses, parasites, and abnormal cells to flourish in their bodies.

This feeding frenzy is what they have done to me for a lifetime and what is fair is fair. My Mom taught me this. She also taught me to listen to when people give away their biggest fears. I learned a lot from my Mom, she is a pretty neat lady. However, her need to destroy people has been her greatest weakness. She could have created lasting greatness if she had just loved people a little. Sure, it is great to be feared. It gets shit done, but to be loved is the true goal of any respectable leader. People will do things out of love that they will not do for any other thing.

Love is the greatest motivator.