Ridgeview Elementary School In the 1980’s

This morning during my Mom’s great efforts to prove she is human and a good Mom, she showed me a class photo from 3rd or 4th grade at Ridgeview Elementary in Springfield, Oregon. The whole class had swollen eyes like I did when I lived in Sierra Vista. I also remember 3rd through 5th grade were the years that I felt the worst and my memory is the foggiest. The mills here were nearly all closed by then. Did you all literally have mold in your homes too? All of you? Was it in the schools too? Are all your children like me? Some of my classmates were super intelligent and not as drugged/poisoned, but we all had the swollen eyes.

They use mold as punishment and as way to aide in brainwashing. I am pretty sure when you give into the dark side the mold becomes optional. My Aunt La is still dealing with mold in her house. My “friend” I went to visit when I first got here was growing mold on purpose in her bathroom, but her child like me is still young and not sold on the dark side. My Mom’s house had mold, but most of it is gone, but I am sure it can still be found under the paint on the bottom story. I have lived in mold since 2015, when A1 started punishing me for not loving him and buying into his lies.

How do they convince you that your children need to be punished? Why are you hurting your children’s nervous systems? Do your children now punish their own children with mold? Using your senses leads to common sense, what are you trying to hide from all the children?



“The mycotoxins produced by black mold are neurotoxins, which lead to varying neurological symptoms. Feelings of brain fog, dizziness, mood swings, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, seizures, and numbness are just a few of the nervous system effects.”


Who Leads The Next Generation?

Women are meant to lead in twos in my family cult. My Mom has a sister that she “works with” and I have a cousin J that I was supposed to work with. Before I made my way to Oregon, I contacted J to tell her that they have been poisoning us. Well, I am unsure as to what she knows, but she is for sure sick. However, people enjoy poisoning themselves and others in my family so it gets a bit mucky.

Yesterday at the laundry mat, I saw J’s evil in the eyes of the people who were putting radon into the air. How can no one notice all this poison? It makes my lips and cheeks tingle, causes nausea, and makes my hands and feet go numb. However, I grew up feeling all these side effects as normal.

Today, I lived on the wild side and got a Dutch Brothers. Does your Dutch Brothers make your mouth and lips numb and make you instantly sick and cold feeling? The guy working there had swollen eyes just like I had from living in Sierra Vista. He is living in mold, but does he know it? What does he know, because he felt fear. What does my family and/or the union have over these people?