The Overt To Covert Incident Of The 1980’s

I am tired of red lights looking like I am on acid from the poison and people following me, so I may as well write this down before I have an accident or incident of my own.

In about 1984ish, my Mom and Aunt La took me to Calistoga to see the nuns to get permission to kill my Grandma and Grandpa. (If any of you know how I make an appointment with the nuns, I would adore if you could tell me with your eyes!) My Mom had already started testing things out and had killed my favorite neighbor lady, either right before the nuns or right afterwards. We continued to visit “Mr. Lee” for years afterwards because my Mom feeds off the pain she causes. Around this time is when I realized my Mom would take away anyone I loved and it would be painful for them and me.

I do not remember how long my Grandma begged for them to let her die, but it was for months and they shamed her for it using religion. The two years after Grandma died, they slowly killed Grandpa with the same things that they used on me in Vegas to make me kill myself. He killed himself by the time I was 10, but I was not sad about him. However, it was still super traumatizing to see my Mom and Aunts enjoy his decline, stay in a mental hospital, and finding a knife he used to grip onto under his couch cushion. They torture people in any way they can, because it is the only way they can feel alive. Being dead inside comes at a great cost.

Also, my uncle N that lived with my Grandpa during this period has since died of complications of the chemicals they used in Grandpa’s house. And there is another uncle A living in the same house now, who also is slowly dying. They are watching and enjoying it, my Mom visited him often the last I knew.

So not only did they kill my Grandma and Grandpa, but they also killed all their spouses’ parents. I think Uncle D(Aunt N’s first hubby and J’s father) was the first to finish off both his parents. My Dad or my Mom killed my Dad’s real dad(the Nazi from Argentina) when I was 8 and we went to visit him in the hospital in Texas. Also, my Dad has been married twice since my Mom and both of his wives have died, think it was my Mom or my Dad who did it? Or maybe it was my Brother?

So yeah, Aunt N, Aunt La, Aunt Lee and my Mom took out the complete generation of parents and their spouses’ parents in like 8 year ish period. Uncle B did let his Mom live as a crazy person(lead?), but she did not have much money to begin with so maybe that was her saving grace in a weird way.

When they divided up the belongings left after my Grandpa died, it was the grossest feeling in the whole wide world. Never in my life do I ever want to experience killers fighting over sovenirs again. I was young, but it still felt really wrong and I knew something was off.

So yeah, they killed everyone who could have told them no and to remember their place. This is how their evil got out of control. I am not sure who decided on their punishment, but it broke them all. After my Grandma died, their desire to do any kind of good died. But also they were stripped of their overt powers.

What I want to know is who held them accountable? And why did they not have to go to prison? I know this is my Mom’s greatest fear, because she told me and I could tell she was not lying. But it did take me awhile to figure out why she feared prison as a reality that could become true. Also, we know that if they killed their own parents, no one around them was immune to their evil. They have been poisoning me since before birth, thus the Asperger’s.

My question is still, does Aunt Lee know they are killing her or is she doing it herself? Did she poison her grandchild with the big head(lead)? When I was decided to not be evil enough my Aunt Lee got pregnant to produce a 3rd to take my spot(they used less poison on her than my Mom did with me though). Did she know what she was getting into? People who grow up like me only get to look forward to the day when we become the authority and get our turn to take out our parents.

What is fair is fair, right? Crazy, huh?

So, why are they still alive?!?



P.S. My Mom shared her recipe for genetically modifying us kids, do you think she shared her recipe for killing her parents? This would make sense on why they did not go to prison, there was more of them than they could risk drawing attention to. Plus, they would have probably noticed that they all had kids like me. Hmmm, what a weird world I have lived in!

A Message To My People

I see you and I feel you. Thank you for giving me hope. I had thought that maybe there was only people like me in a few areas of the nation, but I was wrong we are all over. Be strong, cause now is your time to create the life of your wildest dreams.

I need your help. We need to get organized. First, we need to get our health in order. I have been able to survive their poisoning because I discovered binders. Everyone needs to take binders multiple times a day. Even if they stopped poisoning us today, it will take at least 10 years to get the lead out of our bones. So get to the store, get online, just get going, and get binders.

My favorites:

  • Activated charcoal(I am drinking poisoned gas station coffee now with about 4 pills of activated charcoal and I will be just fine.)
  • Aloe(this helps clean out the colon/intestines)
  • Diatomaceous earth food grade
  • All clays
  • Zeolite(this one helps remove lead, but needs to be mixed with another binder because it is lazy at absorbing other toxins)
  • Chorella & Sprirulina(these two work best when blended together & taken with meals-great for when others prepare your food)

Thank you all for letting me know I am not alone. I know I cannot ask for help and I have no intention of endangering you, but do what you can to help the revolution. Here I am looking like a crazy person as I write this, but what is to fear but fear itself.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.