Take Back Your Limbic System & Life

Well, last night they poisoned my meat a lot, but it allowed me to figure out what they are doing to our bodies and brains. They are hijacking our limbic systems, which means they are hijacking our brains, emotions, and hormones. Running away to the desert really did save my life and allow me to find myself because I rewired my brain unknowingly. You can do this too and I got the time, so let’s talk about it.

My whole life my family has taken me to therapy and told me I was the problem. Well, this is where they were trying to send me into a deep emotional spiral that I would never recover from. It kept me medicated and without hope for most of my life. However, when I stopped doing the therapy and then stopped with the medication my world changed. My brain changed and I am now able to see so many things for how they are instead of how I was brainwashed into “feeling”.

SS soldiers work out and are active because they are compensating for the damage the chemicals/poisons have on the limbic system. I wonder if they realize what they are doing? I am sure they rarely think about it beyond the physical effects. But they are still doing it.

So step 1 is get active! I enjoy walking my dogs, lifting very small weights, and doing some yoga poses. It does not have to be a lot, but you just need to do it regularly, aka daily. This will also help your body detox the toxins in your system from the food, water, and air. There is really no loosing with exercise, but be careful with exercise that spikes cortisol. It can be more damaging when your limbic system is in an unhealthy state. So be gentle with yourself, you deserve to be soothed and comforted with movement/exercise. When you go walking it is like when you rock a baby who is fussy, it is calming and moves the lyphatic system thus helping your body remove toxins and self-regulate. Self care is magical because no one can give your body what you need more than you. You just have to learn how it communicates with you and asks for help.

Step 2 reframe emotions on past traumatic events and stop thinking about them regularly. This is how my family cult got me stuck and this is how they use the mental health industry to cripple many people who are just looking for help. When you focus on the bad experiences, even if they make up the majority of your life, it emotionally deregulates your brain and limbic system. Find a way to make those experiences work for you.

For example, I was trying to find answers about the sexual abuse I endured for many years with absolutely no luck. Well, I used the skills I developed coping with sexual abuse my whole life and entered the adult industry. I never was able to get myself to do prostitution, but the skills I learned to cope as a child and young adult helped me escape my family cult. But more importantly I changed the way I viewed the world and thus rewired my brain.

Once you rewire your brain my family cult looses most of it’s power over you, because they have never had a fully functional brain. Plus, the narcissism/cluster b personality disorders effects their emotional spectrum and emotional intelligence so they are incapable of admitting you have something they will never obtain. Broken people want to break people, because whole people force them to acknowledge their inferiority.

Step 3: Breathe. Your limbic system controls many automatic responses in your body like tempature and breathing. So, check in with your body and make sure everything is in place. Even if this is for a few minutes before you go to bed or before you start work, or just whenever. Are you watching tv in the evening? Do some sit-ups and/or yoga while there and take some deep breaths. Find ways to help your body self regulate while going about your daily life. It is not just about taking an hour and doing the things, it is about changing the way you operate throughout the day, everyday.

This stuff is hard for me to explain because I did not know what I was doing consciously. I just listened to my body and was focused on healing disease. So bear with me as I verbalize/write these things out. Autism for me means I have access to the world inside, but getting it out in words to make sense to others is like climbing Mt. Everest. I can tell you all I know, but until you take the time to feel what I am talking about it won’t click. Your body is amazing and it can heal and will communicate with you if you learn the language it speaks.

This family cult of ours has stolen you from you. It is time to rebuild and get yourself back.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Keep in mind that when I rewired my brain in the desert the poisons did not stop, if anything they were worse. I did the most when I was in the death camp in Arizona. Even in the darkest of times healing is possible.

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